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This is NOT my dress: Burda 8-2011-116

Welcome to my Valentine’s dinner dress FAIL.

I wanted to make something really easy, fast and inherently sexy for this weekend out. I had several patterns in mind, but they are all knit with straight skirts. The two times I tried a knit dress with a straight skift, I HATED how I looked.

 I was very inspired by this Suzi Chin dress

I thought this 8-2011-116 Burda was similar enough. And, was only two pattern pieces. What’s not to love?  I was willing to see how a straight knit skirt looked on me in some less-than-loved knit I had in the stash.

Yeah. I still hate my thighs and this is NOT my dress. I’m just too curvy and bottom heavy to get away with a straight knit skirt. There’s nothing wrong with the pattern. Just not my style.

The dress looked terrible without the belt. It needed the belt for waist definition. But, then it had to kind of blouson over the belt. Which made me look wider on top. And, it pulled the skirt up shorter than I wanted it to be. This was a good reminder for me on what does and doesn’t work for my body type.

And, to add insult to injury. I actually like the print again. Boo! The good news is, it made an awesome top, LOL. I cut it down and wore it out on Saturday night as a top. No photos though.

So, I’m back to square one… what to make. I’d really like to use this knit below. Yes, I know.. .an animal print. I saw this one at G Street this summer and I didn’t hate it.

I ‘m not going out to buy a pattern. And, I need to start sewing tonight. I have a couple of ideas. So, stay tuned.