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In Pursuit of the Chin Strap

I’ve drafted the skirt, contour midriff, back wind guard and a bad sleeve (too puffy and big). I still need to draft a new sleeve and I should be ready to muslin. ¬†But, I’m heading to Trena’s today in DC and going to a Maryland basketball game tonight. So, I won’t be back at it until the weekend.

I am though, trying to figure out a Burberry style ‘chin strap’. Ann Rowley was kind enough to take copius photos for me last year. You can see them on her Flickr. And, you can read the whole Stitcher’s Guild discussion here. Is that the coolest detail? The Burda pattern I’m using has one, but it’s not nearly the same thing!

As for trying on the Kensington jacket, my local Anthropologie doesn’t have it yet. Hmmm, maybe the one in Georgetown (DC) does?

In the meantime, check this dress from Victoria’s Secret for $98.

Familiar? It should be. Burda¬†5-2008-121 is a great jumping off point if you’re interested.