Men’s Silk Neckties: Vogue 7104

Here’s something I forgot: Making neckties is horseshit.

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If you can imagine, I  sewed three neckties as part of Jordan’s Hanukkah gifts this year. I suspect each holiday, he’s now going to get some boxers and some neckties. He’s been wearing these ties for almost two weeks now, but only let me snap a photo last night when he got home. I think his stint as a male model is coming to a close.

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I’ve gathered that most men don’t wear ties often anymore. Somehow, 85 percent of the guys I’ve dated wear ties daily.  As a lawyer Jordan wears them every day.  Even on casual Friday  he wears a tie (he’s just like that). He has a bunch from his father (retired attorney) and a few I took from my dad (church going black man).  He has more ties than I have shoes.  Despite rolling in ties, he asked if I could / knew how to make them. And, oh, do I. Long time readers will remember my irrational anger at sewing ties and breaking up with the gift recipient less than a month later. I figured it was time to break the Boyfriend Sweater/ Boyfriend Neckwear curse.

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Instead of the seven-fold ties I did last time, I used Vogue’s three-fold tie pattern with interlining. For interlining, I used drapery interlining from Haberman’s at $7 per yard (and 54 inches wide).   Their website said it was a good approximation for tie interfacing (like $25 a yard and 23 inches wide) and it was way way cheaper. Tie interfacing is usually made from wool. This is cotton but has that same light weft look to it. Tie interlining looks to be two layers of the weft.

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Ultimately, Jordan thought it felt not as hefty as the wool interlining in his RTW ties. I have since bought a few yards of wool tie interfacing from The Sewing Place to use on my next go round.  I also changed the interlining/ interfacing pattern. Vogue 7104 doesn’t have the interlining going all the way to the tip of the tie. All the ties I looked at do. So, I just traced the interlining pattern to mimic the finished tie.

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Ties are pretty simple in concept. It’s all bias cut, 1/4 inch seam allowances and nice fabric. Yet, the tie point is a real PITA. I don’t think my tie points (the tip) ever look as good as RTW. I sewed two muslins before I decided these were good enough. The next time I make these, I will follow my own advice for sewing the tips of the tie.  The lining and main fabric should be offset to create a good mitre. The Vogue instructions so not account / note that. Another good visual resource for sewing the tie tip is Sam Hober’s site.

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I did add a 1/4 inch in width to the pattern as drafted. And, I think I’m going to add another 1/4 for 1/2 inch more total for a 4 inch wide tie vs 3.25. Jordan’s favorite tie from his father is 3.75 inches wide.

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I think, like boxers, I should make these a couple times a year so I don’t forget how they go together. It really is a fast project with most of it hand sewing to close it up. That, I could easily do while watching a movie or TV.

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Last bit about fabric. I think I’m a total purist when it comes to neckties. I like them made out of a thick silk twill. That fabric can can be really pricey. I’ve been lucky to get bits and pieces here and there. I try to snatch them up whenever I can. Belraff Fabrics has a lot well-priced necktie fabric right now. But, fair warning, most of the prints are of the lighter silk variety (the cream and green print at the top is from them). I’d stick with the preppy striped ones, they are a heavier silk and luscious.

So, why do I say they are horseshit? Just loads of fiddly bits. You just have to be precise, work with small seam allowances, cut silk fabric on the bias, loads of handsewing and work with with fabric that frays easily.  Of course, he loves his ties. LOVES them.

If you’re interested in making ties, I would also recommend checking out David Paige Coffin’s download on making ties at home.

Jordan made out like a handsewn bandit this year, didn’t he? He gotten a jacket,  boxers, a sweater, workout gear, cummerbund,  suit alterations and ties. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to rename my blog “Mister’s Emporium”.


  1. Britex carries tie interfacing, though it sells out quickly, I think. I had to wait a couple of months for it to be restocked. Rosen and Chadick in NYC sells beautiful Italian silk tie fabric. Not cheap but you don’t need a lot. I really like the orange and blue tie. You did a great job!

