Burda 12-2010 #134: Men’s Running Shorts

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Jordan was part of his office’s relay team for the Baltimore Marathon last week. I had to work so I missed his leg which went RIGHT by our house.  Knowing I wouldn’t see him run, I decided to make him a new pair of running shorts so it would be a little like I was with him (and I HATE his running shorts. From high school. Baggy and disgusting.). He not so politely declined a matching shirt. Spoilsport.

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Burdastyle 12-2010-134

I didn’t have any specific running shorts patterns. But, realized I could take a pair of pajama pants, shorten them and call it a day. I chose the Burdstyle pajama pants from 12-2010 #134 after seeing them made up as boxers on the Burdastyle website.

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Burdastyle 12-2010-134 shortened to boxers


I have made him a few pairs of pj bottoms from Simplicity 1520 (above) and he wears them all the time. They have a ton of ease which is great for sleeping but I’ve been dying to get him into something a little more…. European.

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I modeled these shorts after  Brooks Running shorts. The both have a faux fly and an internal drawstring.

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The blue fabric is from my stash purchased at PR Weekend in Montreal back in 2008. I used most of it before to make Jalie running skirts in 2010.  It has minimal stretch, like maybe 15% and still needed a ball point needle or it skipped stitches. It’s athletic shiny on one side and brushed cotton on the inside (he’s wearing these with some of the Jalie 2327 athletic wicking boxers I’ve made him in the past).

For seam allowance I added 3/8″ seam. And used two strands of thread through one needle for the faux top stitching at the fly.

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I added pockets to these stabilizing them with 1/4″ twill tape and understitching so they laid flat. I considered a zipper at the pockets. But, realized the deep pockets with a small opening would be safe enough for his phone while running.

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The pattern calls for a separately added waistband and a drawstring. Too fussy for me! I added three inches to the top of the pants pattern, turning that down to the inside to create my casing. I used Stretchrite elastic from Amazon with an integrated drawcord cut three inches smaller than his 37″ waist measurement.

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I sewed this up on my sewing machine and didn’t finish the seams on my serger. Hemmed with my coverstitch which I really need to spend some time getting to know better.

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I guessed a bit on the length. Jordan was traveling for Yom Kippur when I made them. But, I now have a lovely male body form that my dad bought me for my birthday that I can use to guesstimate these things! Except, it’s definitely bigger in the legs than Jordan so I was worried it wouldn’t fit. Oh, the form is from The Shop Company. I’ll write a review of it and the ordering process (which was a bit of nightmare) after I’ve used it some more.

But, as you see it fits him fine. I wanted them about two inches shorter. But, we compromised on length.  This pair is a good model for the swim trunks I’ve been wanting to make him. I might add more seam allowance though just to accommodate for the loss of stretch in the swimwear fabric I bought.

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  1. Nice running shorts! They look good on Jordan, so I hope he appreciated that he looked sharp while exercising. It’s not easy to look sharp while sweating, but with the right workout gear, it’s possible. A male form? I think that is the first one I have ever seen! Good to see you sewing and posting.

    • It’s SO BIG! I didn’t have enough space in my sewing room so it lives in the dining room with the rest of my crafting overflow. Originally it was supposed to be just the upper body. But, due to stock problems I ended up with this enormous full size one.

      On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 8:07 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  2. You did a great job with making his running shorts! The fit is really good and it is lovely to see him in your sewing posts and your adorable sewing assistant, your pup. Wow, a male form!! That is cool. Are you planning on making more menswear for Jordan?

    • I am digging the male body form, except when I catch it out of the corner of my eye in the dining room! It freaks me out every time. I am planning on making him a requested bomber jacket this winter. It was my dad’s idea after he saw something for Jordan hanging off of my female dress form. So, I took him up on it!

      On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 3:21 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  3. Great and a good job.😁

    On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 2:26 AM, Miss Celie’s Pants wrote:

    > Miss Celie posted: ” Jordan was part of his office’s relay team for the > Baltimore Marathon last week. I had to work so I missed his leg which went > RIGHT by our house. Knowing I wouldn’t see him run, I decided to make him > a new pair of running shorts so it would be a little” >

    • Thank you! I know it’s not the most exciting of posts. But, I’m trying to get back to blogging.

      On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 8:26 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:

      > Respond to this comment by replying above this line > New comment on Miss Celie’s Pants > > * reust1 commented on Burda 12-2010 #134: > Men’s Running Shorts > > * > > Jordan was part of his office’s relay team for the Baltimore Marathon last > week. I had to work so I missed his leg which went … > > Great and a good job.[image: 😁] > >

  4. ROFLMAO @ “Eurpoean” which I’m guessing is code for “showcases his butt”. 😛 Not judging, I love the fact that my husband wears Wranglers every day, for just that reason. 😉

    Anyway, they look great! FYI I haven’t used them (yet), but Jalie has a pattern for men’s swim trunks if you are looking for a pattern.

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