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Finished: Bamboo/Cotton Machine Knit Sweater and Maryland Sheep and Wool


I’d started this sweater  last summer but ran into some rather unsightly dropped stitches and a holey short rowed neckline. So, I’d put it aside until this year I wanted something new to wear to the 2018 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

IMG_20180507_092933I didn’t get to go last year because it was the summer of A THOUSAND WEDDINGS and we were out of town (Jordan’s friends. The joke is mine are divorcing and his are just getting started.) Anywho, I made it a priority to go this year and I got this beauty to wear.

IMG_20180507_092853~2 No real pattern. I wanted to play a bit more with Cochinelle’s Garment Designer and my ability to draft. What I do like about this sweater is in general fit is exactly what I wanted. I LOVE the depth and shape of the scoop neck. I like how my hems are done. But, I don’t like my sleeves.


I wanted more of a lantern and they are more triangular. I think  I can fix that in another version if I come back to this (and what I want may not work with a dropped shoulder).


Shoulder seaming

The yarn was purchased on a visit to Tokyo Central when I was in Bali in 2016.

It’s really crochet thread per the labeling. But, it worked beautifully in my standard bed knitting machine. It’s so draper and soft– I think I’ll get a lot of wear from it this summer.


Ravelry notes with all the same information are here 


As for Sheep and Wool, I bought far, far less than I did in 2016. In part because I have yarn from 2016 that I haven’t knit.  And, I went with a list this year.


I got enough to make a black version of my Corvid Coat (it’ll be my third time knitting this one). I also bought some yarn with the colors of the Maryland Flag for a hat for me and a few tools.


I was looking for interesting shawl pins that aren’t too artsy and more modern. But, I didn’t manage to find anything.

IMG_20180504_172404  Definitely the best part is the social aspect! Claudine came down from  New Jersey and met Jeannie and I for drinks at a cocktail bar in town.

Truth: I love running into fellow bloggers and Instagram friends. It makes our community feel "real" when you meet people in the flesh. @lladybird came to Baltimore for the weekend and we hit the #marylandsheepandwool festival with my friends @dearestlizzie (not a knitter. There for the herding sheepdogs and spectacle) and @sfumatara (sews and knits a little).. . . In our first hour we met @sierraburrell and we were so tickled! Especially because as a veterinarian she reminded us to wash our hands after handling all the baby sheep 😄. I saw a few students including @oceanicknits and my favorite redhead — that's above Prince Harry even — @ms.knitsalot (2). . . . And, finally we met @kspuryear and Johanna (of "the sewing machine museum" as nicknamed by @peterlappin) who came up and gave me the BEST, most helpful recommendation to get my Single Girl Quilt long arm quilted (3). I left #mdsw full from kettle corn and warm from seeing old friends and meeting new peeps.

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We also hosted Lauren (Lladybird) and my friend Liz came along too. It was just a great weekend all together!



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  1. Next year! I decided NOT to go this year and spent the entire weekend whining at myself. That dropped shoulder looks good. Not a sentence I ever thought I’d write.

  2. I could find no other way to contact you. Would like to ask you questions about your Rebecca bra. Could you please email me? Thanks.

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