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It Is a Great Weekend Bag

I can’t say I’ll tackle this project ever again….

But, the Amy Butler Weekender Bag was great for my overnight trip to Cambridge on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. That’s my friend Julia’s dog Prince modeling. SO stinking cute I wanted to take him home with me.

I started this lil box of pain back in January or February.  And it sat and sat and sat. Honestly, I haven’t and won’t even bother with the lining at this point. The nerves are still raw. But, the zipper was in and the bag was made. It easily held jeans, boots, shoes, make up bag and a change of clothes.

Amy Butler, the trust is gone. But, you make some cute patterns. With time and therapy we might be able to get to know each other again.

Thanks for the tips on the coat. I’m going to Philadelphia this weekend (with this bag again!) and might try and find a subtle contrast. I just haven’t gotten around to even tracing it out!

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For the love of an industrial

My friend Lilya owns a sewing shop about 20 mins from me with three industrials at the ready.  I spent several hours in her store today working on the outside of the Weekender — the bag that will not die.


I am physically tired from the exercise. But, I only broke three needles at her place. And still want / need to go around it a second time. The stitching is just not close enough to the piping for my peace of mind. I want to trim back the seam allowance too so it wraps nicer (that Timtex is making the edges stick out I think).  I could also try ironing the edges.  My stitching is reeeeal close to the edge of the fabric in more places that I would like to admit.

So, this is going to wait a couple more weeks until I can get back to her store. I still need to make the lining.


I hit Joanns today for some quilting template. While there, I got this box for carrying my school supplies. It’s kind of pink, isn’t it?


Moral Dilema: I bought a bolt of muslin for school and home. Halfway home, I realized I was charged just $2.49 (minus my 40 percent off coupon) for all 25 yards. Do I make a special trip back so they can charge me the additional $35 or do I wait ’til my next Joann trip in a month?

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So, what happened was…


So, let’s complete the sewing weekend roundup, shall we?

Here’s where I am with the Amy Butler Weekender Bag in all it’s off-grain beauty (if you missed the podcast, my Joann’s fabric is printed about 1 to 1.25 inches off grain. Which is why I’ll be using fabricworm (yes. a blatant plug. but you buy off grain fabric and see how you feel)  for my next bag fabric purchase) . If you recall, I had to write ole girl a letter.  The layers of Peltex, interfacing, piping and fabric are  how I blew through three size 16 needles. And, I’m not even at the hard construction portion yet!

For some reason, the off-grain print is easier to see in the photo. Now that I’ve said it, it’s all you can focus on, right?  I’m planning on giving this to one of three people. I haven’t decided who just yet. At anyrate, I put this on hold Sunday until I get size 18 needles and the zipper I ordered last week. Holy cow is that print off grain. But, I think it’s still a snazzy looking bag.   I cannot imagine doing the rest of this on my machine.

I had my first day of class today (for real this time). Will debrief in the morning. It, is cool, but comical.

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I realize that it’s a little hard to tell quite how large the Betty Shopper bag by Amy Butler is. So, I asked a woman in my office to shoot a photo of me with it today.

I don’t think it’s crazy big. But, I have been describing it as my ‘suitcase’ or generally referencing it as ‘luggage’. Other than a basic inability to find my keys in it, it’s a great work bag.

Today actually felt like Spring and I wore my Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Cosmopolitan Dress today.  I forgot how fantastic this pattern is. I hope I can get around to making another version of it this year. You know it’s a good dress when three straight men tell you they like your dress!