Sweatshirt Alternative: StyleArc Carlsson Sweater

Non IG photo of my Carlsson sweater.  Bonus photo of hubs.

Earlier this year in the deepest throes of a Baltimore winter and a fairly empty new home,  I whipped up two versions of the StyleArc Carlsson Sweater. Due to extreme laziness, I never posted them on my blog. I’m sharing today because they are in the color ranges I posted about earlier this week, and because if my blog is a record of my sewing, I should post, right? (Also means I have like four more things I need to get on here).


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Second and favorite Carlsson Sweater! I'm not usually a neutrals person. But, these camel, brown and beige wool jerseys look like caramel to me (Could take or leave chocolate, mostly leave. But, caramel? Would dive into a vat of it).⁣ ⁣ I sewed a size 14 based on my upper bust measurement. The ease of the pattern could generally accommodate my bust, hips and butt. If you're a smaller lady, you may want to size down. This has a boxy fit, which I like for it. Normally I'd go up to a 16 at the hip and 18 at the thigh. I made no other alterations! There is no side seam, so I didn't feel like futzing with it for my usual FBA, swayback, full seat adjustments. And a dropped shoulder is never gonna be wrinkle free.⁣ ⁣ I LOVE these tops in a thicker knit. My test version was in a lightweight ponte and it doesn't hold up. But, with the wool jersey, it has body and the color blocking provides visual interest.⁣ ⁣ Since my top loading washing machine from the early 90s likes to eat fabric, I'll be handwashing these. A few of you have asked where to buy wool jersey. I buy it whenever I see it on sale. It's a pricey fabric for sure. These are all maybe 10 years old from @afabricplace in Baltimore. I also find it @fabricmart, @SRHarrisfabric in Minneapolis, Jomar in Philadelphia and full price at Mood Fabrics in New York.⁣ ⁣ Finally, where am I going to take photos when we get living room furniture? 🙃⁣ ⁣ #CarlssonSweater #StyleArc @stylearc

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The good news about this pattern is it is VERY forgiving in size. I made a size 14 using my upper bust measurement. There is enough ease in the garment with a boxy fit, that I didn’t need a FBA and was disinclined to grade out for my hips (I should be a 16/18 there). Now having worn it for almost a year, I might back a full seat adjustment JUST to get the slouch as originally intended in the garment.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 11.48.51 AM


I love the browns and tans of my second version above. I feel very stylish and put together in it. The first version feels a bit more casual with the gray and yellow, but the color combo is marvelous. The fanciest person I know always compliments me when I wear the yellow version too. I’d add that this likely started me on my ‘wear more yellow path’ as I think of it as a summer color, and here I am bopping along with it in the dead of winter.


I did make a green muslin version and I realized I DESPISED that color on me. IMHO, this garment also just works best when it’s colorblocked.  In a solid, it’s just kind of blah.


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Let's talk about 'house clothes'. I don't know if this is a Carribbean thing or a southern thing. But, growing up we had a few sets of clothes. School clothes, church clothes, house clothes (and house clothes aren't pajamas). House clothes were items you wore at home. You didn't wear them to play in outside, because those got dirty and worn out. They weren't quite school clothes, because you took those off as soon as you got home and put on house clothes. This is my muslin of the @stylearc Carlsson Sweater. I made it from a lime green ponte in my stash. This isn't my color, too bright for my personal taste, so it was ideal for a muslin which I can later wear around the house. I muslined the Carlsson because the 14 (based on my upper bust) had 6" of ease at the full bust and 4" at the hip. Normally I'd grade up to a 16 or 18 at the thigh. Even when garments have enough ease, I still tend to do an FBA because I am a rule follower and despise drag lines. Anywho, I didn't make any of my usual alterations (swayback, narrow shoulder, full seat) so I could see if they were needed. Seems no! And I'm okay with a test run garment I can still get use out of. Also, it helped me see that this works better with color or texture blocking to show off the style lines. So my next version will do just that. Back to house clothes. I'm not a 'fixer' of garments after I've made them. I'd rather just start over and do it right. I also try not to just throw things out. If it's wearable, they become house clothes. If they are impractical for the house, I give them to friends. This absolutely comes from a place of privilege. I have friends 😉 and I have enough fabric that they are often not precious. Plus, it's my hobby so I also enjoy the making. Ok! Next two versions are in process. #carlssonsweater

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Ok! What’s next to catch up on? I never did post the bomber jacket I made for Jordan last winter. Or the sweater I knit for him. Or my two sets of summer pajamas. Will I? Who’s to say? But, it would make an annual wrap up much easier, wouldn’t it?



  1. Get with it! You’ve got some posting to do; enquiring minds want to know – LOL. I’m with you, the second version of your sweatshirt is in really flattering colors. The camel looks kinda peachy on my monitor, but whatever, it looks very pretty. This is a great sweatshirt alternative. Thanks for sharing this pattern.

    • I had to hold myself back from that sale! I have one of their coats in my ‘to start’ list for winter. Will I get to it? That’s a whole other question!

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  2. I’m glad you’re posting – I check IG and FB so rarely that I never know what anyone online is up to. But my feed reader is always there to help me procrastinate.

    Both sweatshirts are lovely!

    • I’ve missed feeling like I get to “know” people on Instagram vs blogs. Plus, I go back to read my notes on IG and they just aren’t as detailed as an online journal. So, a return to blogging it is!

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