Pucci-like Panel Print Tunic: Burda 5-2010-104

I never really know what to do with panel prints. I think they would make great boxy tops. But, then I look like a billboard of fabric without some darts and waist definition in my life.  Enter, a remake of Burda 5-2010-104. I made this a good three months ago, but just never got a chance to take photos.
20150828-DSC_0043 photo 20150828-DSC_0043_zpsb05amuib.jpg
Look, I know I complained about this looking maternity when I made it last summer, but I wore it a TON. So much in fact that I’ve worn it out. Still, I decided to sew it again using a stretch silk charmeuse panel print I purchased in China five years ago. I purchased three panels while there for about $15 total. I LOVE the colors of this top. It’s so summery and the blue is calming. That said, I think silk makes me sweat. Is that possible? Shouldn’t it breathe beautifully?

 photo 000001836783_zps9a40a9c8.jpg

I did a few things a little differently with this version.

  • I made a much bigger FBA adding another 1/2 inch in width and length for a total of 1.5 inches. Last time, I didn’t think my bust fit fully in the right spot.
  • I added a few more inches in length to the hem. Not enough to make a dress (I don’t really want a thin, white silk dress). But, long enough that it’s a little more flattering to my legs and still wearable with skinny jeans.
  • Took up the v-neck an inch or so. The bridge of my bra was always showing. I kind of didn’t care. But, fully recognize it’s tacky and I should care a *little* more.

I’m happy to report that the drapier charmeuse seems to have less of the maternity vibe too. I mean, as ‘less’ as a flowey, empire waist, ruched top can look…

20150828-DSC_0028 photo 20150828-DSC_0028_zpssrahtiry.jpg

Now, I tried my best to match prints with this tunic. But, for the love of all that’s good, I just didn’t have enough fabric to do it well. Hard to explain without photos, but the circles aren’t balanced. So, I could get half of everything matched but not the other half.

20150828-DSC_0021 photo 20150828-DSC_0021_zpsgwzjwwhq.jpg

Plus, I managed to put two scoops right on my butt. I worked so hard to avoid this look on my bewbs that I managed to put two cheeks on my cheeks.

20150828-DSC_0031 photo 20150828-DSC_0031_zpsloffdqcp.jpg

Oh well!

I’m pretty pleased with this silky beauty. In large part because reading about my shopping in China brought back such good memories! Imagine, someone I’ve never met offers to take me shopping in a foreign country. That experience wouldn’t have been as great without them.

20150828-DSC_0009 photo 20150828-DSC_0009_zpsjd0mh2xk.jpg

I’m totally casual at work these days. And, I’m starting to like wearing jeans daily. But, I want to look a step above basic tees whenever possible. These jeans though. They are the PITS. You can see how worn they are at the inner thigh and knee. These are barely a year old. It’s okay. I’m still working on my jeans muslin. And, once I get it right, I’m going to make One Million Pairs.

Finally, remember a few months ago I was my friend’s photo assistant at a wedding in the Catskills? Well, the wedding photos are now up on her blog. Please have a look! I had an amazing time and bawled my eyes out multiple times during the ceremony. And, Jen was kind enough to include a couple of pictures I took too.  Jen and I were journalism students together in college. She was a brilliant reporter and now an incredible photographer.


  1. you look absolutely gorgeous in this top {and pants} … the colors and your huge, bright smile to your beauty ….

  2. I think the way the pattern worked out over the butt is fine-it’s offset just enough that it doesn’t overemphasize its location, at least not to me. I LOVE the print, it’s beautiful. I’m so glad you gave that pattern another try, it’s a really nice dressed up way to be as comfortable as you would in a tee shirt.

  3. I think it’s really cute! I’m a big fan of anything I can wear with skinny jeans that doesn’t make me look like a hippo (no implication of hippo-ness on your part, BTW). God, I need to start sewing again! I love the way the front came out, and I wouldn’t have even noticed the butt scoops if you hadn’t said anything. Bet no one else will, either. I wonder if they’d let me get away with that pattern as a scrubs top if I put pockets in it…:-)

  4. This top is gorgeous on you. I remember the other top and this one in no way shape or form makes you look pregnant. The length is perfect for narrow pants or jeans and the colors are really flattering. I hate wearing silk in the summer. I sweat in it too. I have an absolutely beautiful silk jersey tunic I made a few years ago and have barely worn, not because I don’t love, because I do, but it’s too damn hot to wear when it’s hot and muggy and we don’t even get as bad here on Long Island as Baltimore does. This top would look amazing with a pair of white jeans or any white pants.

  5. Oh, how lovely! That print is gorgeous and such a great match for this pattern. You are totally rocking that empire waist! What a fabulous top to pair with jeans, Renee.

    Also, you are not alone on the silk = sweating thing. I love silk, but can’t wear it in the hotter months. It doesn’t ever seem to breathe on me! I’ve given up on using it in summer clothes and switched to rayon, instead.

  6. I think this top is fabulous, and fabulous on you! I love the colors on you, and it_does not_ look like a maternity top. It looks a bit dressy casual. And the print placement is just fine. It does not echo your anatomy. I’m glad you revisited this pattern. This top is very flattering on you.

  7. Renee, the colors and print of this fabric are really fabulous on you! The fit is perfect. I fully embrace tunics as a regular wardrobe staple; you wear the look well. Love an empire waistline, and stretch silk charmeuse is my favorite fabric. Wait, I may need to borrow that top! 😄

  8. I agree, your friend did a stellar job photographing that wedding. I’ve enjoyed the photos and looked at them more than once. You know, I find silk to be a little hot to wear, too. I save it for milder days and focus on cotton voile or linen on hot days. Good for you on the jeans muslin – if you need an extra set of hands while fitting, let me know. Not like I really know anything about fitting pants, but at least I have a good attitude 🙂
    LOVE your flowy top – it is just gorgeous. I like it when the print is just sorta matched instead of perfectly matched. It feel like it gives a little movement to the print.

  9. I love it – My hubby would say that the circles on the back are helpful so that he knows where to put his hands!

  10. This looks really pretty! Actually, silk is the only natural fabric that doesn’t breathe. Not good for summer garments or the picnic. LOL!! That is why it’s lined almost everytime you see it in RTW.

  11. Love the summer colour palette on you! What a beautiful top, not at all maternity and perfect for a casual workplace. Lovely 👏🏻

  12. Love the tunic and when you are tired of it please send it my way! The position of the motifs is just fine and to try to imagine them in any other position…well I can’t. The colors and movement really compliment you. The wedding photos are the happiest ones I have ever seen. And the rainbow cake! fabulous!

  13. I am always attracted to panel prints and then get stuck when I try to use them, I think you did a great job placing the print here despite your reservations about the butt! I made the dress version of this ages ago, but in a fabric that was too lightweight to really love it so I think your choice of a drapier charmeuse is a smart one.

  14. I am always suspicious of the large prints and panel prints. I’m fairly certain that I’d manage to put bewb circles or X-marks-the-spot over my hooha. And then there’s the keister accenting potential. So much danger in a fabric! I like your shirt though, and agree with others that the pattern is just offset enough. The silhouette looks good on you.

  15. Beautiful! Excellent call to make it again, and it’s very becoming on you. As for silk in summer…. I also find that silk charmeuse doesn’t breathe well. But silk crepe de chine or georgette is a very different matter – I spend all summer every summer in silk CDC tops. I wore them in Afghanistan when the temps hit 43C…and on archaeological digs in hot and humid Ghana… lightweight CDC feels like wearing nothing at all. Guess what I’m wearing right now, in fact?

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