Fall 2020 Sewing Plans/ Summer 2020 Recap


I feel pretty good about what I sewed this summer. There was one dress I didn’t get to, but a few unplanned extras that I sewed. I’ll go over those at the end, but right now I want to talk about my fall sewing plans. Long post incoming…

I’m counting fall clothing as September through November. So these are items that are transitional to winter. For winter, I hope/ want to just work on either clothes for Jordan, colorful machine knitwear and one winter coat. I hope.

Inspiration: “Call My Agent” or “Dix Pour Cent”. It’s a French show airing on Netflix here in the US that I’m currently binging. It’s set at a talent agency in Paris and I guess it just makes me feel like I’m traveling a bit. I went to France one time as a child in middle school, so my memories are faint. When we were stationed in Germany, my mom would sign us up for these $90 bus trips to other European countries. I have stronger memories of not sleeping well on the bus that I do of the places we went. I used to complain as a kid about having to give up my weekends and spring breaks for these excursions. But, now I’m so grateful for the experiences! As for Paris, I recall actual chestnuts roasting over drums for sale, trying to read a map and getting my mom and I to the Eiffel Tower. I remember it was BITTERLY cold as we were there for New Year’s Eve.

Was especially inspired by this coat in the first episode

So why is this inspiring me? After working on figuring out what I like and what looks good on me, I have to admit that high contrast black and white is a great combo. I’ve also bought so much black, gray and navy over the years to have “neutrals”, then never sewed them. “Call My Agent’s” cast mostly wears black, navy, white, grey with some camels. They rewear pieces that define the character and so much seems to mix and match. I figure “forcing” myself to work with some darker basics will give me a platform for wearing the brighter colors I’m drawn to.

Great example. Neutrals with an oversized and bright scarf

Here’s what I hope to make:

L to R: Vogue cape in red melton wool, Burdstayle Shirtdress (black, gray, white plaid), StyleArc Phillipa Peplum, Cashmerette Montrose in black splatter (Might make tulip sleeves), Olive green trench coat, Jalie Renee Ponte pants (three colors), and a Burdastyle skirt (in same ponte as the Phillipa).

Ambitious, right? I don’t know that I will get to all of them, but I hope. What will help is that I’ve made all but two of these items before. I’ll need to trace different sizes, but there shouldn’t be any construction or fit surprises. I’m starting with the pants as they can be worn with almost everything. And I need them to mostly for working from home this fall into winter when it cools off.

Now, my summer recap.

Here’s a check in of what I completed

L to R: McCalls Aviary shirtdress, two Simplicity linen shift dresses, V-neck Cashmerette Springfield, Vogue skirt, two Burdastyle dolman striped tops, Burdastyle Olive green linen pants (not picutred), and a way too low cut Burdastyle red gathered tee shirt.

Overall I’m pretty happy with what I made this summer. Colors were all from the Bright, Cool, Deep palette. If they weren’t in my “red, white, and blue” personal palette, they coordinated with something else in my wardrobe or could work of my personal palette colors. I mostly went more casual clothing once I got my head out of the sand and could think about making clothes and not masks.



  1. Thank you for resuming posting on your blog. When I first found your blog, it was an inspiration to me to return to sewing. I am always excited to ready what you share.
    My very best regards.

    • Thank you, Mel! I appreciate hearing that. I obviously got out of the habit. But, missed the community and having a place to keep things straight and get into more detail than IG. I was letting a lack of “nice” photos stop by from blogging.

  2. great summer projects and great Autumn plans. I don’t usually think of tv shows for sewing inspiration, but will rethink!

    • I was deeply obsessed with Gillian Anderson’s wardrobe from “the Fall”. But, her style was this office wear look that just wasn’t going to work for my current life, lol. This one is much more approachable for me. And motivating.

    • It’s an envelope Burdastyle that bought from the German website. Number is 6192. I was going to wait until it was available in the US before doing a full review. I realllly like them.

