New Podcast and More Organization

For some reason, Trena and I like to take tw0-year breaks between our podcasting. You would not believe how incredibly easy it is to do now! Our latest podcast is up along with show notes. From the link you can play, download, and comment. Below, you can see us mid chat via Google.

 photo 46E59FD9-5DCD-4314-9278-9100485DD13C_zps4fvtyl9c.jpg

 And, we are up on iTunes (feel free to rate our podcast there too). I’d tell you to play from the embedded player below, but it’s not available for WordPress ::shakes fist::  This time we talk about sewing machine accumulation, current projects and other assorted sewing things🙂

 photo 07A96C0C-354C-42E1-ACB8-2D64146F6FA5_zpsskih58o1.jpg

I’m still plugging away at the HP Windcheater. There is so much top stitching!

 photo 7EA12E27-7B1A-4290-98D2-5FD8A61BEF3F_zpssiwjdj3h.jpg

My great success this weekend was making a lovely sample double welt pocket using Kenneth King’s method. The one on the Windcheater has a zipper behind it too. That one is not as lovely (the lips are too small). But, I like the decorative impact with the exposed zipper.

 photo 7B7004C9-2F00-4AC4-B95F-A6E8607CBDD3_zps9crgs4ce.jpg

This weekend I also managed to finally get my thread hung on the walls!

 photo 940A0B63-516E-45E8-A20C-011017A03146_zpsnnc52c3q.jpg

 photo E22D06FE-4549-4F36-B67E-1D8D63C11462_zpsk2wdeioz.jpg

And, I bought pegboard to install between my shelves and countertop. It’s not gone up yet because I need to get some wood for framing.

 photo 9285AA8E-2CF2-4DF1-9F56-E83DDF8593BA_zpsik9u658o.jpg

Overall a productive weekend. I still have six bins of fabric that need folding. But, it’s just a slow going process🙂

After Two Years We’re Back!

Trena and I did a podcast over the weekend. I know, it’s been two full years since we’ve recorded one. According to our last entry we podcasted because we were so excited over the June 2009 Burda that we had to talk. Maybe it’s just been two years since we were blown away.

I can’t embedd the player here on WordPress. But, you can go to Podbean and use the pop up player or download.

In this episode we discuss both the May and June 2011 Burdas, changes to the website and magazine and what we’re working on now. It should automatically upload to iTunes. You can stream above or go directly to our Podbean site.

If you are on iTunes, please leave a comment / review there. We have six from about two years ago. And, we’re vain.






Episode 5: The Same Room Podcast

Here’s a recent (like made in the last two mornings before work) sewing project. I was asked to show some of my clothes in an internationally themed fashion show this weekend that I’m helping with through work. I said sure. Then, I was asked to make a couple more things. I went looking for the EASIEST pattern I could find and decided on this 8-2002-113 from BWOF with some wax print fabric from last summer’s trip to Ghana.** I was very clear that I’m not a designer and that these are made from patterns.

BWOF 8-2002-113 

It’s so adorable on that the girl modeling it this weekend bought it from me. She’s getting it tonight so I thought I would snap a quick pic. I have to tell you I didn’t charge enough (I was surprised she asked) and now I kind of want to keep it for myself. Oh well!

I’ll try and post more about it after the weekend. But, it’s generally an a- line, off-shoulder dress with a wide obi-style belt to nip in the waist and elastic at the top to create the ruffle look. Oh, and it has POCKETS!

She’s wearing a Vintage Vogue blouse and I’m wearing is 9-2003-104 BWOFthat I made last year 

Here’s Trena and I at our ‘Embassy Party’ last night (refer to podcast below). Said party served no alcohol and more importantly, had no food. They talked about the imported marble from Italy and China and all I wanted was a handful of nuts. I drove 1.5 hours in DC traffic and braved protesters and Secret Service and they can’t even give me a carrot? You cannot do that to be after work. I mean 7 to 9! Doesn’t that automatically mean you have to feed people something? I owe Trena another Embassy Party.

But, I am wearing my plaid glasses from I’m obsessed people. $16 for Burberry-like plaid prescription glasses! I’ve decided I can have as many glasses as I like at this price. Trena says I don’t buy jewelry so these can be my accessories!

Trena and I were together over the weekend and taped a new podcast. Without new BWOFs to guide us, we just decided to free associate, because that’s how we roll.
Listen on Podbean, where you can also ‘add’ to iTunes along the right.

Episode 4: The underwhelmed podcast

Edited to add: Go to the link below, scroll down to the right and hit ‘subscribe with iTunes’. That’ll keep you updated and let you download to your audio player through your computer🙂

Trena and I tried to make up for lost time with a new podcast recording (yes, we are still nameless). In this episode we discuss recent projects and the June and July 2008 BWOF.

On a positive note, I’m 75 percent done with the handsewing on my Patrones Chloe skirt! I’m sure I’ll get it done over the weekend!

A Podcast and Two Memes

Trena and I recorded our third podcast last week. In this one, we review the April BWOF (Yeah. We are a little behind.) Talk about her fabric shopping experience in Vietnam and discuss our current projects.

You can play below or download and listen here

I’ve been tagged on two memes! First, the random things meme. I was tagged by NanFlan from SewWest. And I should give six random things about me.

1. I’ve decided that someone being a good kisser or not is totally subjective. Calling someone a good kisser means they just kiss you the way you want to be kissed.

2. I used to love guacamole. Late last year it started making me sick to my stomach. Even the smell of it. Is that what pregnancy is like? I miss guacamole.

2. My oldest friend is from high school. I think this is because I moved around so much growing up an Army brat. I wish I was one of those people with life long friends.

3. I’m allergic to grass. Which makes yard work f-u-n.

4. Telling me I am articulate, asking me if my mother is a teacher or telling me I sound ‘different/white/not black’ is asking for some tooth sucking and a lecture. My parents are from the Islands and they speak the King’s English. They are both professionals with advanced degrees. I am a reflection of my parents. Grrr.

6. I’m thinking of cutting work early and getting a manicure tomorrow in time for Saturday’s gala.

I was also tagged by Carolyn. And a big thanks to Lindsay T for defining a meme. I never really knew!

1. Pick up the nearest book. Gone With the Wind (one of my favorite books. And, I’m thinking it would be pretty funny to be Scarlett O’Hara for Halloween. I’ve started rereading it after a recent Scarlett O’hara costume review on Am now on the hunt for that Butterick pattern)

2. Open to page 123. 3. Find the fifth sentence. 4. Post the next three sentences.

Men could be trusted to keep their mouths shut, even men like Mr. Butler, but with Honey Wilkes giving tongue like a hound in the field, the entire County would know about it before six o’clock. And Gerald had said only last night that he wouldn’t be having the County laughing at his daughter. And how they would laugh at her!

5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

Everyone I know has been tagged😦 That’s what I get for waiting to do mine!