Two Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan Dresses

I forgot how much I love the Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan Dress. And, I am apparently never going to make good on my commitment to swear off poly knits.  I made this dress twice over the weekend and twice about seven years ago. Spring is slowly coming and I wanted to try this dress out again in poly before I cut into silk jersey.


While OOP, it’s readily available on Etsy and Ebay (and I suspect a lot of stashes). A newer alternative might bethe Lady Skater dress. Very similar lines I think.

20150426-DSC_0176 photo 20150426-DSC_0176_zpsskvn0id2.jpg

  • Bust darts for the win!
  • Defined waist band with great shaping.
  • LOVE the scoop neckline.
  • Somehow, no ‘real’ FBA needed for me. But, I added 1/2 inch of length to the bodice on the blue and gold version. The waistline  seam wasrightundermybewbs <– See what I did there?

20150426-DSC_0171 photo 20150426-DSC_0171_zpsbcoqsspn.jpg


  • Shortened bust and back darts by 1/2 inch
  • Raised neckline by 2.5 inches (might lower it 1/2 inch)
  • Made more of a U than V shape to the neckline
  • Added five inches to the shorter length (might cut that an inch)
  • Cut the back on the fold

20150426-DSC_0170 photo 20150426-DSC_0170_zps6qqecb1v.jpg

Construction Stuff:

  • Skipped the facings and self-lined the bodice and waistband. I wanted a beefier top so my newly acquired back ripples aren’t on display.

20150425-DSC_0121 photo 20150425-DSC_0121_zpsaxutyj9c.jpg

  • Used $1 a yard tricot to line the skirt. I hate clingy knit skirt. Not cute.
  • Did not hem a t’ing. It’s a knit! I hate hemming knits. Even with a coverstitch.
  • Reduced the enclosed seam allowance at the waist and neckline to 1/4 inch
  • Sewed on my sewing machine and finished on my serger

20150426-DSC_0153 photo 20150426-DSC_0153_zpsstjdeicz.jpg


Both fabrics were purchased and sewn within the last six months. The grey is a poly knit from FabricMart (no longer available). It had a coordinating mini print too. That would have been my waistline and sash (or sleeves too??)  But, PEOPLE BOUGHT ALL OF IT before I could get some. The blue and gold is from Jomar in Philadelphia. I like the composition of the grey fabric better. Much beefier. I like the colors on the blue and gold better (and they are my sorority colors Eee-Yip!).


I’m still working on the shape of the neckline. I want a very distinct U. I might cut the bodice one last time from some scraps to see if I have got the look I want.

20150426-DSC_0160 photo 20150426-DSC_0160_zpsckh4njm4.jpg

No ‘real’ photos of me in the dress. Sunday is a hair wash day and it’s still too dark to take photos when I get home from work in the evening. But, here’s an elevator pic I posted on Instagram. Still wearing boots in the end of April if you can imagine. I got a gabillion compliments yesterday. Probably because I’ve only worn jeans and sweaters the last six months.


And for those of you who have texted, tweeted and emailed about the truly sad and sobering state of affairs in Baltimore city right now and the foolishness that persists, Jordan and I okay. I’m at work. We’re walking our dog at night and sleeping in our home.


  1. Both dresses look fabulous on you. 🙂 I love the sleeve buttons on the one. 🙂

  2. I really like both versions of the dresses. I’m also glad to see that you’re all ok. I was telling the Hubster last night that you live in Baltimore & I hoped that you was nowhere near the chaos. How sad that all is.

  3. Love the blue and yellow. Those are my national colours (Bajan girl). I also like how you share tips to adjust the construction such as fully lining instead of using the facings. That’s really helpful for newish sewists like me! Be safe!

  4. Like both dresses but the gray one is my fav. I’m sure the silk jersey one will be amazing!

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  6. Great design for your figga! I am very glad that you and yours are ok. I hope the foolishness ends soon.

  7. So glad to hear you are ok up there. I’ve been thinking about you.
    The dresses are a great shape for you. I feel you about the poly knits, but still have some in my stash. The silk jersey will be divine!

  8. Love these! Why have you show me this pattern?! ARgh! I don’t even wear dresses much.

    As for the neckline tweaks, maybe move the neck in at the shoulder sides and then scoop it out in a U from there? Since you’re muslin-in’.

    • Yass! That’s what I’ve done with the paper pattern. I think I brought it it at the neck by 1/2 inch on each side and dropped the neckline by 1/2 inch. I just have a really specific idea of how I want the neck to look!

      On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 11:14 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  9. First, very glad to hear you guys are safe. Second, does that pattern have staying power or what? The dresses look great, and I like what you are doing with the neckline. I made this in the first mad rush of this design, time to shamelessly copy and make it again.

  10. Beautiful dresses! And where did you get $1 a yard tricot to line the skirts because I could use a bit of that myself!

    • When FabricMart had it a few years ago I bought about 20 yards. And, I think I bought more from Jomar a few years ago. And maybe a brick and mortar store in PA two years ago. I have an embarrassing amount of it because I like it for knit dress lining and thought I was going to make a few slips.

      On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 12:08 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  11. Bust darts in knits are a bonus and lining the skirt and bodice is perfect to make the outside delicious. Love the wide waistband and tie belt. That vertical print makes you look tall!

    • SO TALL!! I don’t look this tall in the gray, that’s for sure! Thanks 🙂

      On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 12:20 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  12. I was wondering how y’all were doing. Although every time there’s flooding in SA I get a bunch of calls wondering if we’re okay, which can get a little tiresome after awhile. “We live on a hill, remember?!” Lol. The dresses are both nice and remind me that I really need to use this pattern already.

  13. Very nice dresses & great for this transition weather. My wardrobe is seriously missing transitional pieces – not much in between winter and summer clothes. I particularly like those sleeves and cuffs!

  14. Glad you’re safe! Thought about you yesterday! Great dresses! Love both fabrics! I have that pattern but never got around to making it. I always line my knit dresses because I hate facings!

  15. It’s very flattering and I too love the scoop neck. Getting it exactly the shape you want takes a bit of trial and error, doesn’t it?

  16. I’ve been wondering how you were doing in Baltimore. Glad you’re safe. (And atta girl! to the mom who slapped her son upside his head for being involved in the foolishness!)
    I have that patten but have never made it because I need to petite size the length. I looked at it once, got overwhelmed and put it back into the envelope. I need to finish the handful of projects I’ve got, take a deep breath and muslin, muslin, muslin! Your dresses look wonderful and comfortable!

  17. I haven’t seen this pattern made up in a long time, which is a pity, because obviously it’s a good style judging by how great you look in your dress.

  18. Love both dresses!! So versatile and transitional. And oh goodness no, don’t swear off poly knits. 🙂 Too many beautiful and fun choices. I’m very glad you both are well and safe. You’re the only person I know in Baltimore, and I must say, when I read the news, you were the first person I thought of.

  19. The scooped neckline is really nice on you! And you will be so glamorous in a silk jersey version- can’t wait to see it!

    Hoping and praying that things calm down in Baltimore soon. 😦

  20. Love both your dresses (print, jersey, dress= of course I’m going to love them!), I’ve never made the scoop neck version, clearly I really should give it a try.

  21. This style looks fabulous on you. That is why you got so many compliments when you wore one of the dresses to work. Ooh aahhh, silk knit, can’t wait to see that version!

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