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Baltimore Fashion Week and Milani Winner

The winner of the Milani nail polish is: Kira! Congratulations! Thanks everyone for participating! I should tell you, Essie also has a sewing themed line this fall. You can see the colors here. I hear Milani now has the polish on their website. I was only every able to find it at CVS.

Saturday night I went to see one of the four days of show for Baltimore Fashion Week.

The show was fun (no flash photography allowed). But, I really loved these two guys who were in the front row. They altered their own outfits. You couldn’t tell them nothin’! When I asked for a photo they eagerly posed for me.

The Creamsicle dress is my summer go to dress and was perfect for Fashion Week. Since making the Creamsicle dress in April, I’ve hemmed it by  a good three inches. Why? I was out a few months ago with friends in DC. We were dancing and having a grand old time. Then, I had this weird realization. I looked around the room and realized I must have had the longest skirt on in the entire club.  Now, you can actually see my *knees*. Scandalous, no?

Oh! And if you love pop culture, fashion and are in the Baltimore area, might I suggest you follow my friend John John on Twitter? He’s the (new) fashion, pop and food critic at the Baltimore Sun newspaper ! They lost their fashion writer Tanika last year and have just picked John John up. I’ve been begging him to get on Twitter for ever and he finally did last month. He’s @popcouturejjw4 and will have his fashion blog up and running in September.

That’s him being all fashiony.

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Pattern Review: Burda Magazine 3-2010-107 (the Creamsicle Dress)

I wore the Creamsicle dress from the March 2010 Burda tonight for my birthday dinner. I’m happy to report that it didn’t fall all night. But, that is was so cold I wore a sweater most of the time! The dress is made from an unlined stretch, cream and orange striped denim. I should have underlined the bodice because as you can see, it’s collapsing above the boning and below my bust.

I found shoes! These are AK Anne Klein from My friends all told me to go ‘nude’ or ‘bone’. The dress I cut in a size 40. But ended up taking it in about two inches in the side seams at the bust and an inch along the hips. I’m having some trouble recently with my large thigh alterations. Everything is kind of ballooning. I think I need to maybe think of a big caboose alteration and not so much thighs.

My birthday present to myself was whole lotta shoes this week.

Guess who forgot that she was going to add to add a hook and eye? I really meant to. I usually just put the zip right up to the top. But, I consciously left a little to use a hook and eye. But, forgot until I saw photos. I did do a swayback, but there was a LOT of futzing with the fit of the dress in the front. Those draglines were in the front too before I was done. I think I cut off grain and that didn’t help.

There in boning on the inside. Contrary to Burda’s directions, I added steel cased boning to the side seams. I also just used ribbon for the waist stay rather than sewing one from fabric. I stabilised the upper bodice with the selvedge

We went to Charleston Restaurant. I’ve *always* wanted to eat there. Below are some photos of the food. You pick the number of courses you want and have the option of matched wines with each course. I went with four courses and matched wine because I’m hoggy. I should have done three :D! The chef knows the Vegan so they prepared food just for him. I on the other hand tore up the beef tenderloin, rockfish, potato leek soup and buffalo tenderloin. It was honestly, the best meal I’ve ever had.

And, my manicure. It’s Lippmann Collection Happy Birthday. It’s a party in a bottle! Or, well, a party on my nails, lol. I had two girlfriends who were expecting their first child on my birthday. One delivered early and I’m waiting for the second still. That’s a pretty good gift too.