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Queen of the Night

I am overwhelmed by the wonderful compliments on this dress from all of you. You all know I wouldn’t have made it without you, right? I would have gone for the ‘prom’ dress and called it a day. Thank you again for making me work to my full potential.

And a shot of the back. This really was fitted within an inch of its life. I think the back left was cut slightly off grain. Understitching and pressing within an inch of it’s life still had it turning out a little bit. For the front, my sewing neighbor thinks it could have been more fitted around the waist. I sayI needed that extra inch so I could eat!

And now, I have to go to bed. I’m operating on four hours sleep. Thanks again y’all!

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Ta Da!

Well, here we are. The roommate (on the left), my coworker Anna, and Mr. Hunkle. We started with a small cocktail party at my house before heading downtown. In an effort to skip coat check for 2000 people (and well, walking) one of my awesome neighbors dropped us curbside!

I have discovered champagne takes away the pain of 3.5 inch heels. And that you should eat before you start drinking it.

It was a fabulous time! We got back around midnight and stayed up until three eating and talking. My arm is a little strained right now from patting myself on the back all night. I loved, loved, loved my dress! No one else had anything like it.

And now, I am very very late for work. I think we are all very, very late for work!

Thank you all so much for your help and encouragement on this project!