Finally. A White Singer Featherweight.

Over the summer a neighbor posted on the community listserv that she was destashing fabric as she prepared for a move. Never one to turn down fabric, I went over for a wee looksie. Turns out she’d been a one-time reader of my blog (pre-graduate school) and collected vintage sewing machines.

And, then she showed me this:

I immediately began trying to figure out if I could talk her into selling it to me. She wasn’t particularly interested in selling. And I was a motivated buyer. I knew I was leaving my job soon and finally merging bank accounts with my husband. So, now was the time to spend money any way I wanted. Plus, it was literally in my backyard. I kind of felt like it was meant to be mine.

Now, despite being lucky enough to buy  a black singer Featherweight in 2009, I’ve *always* wanted a white one. But, they were too far away and too expensive.

Short version: it took about two months of gentle prodding, prying and begging emails before she put a price on it. And, I took it. Happily.

Meet my squad.


It’s a 3/4 sized  Kenmore 1040 (Kenny, acquired in 2007) , my main machine a Bernina 830 (acquired 2013). My new-to-me white Singer Featherweight and my black Singer Featherweight. I just realized that each of those machines has a sewing community connection! How cool is that?

The first project I decided to make with my new machine was a  random carrying tote and sewing pad. So, very crafty of me, eh? I’m not prone to craft projects. But, I was housesitting the weekend I bought it and thought would be a fun thing to do that didn’t require my full sewing room. The pattern is available from The Singer Featherweight Shop.

 photo IMG_20160528_122006_zpsejtoauea.jpg

My fabric is a fun Dutch postal fabric I bought while in Amsterdam on our honeymoon three years ago. I think I thought I was going to make shower curtains from it. Then realized I wasn’t going to make a shower curtain from anything.

IMGP0313 photo IMGP0313_zpsvgudrl2o.jpg

To be funny, I decided to line it with orange fabric. Because, Netherlands = House of Orange. Get it? I often amuse myself with totally nerdy stuff.

IMGP0317 photo IMGP0317_zpsgi3vwbow.jpg

There’s one piece I didn’t finish, the folding bed cover for storage. I may or may not get around to it. For now, I have the unfinished piece just sitting there, heh.

IMGP0320 photo IMGP0320_zpsb0znhh38.jpg

I am officially the cat lady of sewing machines.


  1. Great new addition to the family! I bought a bag with an orange lining a while back and thought it strange but the manual explained it’s so items in the bag stand out and can easily be found. And it works! So a brightly-colored lining is now a feature I look for in a bag. Yours looks super handy!

    • I’ll remember this! I have a UFO bag and it needs lining. Maybe I can switch it out to orange!

    • Since I made it several months ago I’m not sure on all the specifics. But, I think it’s a good pattern / outline for putting it together. And, is a nice way to preserve the case and not stress it with using the handle. I really should finish the third part! I also found this other pattern that’s free that seems a nice way store it inside the case: I have fabric to make a second carry bag, etc for m black one. I just haven’t gotten around to it!

      On Sat, Dec 10, 2016 at 11:08 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  2. beautiful and I love old Singers, they just purr so nicely. but a cat lady – no I think you have to have 10+ machines to be the cat lady of sewing 🙂

    • I second the motion. But you should know you are showing strong signs of SMAD sewing machine aquisition disorder. Wait till the first time you rewire or replace a gear or reset timing and feel like a total BEAST!!! It’s a fun addiction. And that collection is sweet, the white featherweight is beautiful!!

  3. Too funny! But I think you need to acquire an actual cat to guard/keep your machine herd lightly adorned with fur to warrant that label. Linus would not be pleased I imagine.
    You have impressive powers of persuasion!

    • I think Jordan would lose it if I bought home a cat. Linus is solidly still my dog. And, I’ve committed our next dog will be at least 20 lbs heavier, lol!

      On Sat, Dec 10, 2016 at 2:07 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  4. I recently inherited my grandmothers (black) featherweight. Case has a broken handle so that pattern looks great. One question though, does it zip or does the top fit on like a box?

    • Hi Lesley, it fits like a box top. But, I saw a version where they sewed a fabric hinge on the back so they stayed attached. They do sell replacement handles too if you’re interested in that too.

      On Dec 10, 2016 3:09 PM, “Miss Celie's Pants” wrote:


  5. Great machine! I have wanted a Feathermate for the longest time but I can’t find one in good condition that I can afford. If anyone knows a good place to get one, please let me know.

    • I just got really lucky the first two times I bought a featherweight. A blog reader locally kept tipping me off when they were well priced on Craigslist. And, I’ll be honest. The first time I think they were selling grandma’s machine for drug money. The second time the woman had inherited it from her grandmother, didn’t check prices on line and had a nicer electronic machine. So, really, luck.

      On Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 1:24 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  6. I love it! I’m so happy for you ;-).
    But I agree about the cat lady thing: you need a few more, at least a hand crank and treadle!

    • Hilde, if I ever come back to the Netherlands, I’m leaving with a hand crank in my carry on luggage.

      On Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 4:35 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


    • Right!? I remember the first time I saw a black one. An acquaintance brought it over for me to help her sew something. Then, I started looking for one for myself. I thought the white ones were just so *pretty*. Apparently, they are technically ‘pale turquoise’ with a slight green / blue cast depending on the light. But, with time they are just called ‘white’.

      On Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 4:50 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  7. Congrats on your new baby! I picked up one of these white beauties about 20 years ago for 35 dollars! Long story! A couple of Christmases ago I gave it to my ten year old granddaughter who loves to sew! It is in appreciative, loving hands now and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the perfect machine for her to learn on. Those whites are awesome.

    • That is so sweet, Bunny! It did occur to me that if I had children, I could eventually gift them a Featherweight. That helped ease any guilt I had about buying this one!

      On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 6:51 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  8. Crazy cat lady of sewing machines? Nah. That white beauty was worth it. And yeah, sewing a shower curtain doesn’t hardly seem worth it–it’s not like my shower has big boobs and a booty to match making it hard to find a curtain that fits.

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