    • Ooh, is the stuff from Britex beige or white in color? I was actually thinking of layering the drapery interlining with the tie interfacing I got in an attempt to get the most RTW feel. And, next time I’m in NYC or LA I’ll have a look at what Steinlauf and Stoller and B. Black and Sons carry.

      I’ve seen the Rosen and Chaddick fabric and almost chocked.

      On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  2. What a lucky guy! The ties look great! And I can imagine they are a lot of work…the few posts I’ve read about making ties haven’t persuaded me they’re a worthwhile endeavor. My husband begs to me sew for him but I’m constantly coming up with excuses.

    • Stick with the excuses! LOL. These are three out of 30 ties. I’m curious to see where they’ll be in the rotation in a few years.

      On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 4:33 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  3. Thank you for this helpful posting! I am planning to try my hand at making ties for my husband sometime soon, so it helps to be aware of the details you discovered and solved. It seems that your efforts at making articles of clothing and accessories is being well-appreciated by the recipient!

    • practice, practice, practice the tips. And, just remember to have a little gap — like 1/8 – 1/4 inch when you sew the tip together. He’s going to love them!

      On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 4:38 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  4. These are lovely ties! Hubby has made out like a bandit, but this is the first year, yeah? You are so sweet to do these things for him, and I am sure he appreciates it. Thanks for all the tips, but I doubt I will be making ties. My guys are way too casual to wear ties unless forced to do so.

    • Yep. My sewing is clearly influenced by it being the first year. Next year he’ll be lucky if I sew a button back on for him! If you can believe it, I still have about four things I’ve been ‘fixing’ for the last year.

      On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 4:54 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


    • I think I you just helped me decide on clothing labels for the stuff I make for him, “Lucky Bastard”.

      On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 5:03 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


      • I love this! You probably could see those labels! And I laughed when I read your list because I thought “first year of marriage – this will change!” I made ties, vests and sweaters when I was first married. Though I continued to make vests because they were easy and he loved them so much. Never got to shirts…ummm isn’t that next on the list! 🙂

      • Love it! I think you should order the labels rights now. Though maybe not too many – production may go down. He looks great in your work.
        P.S. I am not letting my hubby see these ties!

  5. It’s annoying when they LOVE the stuff you make for them, isn’t it? And wear that shit to death and appreciate it? Cos then you have to keep making it for them! 🙂 seriously, great looking ties. Thank goodness here in the UK ties have been banned for doctors! Your hubby’s a lucky man.

  6. First of all, now I need to clean my computer screen as I about spit out my drink laughing at the first line!

    The ties really do look nice, even if they have been driving you nuts. My hubby never wears ties (OK, rarely…..) so not much point in even trying. Good job!

  7. So stylish! Thanks for the links for silk twill sellers. I know Peggy Sagers also has tie interfacing because she loves it for easing sleevecaps in jackets.

  8. Jordan really made out. Seriously Renee, if you ever meet my husband on a trip down here, don’t tell him how much you sew for Jordan. 😉

  9. I was so scared you were going to get to the end and say it was horseshit because right after Jordan asked for a divorce. I knew there was no way, but a small part of me was very nervous! Anyway, your tie looks great and he’s a lucky man 🙂

  10. One thing is for damn sure, Jordan made out so much better than all my brothers! Beautiful put – ties are horseshit! Thank you for all your help and because of you, my next lot will be 100 times better.

  11. I am so glad I can live vicariously and leave the neck-tie making to you. They look lovely, but it does sound extremely fiddly.

    You have really, really discouraged me from making ties. I don’t like fiddly. And DH is the sone of a tailor and really appreciates fine ties. (He’s a total slob but will think less of another man for tying a half Windsor instead of a full Windsor.)

