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Interfacing the Pyramid Bag

I’m making glacial progress on the Hot Patterns Classix Nouveau Pyramid Bag. Mostly because I’m making style decisions as I go along and I’m in no rush to complete it.

I’ve got everything cut out and decided to interace the leather after reading this post by Els of the Sewing Divas and this post on interafacing by Kathleen Fansanella.

I ordered the knit tricot from Fashion Sewing Supply in black and fused the interfacing to the cut out skins. I don’t know that it changed the structure so much as this stage. But, it’s nice to have the reinforcement.

I’ve also sewn the straps / handles. But, I’m pretty sure I’m going to add piping along the inside.

I’ve used these hair thingies from the beauty supply to hold together the pieces on the pattern.

I’m also sewing the leather with my walking foot on my vintage Morse. Not that I need to power of the Morse. I just love sewing on it so a straight stitch only project is great for the Morse.

Still need to get several components including a pocket zipper, purse feet and a brass seperating zipper. I may run up to New York this November and save my supply list for then.

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Serger Down

My Euro Pro serger has the *worst* customer service. In 2007, I ordered two sets of knives for my machine.  I finally got around to switching out my old blades for the 2007 blades this week. While trying to serge my leotard, the knives were just chewing up my fabric. Turns out they are dull. Meaning, my brand new knives that I finally needed to use have no knife sharp edge. Smooth like butter. I called Euro Pro in Montreal to ask for an exchange and there’s nothing they can do since the warranty / exchange is for 90 days, not three years. I’m not sure why, but last time it took over two months for me to get my knives last time. So, no serger for the forseable future. And, after owning a serger, a sewing machine finish just  won’t cut it for me. So, for the next few weeks I’ll be tracing and muslining and making things that don’t really need a serger finish.

So, this weekend I’m working on Hot Patterns 1092, The Classix Noveau Pyramid Bag.

I plan to make this out of black leather. I asked the guys at our printshop to reduce the pattern for me by 40% after reading from many that they found the size a bit unweildy. As you can see, I still traced the pattern out because I wasn’t sure if I was going to want to make alterations. Plus, I couldn’t find my ‘paper’ scissors and Trena said under no uncertain terms I could use my fabric scissors.

At a smaller size I also felt it would better, replicate the look of this Trouve bag. The pewter version looks even more similar.

Here’s how it looks in my muslin as compared to my Fossil bag (Nordstrom says the Fossil bag is an Extra Large)  which measures 15″W x 10″H x 5 1/2″D. The original Pyramid bag is 22 inches wide.  My draft is 9 inches wide at the base. Maybe 11 at the widest.

*** ETA: I’m going to ask them to reduce the pattern by 25 percent vs 40. I compared my muslin to other med – large bags I have and think it’ll be a better size for me.

I feel like it’s a hair too small. If it were wider on the bottom by 1.5 to 2 inches on each side, I think I’d be happier with it. It is big enough to hold my Blackberry, personal cell, wallet, makeup, lotion and Nook. Does it *really* need to be bigger?  I’m loathe to go back to the print shop and ask them for a 30 percent reduction. You know? Of course, I could just take it to Kinkos.

What do you think?  Am I just used to really big purses or should it be a little bigger?