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I’ve moved (and a new skirt)

I kind of gave up on Blogger in 2008. Too often, it made photos ginormous during import, gave me coding error message when I hit ‘publish’ and would delete photos if I tried to move them by copy and paste vs. dragging and dropping. So, I found out I could import my blog in its entirety to WordPress and I’ve done it.

Plus, I can get that cool ‘possibly related posts’ thing going.

Comments from Halsoscan and JS-Kit didn’t come with me, but this JS-Kit conversion was a colossal PITA anyway and I still have access to them on the Haloscan site. If you want a little avatar by your comments, just register at It works with WordPress and with folks on Haloscan.

I was told recently by a good friend that I dress like I work at an advertising agency. I took it as a total compliment and this skirt will not do anything to take away from that impression!

I LOVE this skirt. It’s been a while since I have been head over heels for a project design. Truly. Normally I love something because of the fit and fabric. Not often is it the design that makes me giddy. But, this skirt is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

The fit took a lot of tweaking, Knip Mode seems to have more ease that BWOF. And I put just about every piece on backwards, upside down or before behind during construction, so there was a lot of stretching at the seams since much of this is bias cut. So, they are not as straight as they could be.

KP Line Drawing
KM Editorial

I first saw this skirt on Sigrid’s blog and fell in love. Thanks to her, I have about a year’s worth of KMs (most of which are with Trena at the moment).

Unbuttoned, you can see that this is a basic wrap skirt. The wrap over piece is cut on the bias with loads of drape and curve to create the pleats when buttoned. The skirt design is unlined, but I chose to fully line it.

I wanted that peak of color you can see below, a firmer drape and stabilisation behind the buttonholes (I did samples. The buttonholes were all wonky without the lining).

I also conquered my fear of the blind hem attachment last night! I could not see myself doing all this hand hemming. What a little miracle that stitch pattern and foot are. The skirt is shortened by about 3 – 5 inches.

I know this is similar to the ‘Stitch’ skirt, but on the KM version you don’t see the buttons, the pleats are symmetrical and there is waistband. I think all that makes it more professional.


I’d like to work on a simple black knit top to wear with it. But, the fabric I want has gone missing in the house. I’ve done a hard search four times today and am giving up.

And HA! Here’s how far I’ve gotten in a week on my scarf.  Remember, a week ago I ripped it out and started over. I’m back to where I was! Don’t be surprised if this becomes a cowl. A scarf is a lifetime of knitting!

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Knip Mode vest done

So, back in August I told you all about the Knip Mode vest I started. Well, apparently, garments don’t get finished if you don’t actually *sew* them.

I finished the vest up on Sunday, which was my first time on a sewing machine in about three weeks. I don’t like this shirt with it. So, a coordinating blouse needs to get made. The fabric is great because there is yellow, blue, pink and grey in it. It’s a rayon from a local fabric shop.

While I muslined the pattern and made adjustments to the 38, I still think it’s not as fitted as it could be. But, it’s also my first completed Knip Mode and I’m pretty happy. My last vest was baggy too until it got a good washing.

I still have gobs of this fabric left. I broke up the plaid with a solid grey and also steamed out a lot of the fullness in the collar.

The vest is fully lined with a poly satin left over from another project. I love lining. I’m not sure I’ll make something unlined ever again.

I notice that whenever I say what I’m sewing next it rarely materializes. So, for now, let’s say that I’ve pulled all my ‘winter pants’ fabric lengths (about four) and have set them aside. I’ve also pulled about six other fabrics that coordinate for a undetermined future project. And, I still need about five blouses. It’s really never ending isn’t it?

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Recycling trends

Today’s vests take me back to college and the GAP tartan vest I bought on clearance in an extra small. An extra small was all they had, so I wore it unbuttoned. Ah, youth.

At work, circa 1999. Ugh. ‘Anchor hair’

1o years later, I still love vests. This time, I’m working up a Knip Mode from July 2008. I’m not even bothering with asking for translation help. It’s a basic vest pattern and it’s not too tough. I like that today’s vest have fun embellishments like these ruffles.
The main vest is constructed and the lining is waiting to be cut out. I did a muslin and made a forward shoulder adjustment of 1.5 inches (must spend less time at computer).
The question now are the buttons (I’m not doing the belt). Turns out I have an ABUNDANCE of gray buttons! Right now, I’m leaning to the tailored look of the fabric covered shank buttons on the left. I’m planning on making the skirt and blouse too and think it will add to the businesslike look.
Hmm, I guess I’m finally doing a mini-wardrobe. But, due to my upcoming two weeks out of the town, I won’t be able to finish in time for the contest 😦

I’m still undecided on what, if anything, I’m going to take to work on while on vacation. Mom has a list of things that still need to be made for the house and I’m getting increasingly attached to my sewing accoutrement. My gravity feed iron is down while I wait on a re-shipment of demineralizer (first batch came already oxidized). My 12-year-old Rowenta Sew N Press just ain’t gettin’ it done like it used to.