Vogue 8776: My Forever Cape in Red Double Cloth

It is well documented that I love a cape. This new red one is no different.

I first made Vogue 8776 back in 2013 from an Oscar de la Renta black and purple wool. It was glorious. I was glorious. My body has changed since I made that cape and was no longer a great fit. I’d skipped out on some finer techniques because I didn’t know better. I wanted to make this cape better, but the pattern is HARD to come by. I was lucky enough to be loaned a larger size of the pattern locally and made it up again in this red double cloth wool.

Sizing: My full bust is 46 and my upperbust 41. I couldn’t figure a way to make a FBA in this and went with the XL. It does feel a little unwieldy, but no bust closing issues. I do find it rides up at center front, but with no FBA — I expected as much. The shoulders are also a little wide. So to help the shoulder slope and line, I added raglan shoulder pads under the lining.

The original pattern is unlined. This time I used flannel back satin as a lining (purchased in bulk years ago). It’s so luxurious to take off and on and provides a little extra warmth to the body.

Pockets, I used flannel back satin on my pocket and added a facing to my pocket bags.

Hems: I used a layer of fusible interfacing and wiggan at the hems for a tailored hem. This helps keep the hem crisp and turned under nicely. I did have to catchstitch the hem facing to prevent hem flare.

Arm Slits: I added twill tape to the upper and lower slit openings. I found on my first version these got a bit stretched out with wear and tear.

Front opening: I tailored this some by adding stay tape along the opening front. This is done in traditional tailoring too. I added this because I’ve noticed my openings stretching on other coats I’ve made.

Despite my regular complaints about my short neck, I didn’t adjust the standing collar and it barely buttons closed.

This red cape is influenced by the red coat worn in the Call My Agent pilot/ premiere. Instead of Parisian black accents, I’m using cream. I bought these gloves when the TV show Scandal did a collaboration with The Limited in 2015. So perhaps I’m the French Oliva Pope!

Overall I’m really pleased with this cape. My only regret might be not interfacing more of the body, and figuring out some way to size down a bit while still accommodating my bust. Neither of those are dealbreakers and I’m thrilled to have this one back in my wardrobe.


  1. Beautiful! I love a bright coat or cape on a dreary day.

    Hope you are doing well~~


    On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 2:37 PM Miss Celie’s Pants wrote:

    > Miss Celie posted: ” It is well documented that I love a cape. This new > red one is no different. I first made Vogue 8776 back in 2013 from an Oscar > de le Renta black and purple wool. It was glorious. I was glorious. My body > has changed since I made that cape and was ” >

  2. I love your cape, and the buttons, and I Love! gloves and wear them often. The fit issues you mention aren’t noticeable to others. I hope you wear it often to brighten our world.
    If you ever do want a change, or as your glove collection grows, making removable/ changeable sets of buttons to coordinate with a variety of color gloves isn’t hard – just a small clear button behind the front ones.

    • What a FABULOUS idea! I used to have a long black pair, but managed to lose two pairs over five years. So I didn’t allow myself to buy more. But, I love the idea of this with other colors. Thank you!

  3. So sensible, glamorous and flamoyant at the same time. I adore your cape and it must be so satisfying to make one even better than your last wonderful rendition.

  4. I love your cape looks in that pretty shade of red. It looks great with the cream buttons and the gloves are a lovely touch. Thanks for sharing all of the details about the twill tape, dolman shoulder pads (did not know they existed), and wiggan (again, what is that? will have to google), and the flannel-backed satin (I need this in my life). I will definitely try to use some of these techniques on my next wool coat.

  5. You look wonderful in that cape! It looks so cheerful–like seeing a cardinal on a snowy day. I loved your first cape so much that I bought the pattern back then. Haven’t made it up since I’m intimidated by the fitting issues (but I do fondle the pattern every winter!). Mood carries Kashi, a good quality flannel backed satin.

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