Style Arc Besharl Jacket


I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of my Style Arc Besharl Jacket I sewed back in February. I was looking for a casual topper in my size to mimic the looks ofJasika’s elegant green Artemis Jacket. This pattern was doubly influenced by Jasika. She gifted me this material from her color palette clean out. It’s perfect for me!

I made this one up in a size 16, graded the hips out by 4″/ two sizes and added length at center front for a bit of a FBA as I didn’t want the center front riding up. I also had a thought of wanting to wear it belted closed, and for that I needed to make sure the center front met easily.


Construction was extremely straightforward, I made most on my serger since it was a last-minute vacation sew back in February.  My only complaint is the pockets. They are too far back to really stick your hands in. I’d do welt pockets closer to the front if I make this again. For the pockets, I used knit tricot as my pocket bag so they are nice and lightweight and don’t pull the garment out of shape.⁠


Styling thoughts / Curated Closet:⁠
I want to be person who wears separates so there’s more mileage out of my wardrobe. This jacket works for dress up and down. For my build, I’m at my best in this when the garment underneath is a more figure-hugging and visually ends at my waist, otherwise it totally converts my figure 8 body into a rectangle. My husband is the first to call something ‘boxy’ on me, but told me I looked cute when I wore this to dinner — when we still went out for dinner, lol.

I can see myself making this over and over, just gonna skip the pockets altogether or make welt pockets closer to the front hip vs side seam.




  1. Hey! You wear it well. Flattering color too. and It works with getting dressed up to go to a fine function and everyday with a girlfriend or lunch w hubby. Very pretty!

  2. This is way too pretty on you not to wear often. For that I would need convenient pockets – perhaps you have scraps enough for welts.

  3. such a pretty jacket and it should totally be worn, very often. Thanks for sharing your lovely makes, hope you are well in your world…Abby

  4. Glad you love stylearc, they are really well drafted patterns. They are my goto patterns for both women and men. Great size range and easy to modify adding or removing features. The fit is also fantastic. My only negatives are: the instruction suck really bad, and they don’t put finished garment measurements on their patterns or only put it for size 10. Hope you get a lot of wear out of it.

  5. I think it looks really nice and agree that it dresses up or down. I’m still learning to size and fit for my figure, so this is encouraging.

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