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A Minor Miracle

My serger is back in business! I placed an order for knives from two different places. The first set came last week and they weren’t cutting ($56). The second set from Euro-Pro ($76) came today and they are cutting!

I’ve already contacted Euro-Pro to exchange the crappy blades from 2007 (brilliant idea Michael!) and will get store credit (less 25 percent) from the other store. So, when all is said and done, I’ll have four sets of knives on hand. Apparently, they stopped making sergers back in 2005. But, the serger has a 15 year warranty and they said they will 1.) stock parts for at least the next 10 years 2.) My blades are kind of standard so they should not be too hard to replace.

Even better, they also emailed me a PDF on how to use my extra feet (elasticator, piping foot, beading foot, blind hem foot and ruffler). I lost the directions ages ago.

So, today, I LOVE MY SERGER!!

You would not believe how stressed out I was getting at having to buy a new one. I was literally sad about my serger. I talked to any and everyone about it. It was foremost on my mind for days!

I have two more ballet skirts I whipped up to show and incremental progress on my Hot Patterns Pyramid bag. More to come my friends!