    I purchased a bunch of tie silk at SAS Fabrics for $2/yd. At first, they had a mix of silk and poly, and I bought a whole bunch of the silk. Now, the selection is picked over and all poly.

    I wonder if I should make silk vests for DH? Or donate some of the silk to you and Jordan? Should I dig them out and take pix?

  12. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who wrangled with this pattern before Christmas. I thought it would be quick and easy, but horseshit pretty much sums it up. My S.O. didn’t leave the house long enough for me to finish, so now it’s a birthday tie that’s still in pieces. Wish I’d made a muslin first, but it’s salvageable.

  13. The next time you are in San Francisco rent a car and drive down to Carmel…and then go a bit east to Carmel Valley. There’s a men’s clothing store that sells its shirting and tie fabrics by the yard in the back room….Robert Talbott’s. The last time I was there two designers from the San Francisco Opera were there buying fabrics for opera costumes. It’s a fun store. I have no idea what’s there now. It would be great if they had interfacing. I do not know if they do mail order. Good luck. I really enjoy reading your blog. Happy New Year.

  14. Love this blog re the tie making extravaganza! Years ago there was a wonderful shop I visited in, or near, Carmel, CA called Talbot(t?) Tie Outlet where the tie silks were unbelievable! Went there as part of a touring class with Bobbie Carr and it was great. I still use what I bought there as purse linings, heavy coat linings, vests, etc. Don’t know if they are still around, but could be worth checking out.

  15. Sorry! I should have read ALL the comments before posting mine! The poster above me seems to be talking about the same shop!

    • No, this was super helpful! I started googling it earlier and wasn’t finding the right place. Thanks! My BIL lives in the area now. Going to see if he’ll schlep over there for me!

      On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 9:59 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  16. I don’t think I’ll ever make a tie for my lovely husband, for fear that I will forever after be expected to make them! LOL! Still-as wearable items go a tie gets a lot of use, for the price, so the cost of fabric, even expensive fabric, does amortize over the years. They look wonderful, and he looks thrilled to have had ties CUSTOM MADE for him! He’s a lucky guy, and what’s better, is that he knows it! Happy New Year, lovely lady!

  17. Ha-ha ‘Mister’s Emporium’. Too funny. I tried making my grandson bow-ties for Christmas and gave up quickly. Too detailed and precise. I couldn’t get the corners right either. Men’s sewing is difficult (to me anyway).

  18. Beautiful work! And I am usually a lurker, but I had to click and comment after that first line. So funny. My poor DH, I only started sewing after we’d been together far too many years for me to bother with sweating over tie points for him. He doesn’t wear ties anyway, though my Dad does. I’ll have to remember to read your tips if I ever think he sick of getting socks for Christmas hahah.

    If you do get to L.A. F&S has a large selection of vintage tie silk. Not cheap, but beautiful quality. I’m probably going downtown tomorrow, so do let me know if you want swatches of anything from B Black’s.

  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR Renee and great ties! They really look so RTW and the hubby is a very lucky man! I have to say I still sew for Wayne after 36 years of marriage because it’s so fun to see his excitement and how proud he is to wear the items. Time is the problem! You’ll probably continue to make things for Jordan just because you can and you love him! Good luck to you and much sewing in 2015, I sure hope to meet up with you again!

  20. Very nice! Nothing sexier than a crisp white shirt and a nice tie! Wish more guys wore this more often ad hoodies and sweats get a bit tiring after a while.

  21. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, F&S Fabrics on Pico Blvd. usually has a lot of tie silk remnants, as well as tie silk.

  22. My office is super casual but I do know a lot of other guys that wear ties. But then Nigerian men like to dress up. Bowties are especially popular at my church, the pastor ALWAYS wears one unless with his suits. This reminds me that I need to buy tie interfacing. I was going to use draping interfacing but now I think I will just wait.

  23. I’m so glad I found your blog! I have been asked to make neck ties by my fiancé many times, but have yet to attempt them. Maybe I’ll get up the courage soon!

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