Chestertown (Maryland), Camden (Maine), FitBit and Camera Strap. So, like, everything.

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No sewing, but a few photos of what I’ve been up to. Jordan is wrapping up his first of two judicial clerkships this week. When we get back from our honeymoon (squee!!) he starts his next clerkship in Annapolis. His boss was kind enough to invite us down to their home in Chestertown, Maryland two weeks ago. It was calming and beautiful.

Also, a good kick off to my three days in Camden, Maine for work. I LOVED MAINE. The summer was not too hot, the people were so friendly and the food was great. You may note a theme here. I kind of seem to like everywhere I travel, heh.

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I liked it so much I’m trying to figure out how to make Maine a small vacation next year. I would also like to go with more time to stop at the LL Bean flagship store…

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I had a tuna roll that I devoured. Lobster rolls are definitely the thing, but I don’t eat shellfish. I am totally recreating this soon.

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For our trip, I made a neck strap for my point and shoot Pentax. You should know, I am a total Pentax fangirl. My last point and shoot was a Pentax and my DSLR I use for blog photos is a Pentax

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This MX1 makes me happy because of the retro styling and it takes awesome photos. If you wait a year after cameras come out, there’s always a huge price drop. I’d get the Fuji 100 if I didn’t have to sell a kidney for it.

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For the neck strap, I sewed ribbon to the nylon strapping with my edgestitch foot. I attached the new strap to these lobster claw swivel hook thingies and connected them to the camera with key chain rings. Β I used sliders to make it adjustable. Β I’m both proud and ashamed that I had all the supplies to make this in my stash. I also made a wrist strap but didn’t snap a photo of it. If I were making this for a DSLR, I’d use 1.5 inch vs 1 inch wide strapping. And, if I were making this again for this camera, I might do 3/4 inch vs 1 inch. Mostly because I think the bolt snaps are a little big.

fitbit photo: fitbit wireless wristband Fitbit_wireless_wristband_zps418ca398.jpg

Oh! I also got a FitBit. Am.. well.. obsessed. If you want to be FitBit friends, here’s my profile.

And, with that, I bid you adieu until we return from our European adventure πŸ™‚Β 



  1. Love Camden, Me. Considered moving there in retirement but contemplating winters sobered me up! Have a lovely trip across the pond.

  2. Have a fab time in europe!
    The internet exists to give you a itinerary of fabric stores to visit.
    Or, who makes the best beer…..

  3. Have fun on you Honeymoon (who wouldn’t??!!). Never been to that area, but your photos sure make me want to visit! That’s too funny, I just got a Fitbit too! (Rec’d in mail just Friday!) I am obsessed to and got it to sync with our work health program. I didn’t sync mine with Facebook, can we still be buddies?

  4. Oh, wow, what a great camera strap! I should make one… I just use the one that came with my camera, a boring, practical black. That’s a great tip about camera shopping- I waited to buy my Leica just after the new version of it was released. Awesome camera for a fraction of the price that it was when it came out!

    • I LOVE Lecias too. Love. I’ve read their $45 wrist strap is the best one out there. I need to take a better look and copy it. I also want to make a leather strap for my Pentax, but… lazy πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m a longtime reader but I don’t think I’ve ever commented… but I need to break the silence as I’m right next door to Chestertown! I’m from Centreville, MD. Husband and I were just in Chestertown the other night for our anniversary dinner; it’s a lovely town.

    Enjoy your honeymoon!

    • I almost bought a knitting machine from Centerville! Then, I remembered I can’t afford any new hobbies.

      On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 11:30 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  6. I live in Maine and glad you had a good time. We’re proud and protective of our beautiful state. Let me know if you’re coming again and maybe I can give you some ideas of where to buy fabric here:)).

    • Why was I looking up fabric stores on the drive from the Portland airport? Because, I’m an addict. That’s why.

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  7. Have fun on your trip! So exciting! Also, I’m going to Maine for work on Thursday! Too bad we couldn’t sync our schedules! We could’ve shared a lobster roll! Oh wait, you don’t eat shellfish! OK, we could’ve shopped at the LL Bean store together and taken an “ussie” by the big boot!

  8. OH MY GOD you sew and you are also a Pentax fangirl??? I have a K-3 and 31mm Limited (among other awesome lenses) and I *love* it. Will you be my friend? Can we hang out the next time I’m in Baltimore? πŸ˜›

    • Given your awesome handle and your K-3, of *course*. I have a four year old k-x and 120 percent in love with it. I’m saving for a flash now too.

      On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  9. Have a wonderful trip – can’t wait to see the photos! On your next trip to Maine – forget the fries with the roll – the onion rings are to die for.

  10. I lived in Camden, ME for a couple of years. I was just a house away from the “Peyton Place” arch. It is small, and lovely in summer, and actually winters aren’t nearly as bad as they are inland. Still, Maine winters are long and cold and dark. You picked the perfect time to visit, I miss those beautiful scenes (and yes, the harbor looks like that every day.) πŸ™‚

  11. As a later in life Maine convert, I would urge you to go for a nice Maine vacation ASAP……convenient flights from Baltimore too. We fly with our little dog under the seat to and from with great ease. Would love to hear where to buy fabric in Maine, so far my Bangor to Mt. Dessert route has not uncovered much of interest…..Yarn stores are another thing, lots of them.

    We have gone in August, October and May, and it has been lovely weather each time – I suspect the tales of bad weather are fabricated to give the full time residents a break from us tourists!


    • I seriously saw like three knitting stores on the way from Portland to Camden. It’s too bad I am such a terrible knitter! And, you’re right. The flight was a little over an hour and super convenient.

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  12. I love Maine, and am so lucky that it’s just a half-day drive for me. Portland is awesome! As is the coastal drive all along the way. Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon; you’ve earned it!! Tina Lou PS – That’s a phenomenal price for a lobster roll!

  13. Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon! (and I agree–that is a great price for a lobster roll. It’s twice that amount in Silicon Valley).

  14. So happy to hear you loved Camden and Maine. Yes, definitely worth a vacation next year. That is how I ended up here, two weeks of vacation and I was sold. The LL Bean flagship store is 7 miles from our house. It is worth the trip. If you do decide to vacation in Maine and are at the LL Bean store, I would love to meet you. I have been reading your blog for a year now and you inspire me to keep plugging along with my sewing.
    Happy Travels in Europe.

  15. I’m about half envious. I want to take my son back to where he was born (Eschenbach) and also go to Berlin. Have a wonderful time, and if you pass those, give them a nod for me.

  16. I hope you have a wonderful time. I know you will! You are a great gal and you go girl!!!

  17. We were in Maine at the beginning of May and stayed in Bar Harbor. I think it took me about 2 seconds after getting off the plane to decide I want to move there! The spicy pine air was pure heaven. If you go before tourist season kicks in (before Memorial Day) it’s extremely reasonable. Our room was around 150/night which included a full and fabulous breakfast. After Memorial Day that room runs around 600.00/night!! It’s also much calmer and peaceful before the crowds kick in.
    Enjoy your honeymoon!

  18. Nice photos! I am a big FitBit person, and have the model you showed. I have washed a couple of other models of FitBits and lost one; just did not stayed clipped as they should. The wrist model is great and have a few other band colors. Even Tory Burch has designed a gold one for this model. I will add you to my FitBit friends.

  19. I love Camden, ME and that LL Bean store is awesome. If you go around halloween they do a big thing. It was really spectacular.

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