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A Little Local Quilting and Some Italian Influence

A few weeks ago I attended the 100th anniversary of Baltimore’s Bromo Seltzer Tower. The structure was built in 1911 as sort of an advertisement for the Alka Seltzer like supplement. The seltzer is no longer made.  From Wikipedia: The tower is patterned on the Palazzo Vecchio in FlorenceItaly, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

I wish I knew that when I was in Florence! I’m going to have to see if I have any good photos to compare.

Once, the building had a replica blue bottle on top. But, those pesky Fire Marshalls said it needed to come down.

Now, the building is home to artist studios. To celebrate the anniversary, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts solicited quilt blocks from the crafty community. Somehow, all of this escaped me 🙂

Here are photos of the finished quilt blocks. All represent something about the Tower or Baltimore. The piecing and quilting was done by the woman in the above photo on the right. I didn’t even know she knew how to quilt and I work with her on a regular basis!

Not that I think I actually could have done an applique quilt block. I mean, really. I’ve been working on my Single Girl Quilt for two years!!

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Quilting Progress

It’s been a while since I chatted about the Single Girl Quilt — which I think I’m going to name ‘Put a Ring on It’. When I last left you, I was piecing together the circle quadrants. I ran short of fabric for the last quadrant, but Cynthia at Fabricworm has sent me a fresh shipment!!  ** All print fabric from I rather like quilting. No fitting and very therapeutic.

Today, I worked on the inner and outer background pieces.

The inside border piece is solid and shaped like a pie. The outside piece is sort of like a fingernail. When sewn to each quadrant, they form a square. Four of these squares are sewn together to form the full circle.

To cut the border pieces, I traced the template with pencil.

Using my rotary cutter, I cut the straight edges.

If you sew clothes, sewing the curved pieces will not be an issue. There is some easing involved but easy enough when pinned. I found that the border should be on top when sewing the inside so that you ease the circle and vice versa for the outside border.

Now, I just have like… 30 more to go 🙂

For those worried about my poor IKEA drawers — fear not. I heard your warning and moved them into this plastic container. This also holds four years worth plus a slew of Knip Modes.

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Cynthia’s Dress!

While I was traipsing the Pacific Northwest two weeks ago, Quilt Market was taking place in Pittsburgh. Fabricworm owner Cynthia (a blog sponsor) wore the dress I made for her (she’s on the right). She seemed to find her fabric twin while there!


Check out her blogger blog for other photos and sneak peaks of what’s going to be out soon.

Sevreal months ago I dusted off my J-School diploma and did a little interview with her.

How did you start selling fabric?

I kind of fell in to selling fabric. I initially thought I would make things to sell, and set up wholesale accounts, then realized that I really was addicted to the fabric itself, and I wanted to have every color and every print. The only way I could do that was if I were to sell it too. More on that later. Also, I was really inspired to sell fabric when I found it a little difficult to find Japanese Imported fabrics like Echino, and Kokka. I thought that it might be a good idea to sell these online, and help bring them into the mainstream more. Plus Etsuko Furuya of Echino is my Favorite Designer of all time!

How can your cottons be used in clothing choices?

I think that it can sometimes be difficult to sew garments with quilting cotton. They just don’t drape the same as rayon or polyester blends. I think that some of the Amy Butler patterns are perfect examples of ways to use fun quilting cottons in garment applications, The Anna Tunic and the Barcelona Skirt are great examples of fun garments that work well. I love the idea of simple shirt dresses like those from the fifties would work well, anything that hangs straight and can be belted for a more flattering look.

How do you choose fabric to stock in the store?

I choose the fabrics that I sell completely on instinct and truthfully, mainly personal preference. I do see everything that is coming out new, and then I decide what really suits my customer. Most of which are a similar demographic as myself. I’m a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) and many of my customers make handmade goods that they sell on Etsy, like children’s clothes, handbags, and quilts.

What are the big trends you see for spring?

As far as trends go, it really seems like a lot more of the same for now. Woodland themes, with deer, owls and mushrooms are still popular, spawning originally from Japanese Import fabrics that have become more and more popular. I think we will also continue to see a lot of bold brights and also simplified graphics. I personally would like to see more Mid Century Modern graphical prints like those from Anna Griffin’s New Line Darcey. I think a palette of charcoal, aqua, and orange would be fantastic. I’m working on a few designs of my own, and am hoping to launch my own Fabric Line when I have more free time.

How do you keep yourself from stashing fabric when it’s all around you?

Well, that’s funny, because I don’t really. I haven’t made any scrap packs, because I can’t part with them. They are the lovely offspring from my original bolts. They are my babies, I’ve claimed them as mine, and someday if I ever can find the time, I swear I will do something with them. LOL. /you really should see the stacks. I’m running out of room for sure!

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Single Girl Quilt at Pottery Barn?!?!



Sisters. Emily just sent me this bit. Pottery Barn is carrying the Single Girl Quilt by Denyse Schmidt! The twin is $299. Queen $349. Sham, $69.

If you recall, I’m working on my very own with Anna Maria Horner prints from Which, is not taking as long as I thought it would. This is a great kick to pick it up again this weekend!

Oh, and speaking of Anna Maria, she has some REALLY cute new patterns out (clothing too!) including this free quilt download .

And, haircut a great success. No photos yet. But, I’m sure over the weekend. I also didn’t have time to make up new pants and I had to turn in the pattern today. And, next week is spring break. So, the new muslin will have to wait for another week.

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Traced templates

Traced templates, originally uploaded by cidellsews.

I mentioned in my last post that this is my first time quilting using templates. I’ve always been a big fan of stripping (chortle). So, for this one, I had some quilting template at the house from a bag project.

Since I am primarily a garment sewist I was searching for as much info I could about the Single Girl Quilt and there just wasn’t that much out there. So, I’m going to blog ad nauseum about my project.

The pattern comes with the 1/4 inch seam allowance added. So, I just traced with a super fine point Sharpie. That being said, I got about 1/3 of the way through tracing the approximately 40 pieces because I ran out of template plastic.

There are a slew of coupons from the Big Box Store. So, I’ll try to get down before the weekend and pick up three more sheets so I can at least finish piecing one square.