Montreal Bound. Let’s Have Drinks.

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We’re getting ready to leave for Montreal via Amtrak. And, by getting ready I mean trying to sew a new tee shirt to take with me, doing laundry, waxing my eyebrows and generally going crazy. Jordan on the other hand had decided he’s staying up all night and not stressed. I thought a train through the US into Canada would be so romantic and continental. Except, our train out of Baltimore departs at 4 am. So, I’m just feeling tired and very American.

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I was last in Montreal in 2010 with my mom, Aunt Judy and Trena for PR Weekend. It was like a family vacation. My mom was always game for a trip. Also, looking through my photos from last time, I think I actually sewed most of my fabric from the trip!!! And by most I mean some. Don’t judge.

So, if you’re in Montreal and interested in getting cocktails Monday the 29th, leave a message here or send me an email. I’ve poked and prodded Vicki (Another Sewing Scientist) and Heather (Closet Case Files) to take me out. I think the plan is have a little somethin’ somethin’ at Huis Clos on St. Denis. I’m not sure of the time, but likely after work hours.

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Finally, Here’s a list of all the things I will eat next week.

  1. Poutine. Daily.
  2. Maple syrup on all the things
  3. Fresh strawberries from the market with glasses of champagne
  4. Croissant with coffee every day
  5. Baugettes perched delicately in my bicycle basket


  1. Beautiful picture of you and your mom! Go, have fun, and eat extra of all those things for me, plus triple of the maple syrup.

  2. Say, have you eaten at the poutine place in belvedere square next to the senator?

    • There’s a poutine place near Belvedere Sq???!???? (I meant to reply to this weeks ago). Is it Clark Burger? I think I’m going to try it tonight. I had no idea!!! On Jun 27, 2015 7:11 AM, “Miss Celie's Pants” wrote:


  3. Aw, man! I would *love* to join you, but my husband and I won’t be in Montreal until July 6th. Have a fantastic trip!

  4. Have a great time! I may see you at the meet up – Vicki told me about it and I’m staying in the Plateau till Tuesday… (But on family vacay with friends too, so might get too insane from a planning perspective.)

  5. Hi I just came back from a two week vacation in Montreal on Saturday. I had lots of free time on my own and focused on sewing related shopping. If you are planning on fabric purchases I highly recommend the multiple of fabric stores in the Chabanel area. I got lovely knit fabric for dresses at $2.50 per meter. Easily there are over 16 different businesses in this area that sell fabric, maybe even 20. Most of what I saw was knits, about 60%. On St-Hubert Street I found great knits for dresses at $8.00. All these stores are open by 9am, most took credit cards, but not all. They are not open on Sunday. Bring good walking shoes, water, snacks and a list of what you are looking for. If you want more specifics, please let me know. Also, Club Tissue a larger higher end fabric store, sold Jalie patterns and Bra making supplies, including patterns from the bra making company based in Hamilton Ontario. I came home with one full suitcase just for fabric.

  6. Aack! I just read your post now and — alas — it is June 29th TODAY and I now live 2 hours from my Montreal home. I am so sorry I missed the opportunity to meet you! Have a wonderful, wonderful visit. Ontario does a wonderful job celebrating Canada Day (July 1st), why don’t you come to Ottawa for the festivities?!

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