The Right Measure

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I no longer hate my blue and pink polka dot tunic. Why? Well, I finally broke down and got measured for new bras this weekend.
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And, my new size has made a world of difference.  I don’t think I look AS pregnant. The FBA I made fits much better now. And, with this new size there is more space between my stomach and my bust.
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I also added more shirring to try and balance out my uneven shirring. It’s still not perfect, but better (at least I think so!)

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This photo is meant to show you the shirring. Not my bust. But, as I’m between home computers and posting from a tablet, I can’t crop!! So, please forgive the bust eyeful and focus on the underbust.

Never underestimate the power of a good bra and the magic closet.


  1. It does look good. And comfy. I thought I would let you know that I took my Brother cover stitch machine in to be checked since it is so difficult to remove the garment when finished stitching. It is still under warranty (it is the same machine you have, I copied you!) The repair man said that ALL the cover stitch machines are that way. He said, “Sew over the stitching where you started and then just cut the threads”. I said, “I would have to re-thread the whole machine every time I used it”!! He said, “yep, that’s right”. What a pain, but I do like the end result!

    • Thanks for posting this June. I am frustrated with my coverstitch and avoid it because of this. Now that I know it’s not me–it’s the nature of the machine. I, too, love my coverstitch though.

  2. I like the top, and it looks great on you. No maternity vibe. A well fitting bra is a wonderful thing!

  3. Yep, an undergarment that is not worn out and is the right size makes a world of difference in how clothes fit. I never appreciated this as much as I do now at the age of 63 when gravity is really taking its toll. It also makes anyone look a lot younger when the bust is well supported. I like these kind of tops for summer, they allow the breeze to blow up to the shirring! No maternity vibe at all. It looks very cute!

  4. I really like the top and can attest what a difference a bra fitting can do. I work in a department store and all I had to do was go upstairs! Finally did and it is life-changing. LOL

  5. Wow, what a difference. I would never have thought that a new bra could make that much difference to the fit of a garment. It looks great. Enjoy your new top and underwear! 🙂

  6. Not only can a good new bra make your clothes look better, it can takes years off your shape! All of a sudden you can see your waist and it makes you smile…when clients tell me they like their bra because it is “comfortable”…I say it is time to buy a new one. The aging closet works wonders too! It’s a darling top now!

  7. I love this top; actually everything about it. The fabric is pretty and unique. The fit looks fabulous. The top is a really lovely and flattering shape.

  8. Your top looks good to me.

    I love a good fitting bra for my girls too. I usually get fitted at Nordstrom. They have to bra for folks who need 6″ or more FBAs 🙂 they will even come in the dressing room with you.

  9. This looks so good, those undergarments do make a difference, says the lady who just got new bras, too.

  10. Totally cute on your trim figure!!! Thanking for showing me your refined shirring. That Plus the best bra for the outfit, makes all the difference! Let’s see you with your big smile!!

  11. Hurrah for your new bras- what a difference! Are you going to sew up a “clone” of the bra? I have been almost shocked (even after years of bra sewing) how much difference they make. I tend to forget that to accommodate size changes. I went down in band and up in cup to an unexpected size and saw a great improvement. Have you tried the pin-up girls Shelly bra pattern? It looks promising and has great reviews. Also some of the makebra patterns look promising as well.

    • Yes! I need new underwires and to work out a new fit. But, I hope to clone with my Rebecca pattern from Sewwy!

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  12. You look great! And yes, the right bra can be everything an outfit needs – I’m taking a bra making course later this year.

  13. I am always preaching this to my sewing gal pals and your pics tell the story even better. Best investment I ever made about 14 years ago and now I am on the bandwagon.

  14. If everyone got fitted for good bras the world would be a better place 🙂 . OK, maybe not, but the difference is amazing. I am VERY full busted and used to be shy, but the ladies at Nordstrom are so good I didn’t feel awkward or freakishly large at all (well, still working on that one). The bras I wear can cost up to $80- I think a lot of women don’t want to spend much on bras, they’d rather spend on clothes. Your pictures prove good bras make ALL your clothes look new and gorgeous!!

  15. I went to Nordstrom last year for a bra fitting. Turns out I was already wearing the right size, so no magic moment there, LOL. Where did you go for fitting?

      • We have only Soma (like a Victoria’s Secret in terms of fitting knowledge) and places that specialize in prosthetics (for cancer patients). I’m contemplating sewing my own, just for kicks.

  16. The top is really cute. What a difference a bra makes !
    I’m about due for a couple of new ones and always, always let them fit me. I never seem to be the same size each time LOL

  17. Oh honeys child, YES, girls support is the business. My portion of last year’s tax return went toward new, supportive brassieres. After waiting a year, lo and behold I now hate them because I chose foamless bras (hey who needs foam when your girls are 38DD), but get this . . . they look like two bullets about to attack. Yikes! Sigh. There has got to be a bra, sans foam, that supports high and at attention.


    Still Looking Lyric

  18. I never thought that you looked pregnant in it, but it really is amazing what a little lift will do for you. Even if you don’t change size an old bra doesn’t do much.

  19. It doesn’t look maternity at all – it’s really cute! Although it is rather obscene how it’s not too hot to wear jeans around here these days, isn’t it? Not that I’m arguing. So where do you go to get measured? I’m starting to think maybe I just need to suck it up and really get fitted instead of squishing into Target specials. It does make a difference!

    • I went to Bare Essentials in Greenspring. And, two of the three I bought were 50 percent off! The seamstress there is a blog reader too. I also like Lingerie Lingerie in Kenilworth. I’ve heard the women at We Fit in Pikesville are mean (from multiple sources). I had sticker shock the first time I bought good bras. But, now I make my own when I have the right measurement.

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  20. Your top looks so marvelous on you! Yes, I too had to learn to be fitted in the correct size bra. It really does make such a difference.

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