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Summer Dress Ready: Cashmerette Webster Top / Dress

Webster Dress-3
If you don’t recognize my glasses that’s because they are my progressive lens. I’ve had them for two years and finally broke down and started wearing more often because I enjoy being able to actually see ๐Ÿ˜ญ

It feels like a minute since I made a fun summer dress. I spent last year making jeans, tee shirts and outerwear. But, this year I needed something light for our summer vacation to California. I made the Webster Top first and really honestly fell in love with it. I immediately cut out the dress version in a butterfly rayon from Cotton + Steel. I love prints. I love butterflies. Well, I probably don’t like real life butterflies because they are bugs. But, I love them rendered in fabric (when they aren’t too lifelike).

Webster Dress-10

As stated in my Webster Top review, I didn’t pay for the pattern. I picked to up back in February when I was visiting Cashmertte enterprises. All opinions are my own. And, if my house were to catch on fire I would replace this pattern in a heartbeat.

I’m really happy to have a flowy summer dress where my bra straps don’t show! I love love love the neckline. The V is deep but doesn’t show cleavage. It’s beautifully flattering.

Webster Dress-4

I did make some alterations for fit for my body. But, since they are the same as I made for the Webster Top, I’m putting alterations at the end of this post. The only thing different is I shortened my skirt by 1.5″ so it would hit just above the knee.

Webster Dress-12

For sure this my new go to summer dress pattern. It really might be an unsung hero in the Cashmerette lineup.


There is some video of it all (for the time being) on my Instagram page. If you go to my profile, under my name there’s a bubble that says “Webster Fit” or use the l

  1. The front shoulder seam were rolling forward on me. So, I lengthened the front between the shoulder and bust by 1″ and shortened the back the same amount.
  2. 1/2″ swayback adjustment. These patterns have a sway back. I just need more
  3. Protruding seat adjustment. This added some length over my bum at center back and some width at the back side seam only.
  4. 1/4″ sloping shoulder adjustment (for a total of 1/2″)
  5. This pattern is a very loose casual fit. So, I used the 14 E/F which matches my full bust measurement of 43 and graded to a 12 in the waist / hip area.
  6. The skirts was a little long on me so I shortened the hem band by 1.5″. I like a skirt that hits right above my knee.

I like that this pattern has an all-in-one-facing. That means no flipping out.

25 thoughts on “Summer Dress Ready: Cashmerette Webster Top / Dress

  1. Donโ€™t you look smashing! Nice dress and I agree, that vee neck looks great.

  2. This was one pattern I really considered buying and didn’t snag it but may have to eventually. I really like the vibe of this! And it looks great on you.

  3. Ooh! I love the butterflies, so pretty! Very cute and flirty for summer, I can see why you might want a few more of these. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just can’t do dresses in the summer, so.much.chafing. ๐Ÿ™

    1. Two words: bike shorts. I wear cotton bike shorts under my summer dresses Imstii stay cool and no chafing.

  4. This is lovely on you. Incredibly flattering and cool for California or the really humid summer in Baltimore!

  5. Ooh, its so pretty. I love the back detail and think it looks even better as a dress than it did as a top.

  6. Perfect dress for vacation. It looks really good on you! I have a question about the sway back comment as mine seems to look deeper than ever. How did you adjust for it ? Thanks

  7. Beautiful! It looks great on and looks comfy. I really like the back neck detail.

  8. I love your dress, I used to make so many just like it. Had to laugh about your comment about bugs, we have so many of them at our cottage by the river. Right now the bug we are fighting is ticks. The bugs here are so numerous this summer, worse than normal.

  9. What a geat fit You look so cute. Are you about a 12 to 14? If so I want and Need to make this dress to fit my somewhat curvy shape. After 50 IT goes on but does not come off so easily. Thanks for the showing. Pegeth

  10. I love the way the dress looks on you. I have been looking for a pattern with this look. I was wondering where you got the pattern? Would love to nmake one.

    1. You can buy it direct from the Cashmerette website if your local fabric store doesn’t carry the line.

  11. What a cool pattern and fabric and you look so confident! The back detail really is darling and I bet you are wishing by now that you had more than one of these dresses for your trip! Great job with your alterations…great fit!

    1. This is the highest of high praise! I’m really happy with the fit. While on vacation I bought fabric for another dress. But, kind of want to use it for more of these. It really fills a wardrobe hole for me.

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