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Trickle Down Economics

Today was supposed to be my first day of class. Instead, I was greeted with this sign on the department head’s door:

random dress form at school

Due to budget cuts from the State, the following classes have been canceled or delayed by three weeks:

Luckily, mine was just delayed and not canceled. But, still disappointing. I did meet with the instructor and got the old 15 week vs 12 week syllabus to review. She also went over how the class will work.

We’ll be using a 1/2 scale sloper. Using this sloper we’ll draft to fit the 1/2 size dress form.


1/2 scale dress form
1/2 scale dress form

They have about six 1/2 size dress forms. The beginning of each class will be lecture — leaving an hour or two for ‘lab’ where she’ll work with us on our designs.

Butterick Sloper

Butterick Sloper

Half-way through the semester, we’ll use Butterick 5746 to create a sloper with our personal measurements. This will become our full-sized slopers for ourselves. Using that, we will draft either a dress, blouse or skirt as our final project (no knits or evening wear / silky fabrics).

Pants are the only patterns we will draft completely from scratch. That, is due in May.

20 percent of our grade comes from each of these

  • Basic Sloper Set 1/2 scale
  • Pant Pattern full scale
  • Dress – full scale pattern
  • Final Project (original design garment)
  • Class work, homework, quizzes and holy crap a FASHION SHOW!

So, I’ll spend the next three weeks gathering supplies (I’m off to a good start thanks to AJ!). I will say I’m buying cheap plastic curves for now because I have dreams of this gorgeous wood set that Els showed on the Sewing Divas.

It was all made better when I came home to a long dreamed about fabric.


Ahhhhh. Thanks to Carolyn who tipped me off over the weeked to this faux leather/shearling at Fabricmart for an OBSCENE $6.00 a yard (Sorry. It’s no longer on the website).  I am already dreaming of prancing into work this spring in the Hot Patterns Portobello Shearling Coat. When I say long-awaited fabric find, I’m not kidding. I’ve wanted this pattern for going on three years and bought it last year for fear it would be discontinued before I could find the right fabric at the right price.

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Fabric Around the World

For once, I showed some fabric shopping restraint. Between travel time and work, I really only had about two hours in Cairo to seek out the world famous Egyptian cotton. While I was making my way down to the Wikalit al -banah market where I had seen stalls upon stalls of fabric to be had, I stumbled across this:

Yeah, that’s right, a Burda fabric store!! It was a few streets away from my hotel. It was a thrill to buy some gorgeous wools at $5 a yard! So, I got just three pieces and called it a day for my fabric shopping.

After this little purchase (pink/grey herringbone, slate blue windowpane plaid and a coordinating solid blue), I decided to skip the market.

Shay, I didn’t make it out to Na Cha lot /Benyamin St in Tel Aviv. My flight was moved up several hours and there just wasn’t enough time after flying back into Israel from Cairo 🙁

Between the three pairs (yeah, that’s right, three) of boots I bought in Israel and other clothes from Egypt, I honestly didn’t have any more space in my luggage.

On another note, did you know that Arabic numbers are different than our Latin based figures? I had to go shopping with a cheat sheet to figure out what things cost!