Blue Boxers, German Translation and Most AMAZING Burda Archive

I was planning on throwing in some boxers with Jordan’s Hanukkah gifts in December. But, then I thought, are underwear really gifts? Is that like getting a pack of socks from your parents? So, I decided to just make them over Thanksgiving and give them out when I was done. I tried, but he wasn’t trying to model these for my blog either. SO incredibly selfish.

 photo IMGP8975_zpsb839b3e0.jpg

These are Jalie 2327. I’ve made them before in two or three batches for Jordan. This time, I made up five in size U. I think I found with these sizing down a size was the fit he wanted. For the waistband, I measured his waist and subtracted six inches. The Singer Sewing Reference library book on lingerie (I don’t know that Jordan would appreciate knowing my measurements for his boxers comes from a lingerie book, heh.) says subtract between 2 and 6 inches for waistband elastic.

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The fabric is Under Armour wicking material at like $5 to $7 a yard that they use for underwear. Local Guss Woolens was my UA fabric resource, and they closed up shop. So, I’ve sort of hoarded this material. I have it in three more color ranges so he should be getting boxers for a few more years now. The waistband elastic is from Sew Sassy (and conveniently University of Michigan colors). I also have it with black and grey from easy.

 photo IMGP8987_zps67cd666a.jpg

Nothing too fancy here. Everything constructed with the serger. It’s as close as I get to production sewing.

 photo IMGP8988_zpsadb80858.jpg

The elastic and hems are sewn with the overstitch and wooly nylon in the lower looper.


For myself, I have a few new bra patterns from the German company Sewy.

 photo IMGP8985_zpseb6f132a.jpg

They are Isabell and Leonie.  They are blessedly in my size range. But, entirely in German. If there are any German speaking readers who would be willing to translate for pay or exchange of fabric, patterns, etc, please let me know. I’ve made enough bras that I get the gist. But, English would be easier. Just leave a message at the bottom and I’ll contact you.


Melissa over at FehrTrade tipped me off to this on her blog. There is an incredible Burda archive here that allows you to search based on tags, size, fabric or garment. Incredible. Check it out. It’s already caused me to track down some Burdas that have patterns I *need*. You can also run the link through Google Translate to sort out how to download the archive. Seems like it has to be re-downloaded every month. But, with the Plus, Easy Fashion and Regular editions included going back to 2004, it’s well worth it.


  1. Jordan is one lucky guy! And who knew when you were buying the gorgeous blue fabric years ago that it would end up on a man’s behind….ha ha! When you use wooly nylon in the lower looper of your coverstitch, do you change any tension settings?

  2. What fun for Jordan. They look great! My ds wants me to clone his SAXX underwear. I haven’t done that yet, but he sees me cloning bras, so just thinks, hey Mum, clone me some undies too. I’ll have to make sure he doesn’t see your post!

    I just bought the Isabell pattern too, and didn’t even think about it all being in German. I did clone a Fantasie bra that is very similar in style, and it wasn’t too hard. Hope that encourages you some. The only tricky part was the lace. It’s awfully similarly shaped at both ends. That was the only challenge I had on the clone.
    Can’t wait to see your new bras!

  3. I have made many pair of boxers for my husband from a KwikSew pattern. I used men’s shirting fabric and some of the boxers I will be making in the future will match some of the shirts I plan to make for him. He is on board with that idea.

  4. I don’t know if I’m the official ambassador from the Land of Chanukah, but I can tell you that when my kids were growing up, the only way I could stay organized for the holiday (and frankly, we were a bit stretched for money at the time, so finding gifts for 8 nights was a challenge) was to set it up this way: Night 1) Socks, Night 2) book, Night 3) toy, Night 4) Underwear (yes, we did), Night 5) Family night (which meant some gift that everyone in the family could use, like a game, a big puzzle, or a video, Night 6, 7 and 8 were usually more personal choice things. So, anyway, we DID give socks and underwear for the holidays and frankly, I still do because if I do NOT, I get a ‘what? No socks?’ message from someone.

  5. Great boxers, lucky man.
    I only recently saw the Isabell pattern, looks nice. I’m not German but can read it so if you still need help with it let me know. As to Canterbury, like Sheila said in her comment: consider yourself invited for next year.

  6. I have the Sewy Rebecca pattern directions in English…if you succeed in getting these translated — will you share?

    • Yes. I would like to share the directions so more people would try their patterns. I really love my Rebecca bra. It’s wonderful.

      On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 11:58 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


      • Hi Renee, I just purchased the Isabel pattern and would love a copy of the English translation if it becomes available. I was inspired to try Sewy after following your blog. Looking forward to seeing your Isabel. Great lingerie posts 🙂

  7. When I lived in Germany, I did a lot of Google translate of my Burda instructions and got the basics, but there are no doubt better translators available to you. 🙂

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