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I have never been so tired in my life

The BFF from middle school was here this weekend and I kid you not, it was like 20 years never passed. We sat on my sofa under blankets for two nights in a row just talking, talking talking.  With three kids over the weekend, I have never been so exhausted in my entire life.

Here are two photos of us taken by the 8 year old. I thought it would be cute to show our eigth grade pics too, but those years do not need to be revisited. What was great, is that she reminded me about how much I liked fashion and makeup. She even remembered me taking her to the AAFES PX and going through the Butterick catalouges — all before I knew how to sew.


Saturday we hit the National Aqurium, lunch and Port Discovery, the Children’s Museum.  By the time we got to Port Discovery around 3:00, I parked on the floor along the wall and told them to get me when they were done. After that we went and got videos from Blockbuster, I made dinner and a peach cobbler. Sadly, the youngest got sick on my stairs (but blessedly not on my white sofa!) and in my bathroom.

Sunday they were up by 8:00 and we went to the Baltimore Museum of Art, lunch, the mall, came back and made dinner, started packing. We didn’t go to bed until midnight. By the time Monday rolled around I was dead on my feet and in bed by 8:00 last night.

I’m not sure if my body is aching from sleeping on the pull-out sofa or from being on my feet for two solid days.

I was so caught up in the kids that I didn’t even know we were getting snow until late into Sunday night. The only thing on my TV this weekend is Noggin, Nick, TheN and something else I’ve never heard of. Actually, I didn’t even know I got those stations. I said to my friend, ‘No wonder you didn’t know who Jim Carrey was. Who has time with three kids?”

As for sewing, I had an assignment for school that I’ll take photos of today. But, that’s it. I have to finish my dress and my Weekender Bag before I can even consider anything else. But, what I’m definitely starting this month is a new quilt. The pattern came yesterday!