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Seersucker Social Vest Finds A New Home

If you recall, I made the 2-2008 #116 Burda ruffle vest for the DC Seersucker Social and it was saggy in the bust and big in the waist. I over did my FBA by a good 1.5 inches.  I said I needed to find someone five inches shorter with huge tatas. Well, I did.

Meet our high school intern M.! Let me apologize now for camera phone pictures. She wore the vest to work today and it was all I had. On principle, I abhor camera phone photos for viewing any place else other than a phone. But, I digress.

I brought the vest in a few weeks ago with her in mind. She says we’re the same bust size. Considering I was able to fit a tee shirt into the vest to fill it out, I think it’s fair to say she needs to be refit for underpinnings.

How adorable is she?

I’ll be honest, this is also the first time I’ve seen her in anything that fits her upper body and she wasn’t spilling out of. And, she told me it’s the first time she’s had a shirt button in years.

I normally hate giving sewn garments to people I know. I always worry they won’t appreciate them. Or get annoyed if I don’t see them wearing it. But, here is a teenager that’s already wearing it and understands that it fits her differently than RTW. She’s been telling people it’s a ‘designer vest’. And, she doesn’t care about those wonky wonky pockets. I’m so happy it went to a good home!

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It All Came Together. Sort Of.

The Seersucker Social was Saturday and it was legendary! I will do this every single year they have it! But, I swear — I am *never* sewing last minute again. I was at the sewing machine up until the moment I had to load our bikes. I was actually prepared to sew buttons on the drive.

I did have to bail on the mini skirt. It was so short I felt uncomfortable. Luckily, I was able to swap them out for a pair of breezy linen pants I made last year for China. I bought a hat from ASOS to go with the outfit.

Liz wore an Ebay find dress, with my red Anthrologie ribbon belt knockoff and my black glasses. Her gloves were actually her mother’s and the jewelry her grandmother’s.

I give Lizzie credit. She had a single speed cruiser and has never done city riding before. Talk about trial by fire!

We took a seven mile bike ride through the city, and even had our own music along the way.

After the ride, we headed to Hillwood Mansion for a lawn party.

There was badmitton, croquet and a live band at the lawn party. I have LOADS of photos of the fashions. That will be my next pot.

We couldn’t resist sharing a parasol she had. Umm, do you see how I’m trying to cover a pocket? Yeah… about that.

So, peeps. My vest. I’m sorry to report that while I was able to wear it, it’s a hot damn mess. And, I’m so so so sad. You see, Karen gave me this material after I used all of mine up for an outfit that I can’t even squeeze into anymore (it’s now my mom’s).

But, because I’m not adept at a FBA and was rushed, there are just too many flaws for it to work.

First, the FBA is too big by 1/2 inch. I look saggy boobed because I’m not filling out the top. The vest overall is still big. And the pockets. Oh the pockets! Tecnically gorgeous. Lined up / visually? Wonky as hell.  One is under my left tata and the second riding under my hip. I’m too embarassed to show a photo but you can see how I never let it show in the photos.

So, both the skirt and vest are heading to Goodwill. ASAP.  Hopefully someone five inches shorter with huge tatas will find them.

But, for the day, it was brilliant. Luckily, I think I have enough of the seerusucker to try again! It’s really one of my favorite patterns and I could happily have several.

Check back for more photos this week!

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Seersucker Social Vest: Crazy Ruffles and Welt Pockets

Well, I’m definitely going to have an outfit come Saturday. As you can see, I’ve added both pockets and futzed with the crazy ruffles. I love welt pockets. Such a fun banker look.  It’s just too bad I like to put them in too close to center front and slightly askew. In my defense, I took an inch from CF so the pockets were further back when I started.

Now that I use Kathleen Fasanella’s tutorial on How to Sew a Single Welt Pocket, I don’t even sweat making welt pockets.

Her original tutorial makes about a 1/2 inch welt. I wanted to just show how I altered the pattern to accomodate for a larger welt. I won’t reblog her tutorial because it’s excellent. Go there first and come back here.

click to enlarge

The length of my finished welt is 1 inch wide by 4.5 inches in length. The 2 inch wide section becomes your welt. Folded in half, that is one inch.

When sewing, you’ll sew with right sides together (the interfaced piece will be up). The welt portion should be sewn point down. Because it’s the welt, that’s what needs to come up to show in the welt window.

You also need to increase the size of the welt window from the original. On mine, it’s one inch. On the original pattern Kathleen has, it’s 1/2 inch.

I’ve sewn in the ruffles at the shoulder. They are so cute! But, there’s a lot of bias between the armholes and the ruffles. So, I used selvedge to stablise the curves.

It was a breeze to sew on. I eased the armholes to the selvedge to make sure it would snug up and not show my bra from the side or gape.

Whew. So a few more hours and I’ll be done. I have commandeered hats from coworkers and literally have a selection of six. I’m just about set!

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Seersucker Social Vest: Alterations

Thank you for the comments on my mini-skirt. It’s too bad I don’t play tennis 😀 I read someplace that women over 35 shouldn’t wear minis so imma embrace it for the next 10 months.

Now that the skirt is done, it’s time to tackle the actual seersucker portion of my Seersucker Social outfit. I’m making the Burda Magazine 2-2008 #116 vest above for a second time . I thought it would be helpful to take a look at the  current state of the vest I made the two years ago. Let me warn you. Is bad.

Ugh. I told you it was bad! Hehe. Sadly, I only got to wear it twice. I washed it and it shrank (which wasn’t so bad because it was a little big) but it also seriously faded. Now, it’s too small, shows my bra and the inner structure is bunchy (because of the shrinkage). As my mom would say, “It’s tired looking!”. That’s my bra you see peeking out in both photos too.

The first thing I needed to address in the old pattern was an FBA. I decided to stick with my old 38 and make a 1.5 inch FBA. Lately, I’ve been making a 40 and a 1 inch FBA and things are coming out a bit big.

For this, I added a side bust dart and deepened the waist dart. I did a quick pin fit  below and things look *ok*. Possibly too much space in the FBA. I think this because I’m not as pert as the paper when I’m laying down 😉

Since I’ve ‘grown’ the last two years, I added an extra inch on all sides so I would have room to make adjustments if needed.  I’d like to line the vest if there is time, but the ride is Saturday and I’ve got some real sewing to get done still.

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Ideas for Seersucker Social ’11

So, the DC Seersucker Social is this Saturday. Originally, I thought I was going to make a dress. But, decided a skirt and top would be way more versatile. I remembered this skirt from the February 2011 Burda, #120

I mean. Really. She’s already got a bicycle. I was powerless to resist. It’s going to be a bit boxy on me in the twill I picked out. But, will be great for the ride and this summer.

I’ve also decided to make a vest out of seersucker. It’s from the February 2008 Burda. Seersucker is not mandatory for the ride 🙂 But, thematically I sort of have to do it.

Actually, I’ve made it before. The black version faded and shrank in the wash.  Still in my closet because I refuse to let it go. So, I’m going to make it up again in seersucker.

I made some headway this weekend but, I’m not done. So, I’ll be sewing every night this week and some on Saturday morning to be ready by Saturday afternoon. And, if I don’t finish in time, I can just wear a pretty dress.