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Jalie 3997: The Rachel Dress (Two Ways)

I’ve made the speedy Rachel Dress from Jalie Patterns twice in the last month. The first animal print version was for a wedding and to test the pattern. The second star print version was for another wedding a few weeks later. Yo. We had eight weddings this year. Two for my friends (second marriages) and six for Jordan. I love love, but am all tapped out. We have two on the calendar for next year, but given the 14 weddings the last two years, I have a feeling we’ll be at a lot of baby stuff in 2020 😂.

Long Sleeve with ties on the left. Cap sleeve w. no ties on the right.

Between the tester and final version, Team Jalie added a bit more width in the hips, which I think is good. I normally skip right on past a slim fit knit skirt. I mad a size BB I based my size on my full bust of 43″. The BB was a 44″ bust,  and I erred on bigger than smaller. I did not make a FBA. It’s fine, I think I might size down the bodice next time and make a FBA, the shoulders are just a wee bit wide on me and I would like to take away that fold above my bust.

For my second star print version, I did lower the neckline, a swayback (absolutely necessary here), make a full seat adjustment and added a bit to the thighs (graded to my thigh measurement). The extra space in the thighs isn’t necessary with the full seat adjustment. Since it’s a knit, it’s not egregious, but I might go back and slim the skirt a hair.

Rachel Dress-4

I chose the waist ties for the second version because the fabric really needed a visual break. Without the ties, I looked like I was wearing a leotard for the US Gymnastics team.


I’m gonna stick the landing! This is pre waist tie and neckband, leaving me looking like a junior gymnast.

The fabric for the star print is an engineered print from Issa London. I had to take my time with careful print placement. I wanted to keep the brighter stars near my face and the darker navy on black toward my bottom.


The front of dress is all one piece with a funky looking pattern. This design will result in a bit of drape and bias in the skirt.


Because of this bias, I really recommend letting the skirt hang overnight or two before hemming. On my animal print version, I had to recruit a friend to help me trim the hem even.


Rachel Dress-1

Overall I am thrilled with the ease and speed of this dress. The style is also excellent. There are so many options for dresses and tops, making this pattern a real winner.