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Jalie Gerald Boxer Briefs:Waistband Three Ways and Functional Fly Heaven

One of the first things I ever sewed for my husband were boxer briefs from Jalie 2327. I’ve probably made him a dozen pairs over the last five years. While I liked the pattern and he’s worn them a lot, there were tweaks I needed to make to the original. I found that the pouch was a little too flat. I also thought the pattern worked better with a gusset. And, while I have a large stash of men’s underwear elastic, I know it’s hard for some people to come by. The only complaint though that my husband had is he wanted a functional fly.


Honestly, I had no idea men actually used the fly, I thought it was purely decorative! I did some reading and found out that not only can it be more convenient for men in the bathroom, the extra layers of fabric help with moisture absorption after they use the toilet. I did ALL this research while on the hunt for boxer briefs with a functional fly and just didn’t find one that worked. Finally, I emailed Jalie’s Emilie on a lark back in December and suggested they make a men’s boxer with a function fly and she said I was going to be very happy with the new collection.


I’ll be gosh danged if they didn’t have a new brief with not only a new-to-me horizontal fly, but also a gusset, and far more shapely pouch. It was literally every single thing I would have changed about their earlier patterns I got to test this new pattern and it’s now Jordan’s favorite.


I’ll add here that I have tried another men’s brief on the sewing pattern market that has a functional fly. I used it a few years ago and honestly I hated it. I can’t remember if it had a gusset or not. But, the fit and shaping were horrendous. I never blogged it because if it wasn’t on a model, you couldn’t tell. And, Jordan doesn’t model underwear. But, I think if you go back and look at the pattern envelope for this company you’ll see that it doesn’t fit their models well either.

I tried stuffing this one with a sock so show how much more shape the pouch has. You’re welcome.

The pattern is drafted to use regular elastic on an encased waistband. But, lookswise, an exposed elastic is my preferred waistband treatment as it looks closest to ready to wear. The only change I made to the pattern was to reduce the rise of the front/back and the shield by 5/8″.


The star elastic was purchased on our honeymoon in Bruges, Belgium. I tend to buy underwear elastic whenever I see it.


And the traditional elastic is from Jolee’s outside of Kansas City.

Below I tried it with the as drafted elastic at the top, a Dritz sports elastic in the middle and the exposed elastic waistband last.


As much as Jordan likes his new briefs, he politely declined to model them for my blog. But, in honor of these shorts and it’s usefulness, we’ve named this year old bodyform Gerald. This bodyform has come in so handy for modeling and evaluating garments. If we ever move out of this house I’m going to get a full size one for myself.


I LOVE this pattern. I made four pairs for Jordan in short order and will continue to production sew them for him a few times a year. And, someday I may even vary up the fabric. I’m sad to report I’m at the tail end of my Under Armour underwear fabric. It’s so sad! I used to buy it locally. But, the vendor said they got too big and stopped returning his calls. I of course now wish I’d bought it by the bolt when it was available.

13 thoughts on “Jalie Gerald Boxer Briefs:Waistband Three Ways and Functional Fly Heaven

  1. Very nice underwear. This is the type fly/pouch combo my DH likes in his RTW. Nice to know there is a pattern now if I’m ever so moved.

    1. Yeah, this horizontal fly was new to me. But, I’m told it works very well. After I saw the design I did notice it more on RTW.

  2. I have never made my husband underwear, and I don’t think I want to start doing that yet. But I may have to reconsider. These look so good! Have you made underwear for yourself out of under armour fabric? I need something that will help me with “the sweats” in my own underwear drawer!

    1. I have made ALL the sewn underwear I have from the and it’s excellent for ‘the sweats’. I love it for working out and in the summer too! I just need to get my hands on more of it. An ex boyfriend works there now. But, he hasn’t been inclined to help me out, lol.

  3. You thought they didn’t use the fly!! LOL!! I was raised with no boys/brothers, so I didn’t know how, but I knew they used it!! :o)
    They look really nice. My husband and boys are too picky to quit RTW briefs. So I won’t be making any. :o(

    1. I swear to you I thought it was decorative!! My dad wears those old school white briefs and it never occurred to me that fly was usable until my husband asked for some.

  4. I’m still laughing over the sock filling!!!! My first husband wore JC Penney’s white briefs until all that was left of them WAS the elastic waistband. I might try to tempt Mr. Mole into trying some form fitting ones like these. Thanks for sharing and the laugh!

    1. I once bought a vintage Stretch and Sew to make some old school JC Penny style briefs for my husband. I got a resounding ‘no’. I think the boxer briefs let him feel like he has Marky Mark abs.

  5. LOL, both my hubby and son (age 21yr) have been adamantly clear – a functional fly is non-optional. And a horizontal fly? I’d never seen such a thing. Interesting…. my hubby is too set in his ways to even consider trying them, but my son might…

  6. What a coincidence! Just yesterday my husband the superiority of the horizontal fly with me. His usual mid-range Australian brand seems to have side opening on all their smart styles so he opted for the old man version; he chose black so they actually look fine.

    We checked the web and found that very many men prefer the horizontal fly.

  7. I admit to laughing out loud to your being at the “tail end” of your Under Armour underwear fabric. 🙂 Thank you so much for this review, as this pattern arrived here today! My 8 y/o loves this style and my husband loves this style especially when he runs. Sourcing the underwear elastic is on my to do list, so thanks also for mentioning Jolee’s. I, as well as they, will prefer the flat, exposed elastic. I love the one pattern covers such a large range of sizes. Now to figure out fabric. Have you checked eBay?

  8. I live in the Kansas City area and have never heard of Jolee’s. Tried Googling and can’t find anything. We are desperate for options for materials other than JoAnn’s. Any links or address to the place?

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