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Jalie 3889, The Mélanie Kimono Robe

Next to being on the Cashmerette Ipswich pattern cover, testing the Summer 2018 Jalie patterns was the biggest sewing secret I’ve had for MONTHS. I’m so happy I can share some of my projects with you. I don’t test often because there are so many things I want to sew for me. Testing well takes time and resources and I’m not generally in the habit of giving either away. But, I’ll test for friends when I can work it out because I love them and want them to succeed. Testing also helped me realize I needed to get better organized this year with my sewing. Between work, teaching and testing it was imperative I not suffer from pattern indecision.

Jalie Kimono Stars -65 Am I ever glad I didn’t miss out on the kimono trend! I’d sort of skimmed past a lot of these toppers the last year or so because they were TOO kimono or a a bit too “clothing as art” retired lady. But, when I had the chance to make up the new Mélanie Kimono from Jalie Patterns I could really see its potential as a beginner sewing class pattern to teach. And, I ended up with an easy to assemble, straight forward kimono pattern that I ADORE. I’ve been wearing this topper all over town the last two months.


Also, language lesson: How did I not know ‘peignoir’ meant ‘robe’ in French? HOW? Because I want to teach this as a beginner class — but have a few extra touches, this took a *bit* more time than sewing as drafted.

Jalie Kimono Stars -89

First, I used French seams throughout. While the seam allowance is 3/8″ I went ahead and used 1/2″ seams for this. The fit is generous enough that the 1/4″ (total) difference doesn’t show.

Jalie Kimono Stars -109

And, I made a clean finish for my hems with a double turn under. The pattern has single folds for the hems.

Jalie Kimono Stars -32

This pattern is great. No interfacing needed for the pockets, neckband and waist tie which speeds up production. I was really nervous about looking like a walking piece of wearable art. But, in fact I feel really trendy but comfortable in this. This topper likely looks best with a very slim silhouette underneath. It can easily double as a robe if kimonos as daywear aren’t your thing. I like it so much and it comes together so easily I’m thinking of making one as a bridal shower gift for a friend!
Jalie Kimono Stars -19

The blue star fabric is a five-years-old Marc by Marc Jacobs yardage last used in my Webster Top. I have a scant few yards destined for a Springfield top.

Jalie Kimono Stars -78

I really like this kimono. I feel like it can work for business and pleasure. Or, lounging or some basic all-day swanning about.

9 thoughts on “Jalie 3889, The Mélanie Kimono Robe

  1. I haven’t seen a heap about Jalies new patterns but I really like your robe! The cut is interesting enough to distinguish it from all those other robe patterns out there.

    1. And there are so many kimono patterns out there, right? What I like bout all Jalie patterns is the crazy wide size range from kids to adults and the consistent drafting. This pattern in particular I like the stopped shoulder and neck bands.

  2. You certainly don’t look like retired lady with wearable art! You look comfy and on trend. I haven’t embraced the kimono trend either, but after seeing yours, I may have to get this pattern. I’m eager to see any other patterns you have tested.

    1. 😄 Thank you! I’ve lived in fear of looking like I rolled around in Chicos since I was 25.

  3. I’m such a huge Jalie fan and when their new collection was released I was all in 🙂 I ordered 4 but I didn’t order this one (now seeing yours I’m thinking I should have been for 5!) Your Kimono is beautiful and I would certainly wear it often myself. I already own a few Kimono patterns (which is why I didn’t order this one) and I’ve been meaning to make up a couple. They are just the perfect light weight coverup on a day when you don’t need a sweater but you want something to protect you from the sun and the occasional cool breeze.

    1. Somehow the entire kimono trend passed me by the first time. I do see some in my Burdastyle now that I’m looking back. But, I appreciate the lines of this one a lot. It’s not trying to be a funky top. It really feels like an homage to the original kimono.

  4. That robe is adorable. I thought that was you on the Cashmerette pattern! Looked great. You are such an inspiration.

    1. Well, thank you 😄 I was pretty terrified. But, it was a lot of fun.

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