  3. Love that cape pattern! If I had room for another coat in my closet I may make that. Show sounds interesting, I may have to watch it. Also a fan of Gillian Anderson’s look in The Fall. I’d take another season of that one!

  4. In your later-in-life travels have you shopped consignment or charity shops for garments that show different construction techniques than we typically use in the US? Here in USA, I have found what appear to be home-sewn jackets from India, a hand-sewn kimono from Japan that look quite different on the insides from how we would sew them. Do you bring back such artifacts? Could you share pics?

  5. I have not purchased the Jalie Renee Pants yet but I have three pontes fabrics ready to go for that pattern. I enjoy reading a review and plans. I have a coat planned too! That grey silk looks so gorgeous!

  6. Oh, I love, love, LOVE 10%! Best French thing on Netflix in decades. Did you know that every one of the agency’s client is in real life a very famous French actor? The older the famous-er. And the most fun part is that they play caricatures of themselves, terribly exagerated versions of their personas, and clearly have a lot of fun at it. So you’re getting a capsule of French cinema starting at the tail end of the new wave here, even though that’s not explained explicitly.

    Can’t wait to see your interpretation of Camille’s coat, which I like a lot too. My favortie bit about her character is when she’s feeling really wigged out, and she just grabs the slice of brie off the table and starts eating it. No froufy slice of artisan bread, no silverware or even knife, she just bites into it, and keeps yelling with her mouth full. Before this, she got famous for a series called ‘la connasse’, a candid camera offshoot where she goes around Paris, acting like a typical Parisian asshole,. Does that sooo well :-). Here’s her channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9pMVYECjwV5ot1KV70Asdw and here’s the English tutor one that probably doesn’t need a translation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv8pHWkBeEY

    But really one thing I love about this is how it really shows Paris. You know how most American movies show you mostly indoor scenes, with a flash of a cliched monument here and there? Or you’re going along the Champs Elysees and boom! the Sacre Coeur, 90o off reality. In 10% they go out the door, they get on their moped, they follow a street, they get to where it really leads. It’s a real pleasure for a Parisian heart…

    • I have a question for you!! Oh, I’ll have to go back and get the actors name. But, the Black male actor doing the period drama in the first or early second season. He made a comment about the actress making fun of his accent. I would love to know what his accent is. I wasn’t sure if there is a French version of American Black Vernacular. Or if he just sounded country, etc etc.

      After reading your comment, I watched “Call My Agent” differently. Now I’m OBSESSED with the outside scenes. I feel like I’m getting to really see Paris.

  7. Travel no matter how little we have been able to do enriches our lives and adds to our creative spirit. Your creations always inspire and showcase your sewing skills while I envy your fabrics! Longing for cooler weather!

  8. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you’ve made this summer! I’m also really enjoying seeing you exploring the color palettes and building those up from neutrals to something that includes more colors. I was inspired to look at the system and I have to admit I fell down the rabbit hole a bit and ordered some of the swatch books. It’s making me realize that I also have a dearth of neutrals in my wardrobe (ok, let’s be honest – between starting a new desk job/pandemic/stress/work from home life very few of my clothes fit anymore so we can really just call it a dearth of a wardrobe in general…) but seeing everything you are making is also inspiring me to get back to sewing actual clothes that I can wear… sometime… when I can go out again.

    Also love your fall/winter plans – I’m excited to see what you come up with!

    • Oh, I’m so happy to read this!! I know the swatches work for me and might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, it helped me start to understand color tone and shades better. Limiting my palette has also just helped my wardrobe come together. I am with you. A lot of my clothes just don’t fit anymore. I have no idea when I’m back in an office so I needed different kinds of clothes. I look forward to hearing any updates you’ll have!!

  9. Hi,

    Hope you are well. Like your completed sewing projects. Been trying to reach you on Raverly in regard to yarn. Do you still log into Raverly?


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