Stripey, 80s Dolman: Burda Style 6192 and a Burdstyle Plus Puffy Sleeve Tee

Burdastyle 6192

How did I decide to try a decidedly 80s style top? Well, I read that dolman sleeves were great for highlighting your waistline. Mine has been getting thicker, but still there. So I thought this would be a nice style departure and let me explore a different look. At the time of writing this post, this Burda 6192 pattern hasn’t been released in the US yet with the Burda Style Fall/ Winter 2020 collection. So I purchased it as a PDF and downloaded from the German site.

The patterns themselves have English on them (as well as Russian, French and German). The instructions though, those were all in German. And, I have confirmed that unlike the US pattern envelope patterns, there are no seam allowances added to these.

Ok. Sizing. This is meant for a woven, so I went down one size. I honestly could probably done two. I also found I needed to take in the hip band by 4″ total so it sat on my hip, rather than slide down like a dress.

Alterations: None of my usual. This is so loose and a knit, what is there to alter? But, once I wore the first time, I could see the drape wasn’t as deep as I would like and the neck was so wide — my bra straps showed.

I have to say the design of this top is really unique and made more interesting with stripes. There are three pattern pieces. Center, side bodice and hip band. The side bodice piece incorporates the back and sleeves, so it’s a bit of origami to construct. I’d wanted a dolman top with a sleeve seam, specifically to play with stripes.

So on my second version, I added 3″ total to the neckline at center front, tapering to nothing at the hip. I closed up the neck by 1″ on each side and also took it in at center back by 2″ total. Below, you can see that the drape is deeper than designed and I don’t have to worry about my bra straps showing.

Version 2.0

Is this a garment that highlights what I consider to be my better parts? Nope. Is it comfortable and a good work from home/ casual fall top? Yes.

I also sewed this Burdastyle Plus 06-2010-139 top pattern over the summer. The puff sleeve and ruched knit top is adorable. I am never sure with Burda is their knit block is just off and oversized (maybe they use a woven block?) or because we have no idea what percentage knit that the pattern is drafted. I found the neckline too deep by 2″ (hence the cami) and I had to take in the sides about 4″ to avoid sad droopy gathers at the front. 10/10 will be making it again next summer.

Next… knit pants that aren’t leggings (because leggings aren’t pants).



  1. I’ve followed your posts for a while, and the dolman striped top is you, girl. It really seems to enhance your figure, and is probably very versatile for everyday cuteness.
    You have made some great patterns, but this one is yours, hands down!

    • I just shimmied, lol. Thank you! I think the stripes are good because they are high contrast which works well with my coloring. The dolman does what I read it would! Even big and fluid, it falls nicely. I would never have tried this if I hadn’t read it dolmans were good for highlighting waistlines.

  2. I like the dolman top style on you and in general. What about making the stripe go on the bias for the front panel??

  3. I LOVE a dolman sleeve – and I’ve tried many times but I haven’t yet found a block that works for me. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Style Arc does a couple of garments in this style btw.

    • I’m going to admit I got strangely overfocused on some technical design aspects of a dolman. I wanted something where the sleeves were really deep and a different pattern piece / seam for sleeve. Now that I’ve made this, I think the SA ones might have fit what I should ultimately make a little better.

  4. Batwings! Version 2.0 works much better than Burda’s. Nobody wants to be thinking about bra straps when in comfy mode! The stripes are perfect.

    It’s striking to see how comfortable both these tops look — even though one is loose and one fitted. Nice!

  5. Hello Renee, longtime reader/lurker, first time commenter here. Wanted to post my thanks for the dolman sleeve top review as that is something I have been looking to make this fall too, but haven’t settled on a pattern yet. The striping looks really cool. Also, that red top is just stunning on you, a fabulous colour! Well played.

  6. Hi, I like the ruched top! Your changes to the burgundy stripe top made it my favorite of the 2. Good observations. I’d be lost on fittings with those sleeves.

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