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I am VERY upset

So, I wasn’t a fan of  Victoria Rowell’s Emmy dress. But, when I found out she MADE  it HERSELF I was apoplectic!!


If that isn’t homesewn, I don’t know what is. My family wouldn’t let me wear a cotton dress to a summer wedding. Yet, this is what she wears to televisions biggest night?

I don’t care if it’s the president I voted for or not. That, is no Emmy attire. If you want to go ethnic (her fabric is Ghanaian), take a cue from Sandra Oh at the SAG awards a couple years ago


This, is ethnic done right.

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Fashion Show

First, can I say that I love how IKEA is stepping up to the home sewer? Kristy and I got there early yesterday to have a look around. I mean, really, who doesn’t always need something from IKEA?

I love this ‘sewing area’ display they had set up. Complete with binders for your sewing patterns.

They are selling starter sewing kits too.

This cute, stackable storage container

I absolutely bought two storage sewlutions for the sewing room. The pattern storage solution is too heavy to get out of the car by myself. And the other has 30 pieces. So, we’ll just have to wait on it.

Also, love their use of fabric to decorate

And, the most fun thing I purchased were these two pillowcases. They are $8.99 for both.

I bought two sets and will take them apart to make sewing machine covers. Something I’ve been needing to do for a good long time now. I am even tempted to make a Weekender bag out of them too since that’s a good size for carrying my new Featherweight.

So, the fashion show was really interesting. I think Lisette, Kristy and I were absolutely checking out construction. And, not just because we sew. You can’t help but notice construction, because if it looks sloppy, you’re distracted from the design. There are 15 semifinalists and you (yes, even YOU) can vote online for your favorites.

Apparently, someone thought it would be totally funny to put my daughter in the show.

Like seriously. Can’t you imagine I would have a kid that looks like this? She strutted in an Kristy and I were shouting ‘WE LOVE YOUR HAIR’!!

This, stylistically may have been my favorite. I love the two different fabrics and the twisted bubble skirt.

Very cute / sweet look. Love the details on the neckline.

Take a look at the yellow pleating on the bodice. Lovely.

I love that this designer went all out! But, he used a black invisible zip that you could see against the white in the back of the skirt.


Again, I liked the fabric mix. Was happy it wasn’t the black and white print that most people gravitated too.

THIS was the BEST finishing I saw on anything. I love how she followed the pattern print to create those leaves. I should also say I ‘know’ the designer. As well as you know anyone from the internet that you’ve never met IRL. But, seriously, this dress was great.

The guys outfit was really basic. And, honestly, I was too distracted by all those muscles and the green eyes.

How freaking CUTE is this. I think I have a love affair for piping. Because that’s what also made me love the dress below.

I think I would have done something different with the straps on the dress on the left. And, imagine the impact if the bottom was finished like #5

The dress on the right is a basic sheath dress.

Love the dress on the right. The dress on the left was interesting because they used kind of like a sack cloth fabric. The fabric just makes the dress on the right.


So, below is what I meant about the invisible zippers in the ‘wrong’ color. That being said, maybe that was the look they were going for.

This exposed zip I loved. This is obviously on purpose.

After, I was so inspired I bought the white fabric below to go with this orange jacket that I never have anything to wear with!

Overall, lots of fun and great to meet up with Lisette. So, make sure you vote for your favorites.

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Book Review: Bringing Home the Birkin

I picked the following book for bookclub. We usually only read ‘serious’ books. But, each summer we pick a beach book. I thought this was a good summer read. Especially for those who like fashion and celebrity (umm, me). It comes out in paperback this July.
Bringing Home the Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World's Most Coveted Handbag Bringing Home the Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World’s Most Coveted Handbag by Michael Tonello

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
$25,000 for a bag? Not so crazy in the circle that author Tonello travels in. How can Hermes claim to only make 100 bags a year and put people on a waiting list? The author was able to buy five at a time and spent years traveling the world lookng for new Hermes stores to buy from. All his wares ended up on eBay or sold otherwise online. What is ingenious is how Hermes built their name and the mystique surrounding them by totally faking exclusivity. The BEST chapter IMHO is when one of his bags is taken hostage. The rest of the book felt like filler to that point.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to read something easy and light. And, this was read start to finish on a Friday evening after work. It is *not* high lit, but would be great for a marketing class.

