Updating Blog / Republishing Posts

Hi! I’ll be republishing my last year’s worth of blog posts. They were deleted when I changed from a business WordPress plan to a regular free plan. Thanks to the Feedly, I can pull all my old posts — minus photos. And will be reposting them here.

Sorry for all the updates you’re about to receive!



    • They’ll be missing photos for a while, so possibly not that interesting. Hoping I saved the pictures to Flickr and not on the business platform.

  1. Looking forward to them! I really enjoy your posts .. and empathizing with
    the recent machine re-adoption saga .. ;(. But, wishing you so much fun, joy
    thrills, patience in your new home .. especially that fantastic sewing loft .. lucky girl!
    Enjoy every stitch and rearranging of it all .. settling in as it feels home takes time.
    I sent you this link months ago, not sure you received as there’s no place to write
    comments on your site anymore. Is that by your design? The only place I can
    find to post comments is on the FAQ page, which is kinda weird. The site for
    activewear, Under Armour, wicking fabrics, etc.

    Be sure to check out Deals.

    Happy new home!
    All the best,

    • Thank you, Joy! I made myself ignore the recent UA sale at Fabricmart because my stash is bulging. But, then my husband wore his UA coldgear shirt to run and it made me think I should restock *a little*, lol. Thanks for the tip!

    • Thank you! It came as a bit of a surprise to me myself, lol. I had upgraded to a business account to be able to download and link old photos from Photobucket. I didn’t realize anything I did under the business platform would go away if I didn’t renew. Lesson learned!​

      • Even though you have free WordPress you can have a “.com” URL instead of “wordpress.com”?

        • I pay $30 or so for a custom URL. A business platform is $300 annually. But, allowed me to use some plugins to port Photobucket photos over. I’ve probably lost those photos now too. But, Photobucket also wanted $300 a year to keep them on my blog.

    • Thank you! I found out the hard way. I wanted to check alterations I made on something. And realized the last year of posts were gone :-/ I should probably start keeping notes someplace else too.​

  2. I cross post on WordPress and Blogger for this reason. I’m sure I’m violating some agreement somewhere. Although, I start on Blogger and copy to WP, it’s the same insurance policy. For similiar reasons, I got a separate hard drive to back up my photos and illustrations. That would kill me for sure. I don’t know if the PDF patterns or the kids photos would hurt me more to lose. I mean, I still have the kids.

  3. Hi Celie, something I’m working on today reminded me of your dilema. A possible solution I found should work for free wordpress sites. The solution is to set your blog to private, republish those posts, and then set it back to public. This will get those posts back up without sending out notices to all your followers.

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