More pull on pants, Burdastyle 4-2011 #139


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*Worn with Cashmerette Springfield Top (cropped).

Last summer I put on my big girl panties and finally made some pants. I have successfully made pants in the past. But, the last few years my changing body and expanding bottom made sewing pants REALLY unappealing to me. But, I couldn’t get through summer (or life really) without a single pair of non jeans in my closet.


The result were these tobacco linen pants from Burdastyle (Plus) that I wore twice a week. When I made that version, I left off the bottom leg band detail as I wanted to just focus on getting the fit right. And now after having worn those to pilling inner thigh,  and an upcoming American Thanksgiving to be spent in Key West with my inlaws, I knew it was time to make another pair and take a stab at the tab.


Let me just say that my Burdastyle language skills are SLIPPING. The first time I read the bottom band / tab directions they made ZERO sense to me. The magazine may as well have been explaining Fortnite. Nine hours later I looked at the instructions again and saw a glimmer of what they were asking me to do. The next morning when I decided to *try* the instructions, it became crystal clear. There is a tab *inside* the band attached to elastic. The tab comes out through the band from a vertical buttonhole. Two buttons on the band allow you to adjust the width of the leg opening. I believe the leg opening is 22″ wide and the elastic I cut was about 16″. It’s a really cute detail that is totally lost in this red linen.

You’re welcome.


Other pattern changes from the first time? I found that the crotch on the tobacco pair hung a littler lower than I wanted. I think this is a bit of personal choice for me. I don’t want my thighs to touch AT ALL. And, I’m really used to the fit of snug jeans. So, on this pair I reduced the rise by 1/2. Previously in making this pair, I also lowered the waistband and lowered the pockets plus some other tweaks for fit. I still prefer a 2″ wide waistband on elastic wasit pants too.


Finishing wise, I decided to do a flat fell seam at the crotch and inside leg. As I mentioned before, my pants get a lot of wear and tear. I’m hoping that this treatment stabilizes the seam and will be more durable.

I legitimately could wear these pants all summer. So, don’t be susprised when it starts warming up on the east coast to see me wearing a rainbow of linen.




  1. Thanksgiving celebration in Key West – lucky you! These pants look so chic and comfortable. And the fit is great while not being too constrictive. Eat that extra piece of pie and have a great time! Think of us in the much more northern climes freezing our nunu’s off.

    • It was SUCH a good Thanksgiving. And the right timing too. The temps were in the 80s and the water was warm enough to get into. Definitely beat the cold rain happening back home that week!

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  2. If you don’t already have that first picture printed out and framed on your husband’s desk or nightstand, I think you should.

  3. I’ll give you an amen on not wanting any part of your thighs touching–I hate that feeling (which is why I’m not a big fan of dresses–well that and my lack of ladylike, though how important is being ladylike when your thighs touch halfway to your knees anyway?!) The tricky part is finding that perfect balance between tight enough the thighs don’t touch and loose enough they don’t try to slice you in half when you sit down.

    So yeah, these pants are an absolutely GORGEOUS color, and they look super comfy! No judgement here if you want a whole drawer full of them. 🙂

  4. Great pants. They make me wish I had purchased that Burda issue. I think you were wise to make the tobacco pair without the bottom cuff and tucks. You are right in saying they would be less noticeable, much more wardrobe friendly for work. Your third muslin was great. I am not sure I would have your patience but one of these days, I will try pants/slacks. I am at an age where I also prefer elastic waists. I thank you for sharing this great post and the one on the tobacco pants -great inspiration.

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