I was impressed with the ingenuity of the author and the thrill he gained from working the system. But, to read how ravenous others were for a handbag boggled my mind.

The writing was *ok*. I did feel like the publishers asked him to throw in more about his romance and backstory to flesh out the book. I was also uncomfortable with him talking about his parent’s wealth, seemed to have little to do with the story.

I think if you’re not interested in fashion and retail, this book will annoy you. If you are interested, you will be amused.

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Frankening a Pattern

Another reason to love Burda World of Fashion (BWOF. Or BWTF when they don’t make sense). They have every pattern you could ever want. And now that I’ve got them sorted out, thumbing through was so easy! I am often stymied by too many choices. Here are the four patterns that I’m considering to make the biker jacket.

I really like the collar and sleeve zippers on this one 5-2008-119. But, I want the zipper to go all the way up through the neck. Because my neck is always cold. Probably because it’s always thrusting forward. Kind of like this:

Easy enough I think. 12-2008-119. ETA: I was googling and found this: That’s how I want to zipper to go and keep the collar I like best:

I like the front zipper placements on this one best. Including the useless one on the chest. 9-2008-113 But, I think I can’t do a lower band and I’m *not* using ribbing.

I like the princess seams on this one best and how it tapers in. 11-2005-117 This is the one Christina made, so I would want to extend it by two inches I think.

Issues to resolve: No lining. The sherpa is awfully thick when doubled. I looked online and the RTW jackets seem to have matching denim — minus the sherpa used on hem bands, etc.  I’ll use some combination of seam binding and edges finished with a double row of straight stitching

Not that I’m anywhere near tracing. But, don’t we all spend our time plotting and thinking over projects 🙂

AJ asked if I have tough biker boots to go with proposed jacket. Well, I think I do:

Israel boots,

Israel Boots

New Zealand Boots — I don’t know why I’m looking up so oddly. Hunh.  I should point on that the first pair make my toes hurt and the second Israel boots split on the side. Which would make it the SECOND pair of my three Israel boots that split on the side. And aren’t very warm. Or waterproof. The New Zealand boots were a 1/4 of the price and are better on all counts.

Original Post on the boots:

And finally, I’m wearing these boots I got in Israel over the summer. We were leaving out of Tel Aviv and stopped at the mall for dinner. While everyone got their last taste of Kosher McDonalds, I ran into the shoe store and bought three pairs of boots in less than an hour. They barely fit in my suitcase. And my co-workers who were heading back home refused to carry any back for me. So, I carted all three pairs over to Egypt for another three days. In fact, I wore a pair the entire time I was in 105 degree Egypt since my sandals took up less luggage space. Guess who’s laughing now?

I’m decidedly not laughing now

Sorry, I was confusing in my post about Seattle. The MSB’s and Lady Boutiques are not at Daiso, they are at Kinokuniya

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Would it feel like a onesie?

Last week I went out both Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday paid the price. It was a Mardi Gras themed party (hence the feather mask and beads) and I was in high heels until 2:00 a.m. Party Voice all day on Sunday I tell you what.


These outings have led me to a dilema. I don’t have a club / party outfit. Trena said she has the same problem. Not looking for anything hoochie, just a step up from jeans a cute top. You know what a lot of people were wearing? Jumpsuits and shorts. Similar to this April 2009 BWOF ditty.


I know it’s trendy and I don’t know if it would work for me. But, I may have to consider it. Although, I think I would feel like I was in a onesie.

Some of you asked about my pants sloper. I had to turn it in for my grade (I got a 94) before I could make it up again with the alterations. I now have it back and will make it up over the weekend.  Dress sloper is also turned in for a grade. I think there are some minor tweaks, but I’ll deal with them later.