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First World Problems

How come I woke up this morning to have apple pie for breakfast and found myself actually salty  that my friend’s sister-in-law only put one tiny sliver in my take home bag from Thanksgiving Dinner? Like, seriously irritated and pouting. Talk about First World Problems.

Yesterday I whipped up another 2-2009-108 knit tee to wear to Thanksgiving. This one was cut several weeks ago and I finally switched to white serger thread. Again, under an hour to construct. I love this print. You may remember it from my failed HP Cosmo dress. I rarely keep leftover bits of materials. That is one step too close to hoarding for me. But, this was just enough to eek out the 3/4 sleeve version. I would love a red pencil skirt to go with this.

I did make a swayback adjustment but it’s not really working very well on the dressform or on me. I think I need to just accept that a three inch swayback is normal for me.

I’m still plugging away at the 2-2009-101 Fifties Dress. I took a break yesterday because I’m getting sick of it. The collar doesn’t lay the way I want and you can see the front is a bit off grain. Also, my roommate asked me if it was a ‘Christmas Dress or a coat’. I took step back and realized this won’t be a day-to-day work dress like I planned. It’s a bit too ‘Mad Men’ for my office. So, I lost some enthusiasm for it. But, this morning I fixed the collar and realized the grain isn’t anything some snaps won’t fix. Today am ready to at least tackle the sleeves. I really, really hope to get this one done this weekend. My next project is already cut and waiting to be sewn.

This isn’t me, and the  Madesn Bicycle contest is over. But, doesn’t she look like it could be me? I would borrow someone’s children just to re-create the image!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

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Eating My Words: 2-2009-108 BWOF Long Sleeved Tee Shirt

I have been snarky about many a sewn tee shirt on the internet. Really, I have. I mean, I *sew*. Why would I make a plain old tee shirt? I have much better skills than that. And, I couldn’t understand why people would make the same tee shirt over and over and over and over when there are sooooo many cute things waiting to be made.

But, I am eating my words. 34 people can’t be wrong, right? I made up this #108, Feb. 2009 Burda from a scant 1.5 yards of knit. The fabric has little red and gray chains going up and down. And, well, I loves it. I love the boatneck. I love the shaping at the waist. I love that it can be made in an hour.

The entire shirt is sewn on my serger with twin needle topstitching. I didn’t make a facing and just turned the edges in by 1/2 inch. I This is a 38 with a 1/2 inch FBA. Oh, I also widened the sleeve at the bicep by a good inch or so. I now double check all Burda sleeves.

I am not a tee shirt person. I think they are simple and kind of boring. I certainly never wear generic tee shirts. Not even to work out in. There are cuter items to be worn when I am sweating. I pretty much sleep and clean in them.

I like this pattern so much I refashioned a Target tee shirt with the same pattern, making it sleeveless. I have one more of the long sleeve version cut out. I’m just waiting to switch serger thread to white. I also have another refashion cut out. Waiting on serger thread to switch to green. Yes, I am totally eating my words. I loves this shirt.