Bali: Surfing Lessons on Kuta Beach

Jet lag is SO REAL! We got back from Bali on Monday morning and I can honestly say it’s taken me the last five days to recover. I was a zombie in the office Tuesday and Wednesday and finally started understanding the spoken word again Thursday and Friday.

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I have a ridiculous amount of things to say and photos to sift through of my trip. Especially the fantastic textile tour and awesome cooking class I took. But, there’s laundry to do, braids to take out and post-snowstorm stuff to manage (You didn’t know? It snowed two feet while I was gone! We need new gutters and some other work on the house thanks to ‘Jonas’).

For now, I will leave you with photos from my surfing lesson along Kuta Beach. Umm, no one told me surfing was HARD. While I don’t like playing sports, I was always pretty athletic and decent at them (without trying hard) and picked early on for teams. So, I felt like I was athletically inclined. Turns out I AM NOT.  Surfing felt like learning to walk.

These photos pretty much sum up my surfing.

Extreme confidence during the on-land group class (and loving my Jalie Swim Shorts. They asked me to wear their rash guard so it was easier to spot me on the beach/ in the water)


Marked determination (and smug that I can still do a full-body push up)


The painful reality that I can’t stand up on a piece of floating plastic.


After 2.5 hours of lessons, I am happy to report I managed to stand up two times (out of 15 or so attempts)!

And you can see a video clip below

I posted some photos of my trip on my Instagram. And, will be reposting them here with more in-depth explanations before the weekend is over.


  1. Going over it doesnt seem bad. But coming back is a Bitch! It took me a good 2 weeks to recover. So worth it though. I am headed back to Hong Kong and Phuket this time ( instead of Bali) and will do it all over again this June. Looking forward to your future posts

  2. Haha, yep, surfing is hard! I remember vomiting after inhaling too much sea water when I was learning… Got there in the end though. Good job on standing up – that is a milestone worth celebrating!
    I’m flying back to Scotland from NZ today…. Dreading the jetlag! (And homesickness!)

  3. Can’t wait for more pictures and posts! I imagine that surfing takes a lot of core strength for balance and maintaining an upright posture, or am I all wet (tee hee). What a wonderful trip! Maybe someday……..

  4. What a grand adventure .. surfing, exotic cooking lessons, mouth watering, gorgeous fabrics and tours, biking in a tropical paradise, spa .. wow. What happy memories for you and your bud, huh? You did great, brave to even attempt surfing .. I wouldn’t be able to lift up my keister .. at all .. LOL… and you did! The outfit you created worked great. Experiences like that just intimidate me so bad as I’m not the least bit athletically coordinated, it’s humiliating. Then I see this and go .. c’mon.. pacifier user, yet .. fergodssake, just c’MON.. not fair!! hehehe Pays to start those things young. Are you cooking exotic dishes for dinner yet?


  5. I’m so used to being sick (body shut-down) because of my auto-immune that jet lag is the least of my problems. In spite of that, I will be going to Singapore in a years time (via stopover in Tokyo ((Nippori fabric town))). My niece moved to Singapore and I can do 9 hrs to Tokyo, stay a couple of days, then carry on to Singapore.

    ATTAGIRL!!! on getting up and surfing! I am super impressed. Now you have new stories to embellish. “how you surfed the pipeline….once upon a time”

  6. Surfing is hard. My daughter did lessons for ten weeks for Phys Ed at school last year, at the end of the term she had only managed to stand up a couple of times, and stay upright for only maybe half a minute at most. It’s a completely different balance required than for any other activity.

  7. I’m deeply impressed. You stood up! I watched a surf lesson in St Ives (from a window in the Tate – over lunch) and I would love to have joined in but I was made aware that surfing is hard work. Well done.
    Hope you weren’t too badly damaged by Jonas.

  8. I enjoyed your vacation so much! One year when Laura lived in Korea, she went to Bali for Christmas instead of coming home. I loved it when she Skyped from there and showed me the beach in real time. And yeah, jet lag is pretty humbling. Glad you are feeling more human now.

  9. Wow, very nice trip! Despite your challenges, I give you much kudos on your success for actually going through with it and standing up! On the video, you looked great! Can’t wait to see the remainder of your photos and happy you’re almost back to normal…you need vacation after a vacation sometimes!

  10. Oh man, surfing is super hard! When I was in college in LA I tried and it’s no joke! I was in good shape back in those days and still felt like someone had run me over with a truck the next day. I really think it uses every muscle in your body, and tons that you never use otherwise. Guess that’s why surfers are always so ripped!

  11. Wow, that’s awesome!! I really loved the video of you surfing; you look great! Hehe, we went to Bali for our honeymoon, 27 years ago!! it was quite rural back then and I’m sure it’s very very different now. We’ve never revisited, I just want to preserve the memory of it as it was then 🙂

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