Lingerie / Athletic Manufacturer Warehouse Sale This Weekend

ETA: as of Feb 9 the sale is postponed. New date TBA. But, probably on a a Friday based on the cancellation email.




Remember the local manufacturer warehouse sale where I’ve bought laces, elastics, athletic and outdoor fabrics for $1 to $2 a yard? Well, it’s baaaacccck. Slated for Saturday, February 11 starting at 8 am. I will be there when the doors open with a coffee in hand. I’m helping a friend sew a tallit (prayer shawl) for her son’s bar mitzvah that day.

I finished this Isabell bra from Sewy last night from Fashion Unlimited laces. It looks phenomenal on.  I have no recollection where the main fabric is from. I took 1/2 inch out from the band and it fits perfectly! I have a second one coming up in a stiffer powernet. So, I’m adding back in that 1/2 inch and hoping the cups will cover :-D.

 photo IMGP1473_zpse3ac135a.jpg

From the 2013 sale I made up the red jacket in 2013 above. I first found them back in 2011 in a quest for someone else to make nice buttonholes on my clothes.


The Maryland Historical Society (headquartered in Baltimore, natch) has several textile related lectures this year. I hope to make it to a few. And, their annual gala ($$$) will feature the fashion collection of the Historical Society. We might go to the afterparty for younger (less affluent) people.   Two years ago they exhibited jewelry from Wallis Simpson.



So, that’s some local fiberly things I know about.

Oh, Jeannie and I have talked about starting a machine knitting group. If you might be interested let me know. We think there has to be more than two of us locally.


ETA: as of Feb 9 the sale is postponed. New date TBA. But, probably on a a Friday based on the cancellation email


  1. Hi! Your bras are amazing. I like wearing knits. I noticed most bra patterns are seamed. Have you made any that you feel comfortable wearing under jersey?

    • That’s actually a good question. I wear store bought seamless bras under my light knits. The lace would definitely show through. That said, even in the seamless bras I wear these (not an affiliate link)

      On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 10:50 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  2. Oh, man, I wish I could go to that sale!!! I can’t this time, but maybe sometime in the future (I’m a few hours away), so thanks for announcing it and please let us know when the next one is, too? Have fun!!

  3. Thanks for the announcement and inspiration. I’m out often for this one but will watch for the next…because a girl can’t have too many supplies, right;-)

    • Never too many supplies! Also, lingerie findings take up way less space than say the coat fabric I have crammed under my cutting table 😀

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  4. Have fun at the sale! And your Isabell is lovely! I really need to try the pattern. I have it, just haven’t worked on it yet.

  5. Do you have to register or have a ticket to attend this. I live in northern VA and would love to attend. Thanks.

    • They have tickets. But, IMHO that’s just to get a count and use the Eventbrite services for advertising. They’ve never needed tickets before. And, I don’t think the website says tickets required. Since I’ll be there so early, I’m also happy to email you and let you know what they have and if it’s worth the hike.

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  6. Aw, man, I’m out of town for this or I’d totally make the trip up for the sale.

    Those Historical Society lectures look awesome — especially the Gothic to Goth lecture. I am a huge fan of the MdHS. My mom did some work there when I was a kid and I used to hang out in a room where they kept hands-on displays of something — maybe early Maryland life? They had a dress to wear and some wool to card and a hearth and bed. I would spend hours on end in there reading and pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder and giving information to actual museum patrons. 🙂

    • Dangit! I think I want to see the Bonaparte lecture. I read a little about her and she was quite the fashion plate. I just read that Laura Inglass Wilder would have been 150 this week! I remember being a kit and throwing newspaper into the bottom of the bookshelf and pretending it was a fire on the frontier.

      On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 1:41 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


      • Yes, the Betsy Bonaparte one looks good, too! I wish it wasn’t on a Thursday or I’d hit that one up, too. Oh man, I’m glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one living in a Laura Ingalls Wilder fantasy land! lol

    • I think it’s too much of a crap shoot to drive more than an hour IMHO. I have gotten good stuff there. But, nothing life changing. The laces are all neutral or black so you’d have to do some dying. The samples are smallish so unless you’re petite you might not find any RTW to buy. The laces are an amazing bargain. But, I don’t know that it’s worth driving out for if you’re not an avid lingerie maker. I do really love the fabric I picked up last time. But, nothing I couldn’t find in NY (albeit for far more money). Does that help? Also, my half my inlaws are now in Lewes!

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