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Whatever Lola Wants: Victory Patterns 1005, Lola Sweatshirt Dress

Lola Victory Patterns 1005 (16 of 27).jpg

Four years after many a cute sewist made up the Lola dress from Victory Patterns I decided I needed a new sweatshirt dress in my wardrobe. I’ve made several before from the Italian magazine La Mia Boutique (consistently in navy and grey also πŸ˜„Β #neverchange). It is in fact one of three outfits that a very fancy couple I know pointed as one of their favorites.

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For this pattern I made my regular round of adjustments. I sewed a 12 at the bodice grading to a 16 at the hip. I made a 3/4″ FBA using a princess seam method and a swayback adjustment using my old faithful method.

Lola Victory Patterns 1005 (13 of 27).jpg

I also lengthened the sleeves by 5″. I like 3/4″ but I thought this length a bit awkward. Β I would make a deeper swayback adjustment next time… I suspect I did my usual 1″.

Lola Victory Patterns 1005 (25 of 27).jpg

I’m really glad I photographed this four months after making it. Because, it appears I put the pockets in at different heights at the front! I have worn this dress two dozen times and only noticed today while editing pictures! Β The pockets gape/sag and I read many a review where the excess ease was removed. But, I actually like it. There isn’t much that will make my hip and thighs look slimmer. So, I’m embraced the structural look and went with it. But, it appears that the lower placed pocket does sag more.

Lola Victory Patterns 1005 (21 of 27).jpg

I know some women sized down for a more fitted look. But, I kind of like the causal looseness around my midsection. I could probably take an inch or so out if I wanted.

Issues: No mention of how much stretch the fabric should have or is drafted for. I also cut according to the layout. But, my crosswise grain had more stretch and maybe I should have / could have gone with that if I knew what it was drafted for.

Lola Victory Patterns 1005 (17 of 27).jpg

I ended up making two of these in a row after having finished my Cascade Duffle Coat and a wooly bomber jacket for Jordan. Why did I made two right in a row? Because after alterations it’s an easy sew. I needed winter clothes and why not? I’ve become chaste in middle age. Instead of sewing ALL THE THINGS I’d rather save some time and make several of one garment. It’s a really cute dress and I can see myself making more next winter.

** I used my phone as the remote for these photos and could actually see myself instead of guessing with the remote function. Photos took half the time and I liked 90% of them vs tossing 75%. And, I haven’t moved. These are at my office :-D.


12 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants: Victory Patterns 1005, Lola Sweatshirt Dress

  1. Just love your sweatshirt dress! It works! The fit is great and you carry it well.
    I almost decided to look for the pattern, but I am afraid of stretch fabrics. Nothing ever turns out .

    1. This one is super forgiving because it’s a stable sweatshirt knit. I think that’s why it works out so well for folks! You should give it a try. Just use a stable sweatshirting or fleece 😊

  2. This is such a cute dress. About the pockets—they are so far out of alignment that I think it looks intentional—and gives a asymmetrical line to the bottom of the dress.

    1. When I was going through the photos I was like, am I standing funny? But, when I looked at the back, I see I got them in right there. Somehow, just really off at the front. And, thank you! This might give me permission to not fix it πŸ˜„

  3. Or, your right hip is taller than the left.
    I wouldn’t have noticed until you pointed it out.
    Love this look on you. The pockets fall just below your widest hip part and actually make your eye wander up and down instead of across.
    Back to rain here in oregon but yesterday was 70′ and gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! It’s so strange. I never noticed how off the pockets were until I took these photos. I wondered for a while if I was standing funny. But, now I’m going to go look at my hips too! I really like this (these) dresses and have gotten good wear out of them. My coworker went and bought something similar in gray because she liked the style so much. We had slight snow sprinkles yesterday. But, it promises to be mid 70s this weekend and back down to mid 50s next week. So, fingers crossed!

    1. It’s so snuggly! This pattern was my first real inkling about Indie patterns. It’s a good pattern I have to say.

    1. Thanks, Aileen! What I’d suggest here is paying attention to pocket placement πŸ˜„

  4. No wonder you made 2 of these in quick succession!!! Love the pocket detail and it actually DOES make you look smaller there as the eye cannot see the actual outline of you and assumes you are smaller beneath the pocket. You might think about cutting the pocket length of grain for less horizontal stretch next time.

  5. It looks great and super comfy! Feeling the need for one myself for this winter! I really like the drape of the pockets too, in my opinion it adds to the design.

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