Beginning Machine Knitting Classes in Philadelphia Area

I received the email below from Linda at Stitcher’s Dream in Pennsylvania (about 15 miles outside of Philly) over the weekend. For anyone interested in learning more about Machine Knitting and in the area, I thought I would share (NAYY). I plan to go up there this fall. Who doesn’t like to craft and socialize at the same time?

My second in home lesson is 4th of July weekend. And, I will hopefully have my first project to show: a baby blanket!

20150531-DSC_0015 photo 20150531-DSC_0015_zps3x3nj0xu.jpg

I’m starting a small group email for those of you who have expressed interest in beginning-or-a-little-more-advanced machine knitting classes.

Most of you know that Stitchers’ Dream has a monthly Machine Knitters Club the second Saturday of each month at 10:30, followed by a class at 1:00.  Because there are helping hands of more experienced knitters, most of those classes can accommodate beginners who have at least a rudimentary knowledge of their machines.  This Saturday’s Poncho Class is perfect for beginners!  July’s project will be a summer shell, also good for beginners.
Since some of the beginners will have to drive a few hours to get here to classes, we can try to set up full or half-day lessons. We will need at least 4 people to set up a class.  The summer is a hard time to coordinate classes, but starting in the fall, we will offer more beginning classes.  The monthly Club and Class will continue through the summer.
Please respond to this email confirming:
  1. that you would like to be kept on this list.
  2. whether you are available weekdays or weekends.
  3. whether you are available Saturday afternoons,  or Sundays, morning or afternoon.
  4. what machine you own that you would like to use for the class .
  5. Is your machine in working order with a new sponge  bar, or do you need help getting it into working order?
  6. whether you would like to buy a mid-gauge LK150.
Please send me your phone number and where you live so that we can coordinate rides.
(215) 885-3780
Linda Corsover, for Stitchers’ Dream


  1. If you really get in to machine knitting, it might be worthwhile to join a local guild. There is the Baltimore Weaver’s Guild (not just weaving) which is probably closest. I am in the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild and used to be in the Boulder Handweavers Guild. Lots of the activities (workshops, study groups, etc) tend to be in the middle of the day on weekdays, but you get lots of info on local events, classes, special sales, competitions and shows, etc., plus people selling things privately (yarn, machines, sewing stuff, fabrics). For some reason, the guilds that I have been in don’t have much in the way of garment sewing, but they do cover pretty much every other type of fiber art activities.

  2. Now, that’s ambitious! I’ve been knitting lately, but I can only do it because it is portable. It takes a million years for me, and I love the challenge, but I also need the quiet meditative process. Add a machine to the mix, and I think I’m out…

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