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The Internet Made Me Do It

Well, I’ve spent the past month avoiding the Hot Patterns site because there was easily over $100 worth of patterns I wanted to order. But, today the CraftStylish blog (need to switch my bloglines feed to that from SewStylish) has an interview with Trudy Hanson from HotPatterns. (that’ s the HotPatterns Cosmo above)

Well, I’ve decided that’s a sign and I’ve placed an order for the two Hot Patterns that I feel I cannot live without. Must do my part to support women owned business, right? heh.

The Jeanius Jean and the Wong-Singh-Jones Kimono Wrap Dress will be in my hot little hands very, very soon. Ask me what my Blackberry roaming charges from Israel were tracking Ann’s progress on the Jeanius Jeans last October.

What have I put on hold for even longer? The Portebello Road Coat (need to find faux shearling), the Riviera Kiss Me Coat (a real contender for a rain coat) and the Riviera Sailor Pants (check out these from Anthropologie , the North Star Sailor Pants) . Hmmm, that’s three I want. Just the right number for a buy two get one free special. I’m just sayin’…

In other sewing news, I’ve got several projects in various stages of not being done. A McCalls dress (cut and partially sewn), an old BWOF top (cut), a new BWOF knit top (traced), a Patrones vest (traced), and a BWOF vest (traced).

Oh! And friend is back from Spain and has three Patrones waiting for me. I should get ahold of those tomorrow!

Oh! Oh! Have pretty, pretty, tone on tone white silk from another friend back from China. That might get moved to the top of my sewing list.

Oh! Oh! Oh! If you haven’t already, please pay Marji a visit. She’s laid up at home from an inline skating incident. But, she’s giving me some great black-tie dress advice (yeah, I need another one before fall).

And finally, thank you for the comments on my pants! I’m wearing them today and they are just a delight to wear. I’m looking forward to my next pair. Proably in a black-on-black seersucker.

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I realize that it’s a little hard to tell quite how large the Betty Shopper bag by Amy Butler is. So, I asked a woman in my office to shoot a photo of me with it today.

I don’t think it’s crazy big. But, I have been describing it as my ‘suitcase’ or generally referencing it as ‘luggage’. Other than a basic inability to find my keys in it, it’s a great work bag.

Today actually felt like Spring and I wore my Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Cosmopolitan Dress today. ย I forgot how fantastic this pattern is. I hope I can get around to making another version of it this year. You know it’s a good dress when three straight men tell you they like your dress!