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The weekend continues

Here’s a photo of me in the top. The pattern is BWOF 2-2008-123. I had a lot of confused co-workers yesterday. Especially the men. They just kept staring trying to figure out if my shirt was different or if they were seeing things. The women were asking around trying to figure out why theirs didn’t look like mine. It was actually kind of funny.  At anyrate, I should have read the reviews. Or at least the directions!

The reviews first note that it’s a little short in length. Which is theoretically fine for an outdoor festival. But, not so good once you start eating funnel cake, soft serve, pho and all the outdoor festival goodnesss. Also, because I didn’t read the directions, I didn’t notice the true width of the collar and waistband. They should be double. The would certainly have helped with the length and definitely with the almost peek-a-boo top.

Overall, not bad and I would definitely make it again in ‘real’ fabric and for the next time I need to convert a tee.

Both my brother and uncle entered the BBQ contest. My brother took first and my uncle third in chicken (that’s my niece holding the ribbon). They did not make this:

That’s a Phillipine style suckling pig.