Tampa 2015

When I was uploading photos for this post, I realized I was in Tampa this exact same time last year.

I’m back from my dad’s wedding weekend about an hour north of Tampa. This time, Jordan came along and we spent two days in Naples, Florida lounging about a pool before driving up to Tampa for the wedding. On our way to the exurbs of Tampa, we met up with Stitches and Seams‘ Debbie Cook!! I’ve been reading Debbie’s blog since I found out there was even sewing on the internet. She’s helped me fix at least one dress (can’t find the original post about it. weird.)  and even mocked up different front door colors for me six years ago. So, it’s no surprise that I felt like I was meeting a friend! Between sucking down a pitcher of mimosas we talked about sewing, Tampa and blogging. Thanks Debbie!

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Vouge 1086 blogged here

They say weddings are nice because it’s a good time to see family. So true! This trip was the first time my dad had all his kids together in seven years. Look at that, the kids are even in age (and apparently height) order! Gah. Florida is not oily skin + makeup friendly….

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Despite all my talk, I did not make a dress for my dad’s wedding. I wore my Burda knit bubble dress. And, it fit perfectly in with the peach, pink, purple color scheme. Below I’m standing with the son and daughter of my dad’s new wife. She was her mom’s attendant so we looked coordinated in wedding photos.

20150502-USER2133 photo 20150502-USER2133_zpszuut7bqp.jpg

And, I’m only posting this photo below because Jordan looked so dapper! He’s wearing a cream seersucker suit that I slightly altered for him last summer. I took in the jacket and pants at the waist and hemmed the pants. There are no words for how much I despise alterations. But, he looked very sharp. I’m not sure if it was more of a Matlock, Colonel Sanders or Diddy White Party vibe he was rocking.

20150502-USER2089 photo 20150502-USER2089_zpscgizuewv.jpg


  1. How is it that every photo in this post is as fabulous as the others? And you coordinated perfectly at the wedding. Well done!

  2. How can it be a year since your visit to us here in Sarasota? You look younger every year, and I do not…how is this fair may I ask? Looking good at the wedding, and Jordan’s suit is great!

  3. You have a beautiful family, enjoyed all the photos you were posting on Instagram. Congrats to your father, too. Jordan looks pretty sharp in a white suit!

  4. Darn it! Two of my favorite bloggers and I live between Naples and Tampa! Great dress and the wedding looks fabulous.

  5. You look wonderful and happy, Renee. Love the picture with your Dad and brothers. You should frame that one and send it to him. It’s beautiful.
    Catch you next year in Tampa?

  6. I’m glad you found a good dress to wear, and that you seem to have had a good time. Jordan looked very sharp, too. Lovely pictures all, especially the one of your father with his children. The baby sister, eh? The brothers must have enjoyed tormenting you in high school.

  7. wow, men in white seersucker suits really knock me out! And the blue tie…..


  8. I LOOOVE that photo of you and Debbie! And Jordan definitely looks very dapper!

  9. I am greeen with envy for both the meeting with Debbie and for having such a handsome husband who wears suits with style! Your group photos are just darling and I am happy to see your lovely dress.

  10. Oh, I have so many comments on this one!
    1) You both look fabulous in those outfits (not that this is unusual).
    2) That Vogue 1068 number is so beautiful. The Ghanan wax fabric makes me want to save up, go to Ghana and have a massive fabric shopping spree.
    3) And seeing that particular pattern with a FBA on it makes me sorry that I did in fact buy a copy when it was available and on sale. It must have gone in and out of my basket a dozen times before financial pragmatism trumped sewer’s desire. Tracey Reese’s patterns are always a lovely mix of elegant and comfortable with the odd sewing challenge thrown in for interest, so I’m confident she’ll come out with something else brilliant (but this time I’ll cave, I think).
    4) Seersucker as a suit?!? This is not something I’ve ever seen in Australia, but it should be. Seersucker is such a light and comfortable fabric to wear. It’s tempting to add a seersucker suit to the me-made wish list.
    5) Thank you for putting me onto Debbie’s blog 🙂

    • 🙂 Your comment made me smile! It’s really a great pattern from her. After this weekend, I decided I’d make it again in the very last of my wax print. It just has to be done.

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