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Bordering on the Ridiculous


I kind of love this BWOF 4-2007-114 blouse for all it’s kookiness. The French cuffs, the ruffled Elizabethan neckline. Love it. But,  I admit that it borders on the ridiculous.  First, let me be clear. The directions are AWFUL.  I felt like a bleeding idiot because past the ‘add seam allowances’ I didn’t understand a thing. BWTF!! Holy cow.


I left off the neckline facing because I couldn’t understand the directions and how it was supposed to go in. I also scrapped the drafted right fold, left fold, fold facing, etc. lines because when I followed the directions, the hidden button placket was two inches wide. HUGE.

The one regret I have is how low cut this is. I cannot reach for pens or coffees in a meeting. Small children thought I might be a wet nurse. It is that LOW CUT. From the top, I can see my bra. The gaposis is so bad sitting down that I see London and France. ** ETA: I did wear it to work. But, with a lacy brown cami. Still got rave reviews.

And, on my anonymous coworker who does not have a low bust like me (we switched tops today to see) it’s ridiculous (camera phone pic).


Oh, and how I adore the French cuffs! We have cufflinks at work that all the men wear. Now, I get to rock my own.

backFuzzy photo of the back. I made a swayback adjustment.  I won’t lie. I used a lot of starch on the ruffles.


Overall, I like the look. But, I should have made a muslin. I would have seen to raise the neckline and elminate the gaposis. I wore it all day and got a ton of compliments. This blouse is so unique, fun and really makes a statement. But, as the immortal Tim Gunn say, ‘It’s a whole lotta look’.