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Revisiting the La Mia Boutique Sweatshirt Dress

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One of my most worn and beloved garments is my LMB sweatshirt dress from the August 2008 Italian magazine. Such a simple design and concept in a sweatshirt dress. I got compliments every time I wore that dress!  After five years of wear, I thought it was time I made up a new one. Or, two.

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Yes, yes. In my last post I said I was getting back to color. And, yet, here I am again sewing grey and navy. What can I say? I’m currently a sucker for simplicity.

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Like last time, I made the largest size in LMB, a 46 and left off the pockets. Which, makes me think I was sewing clothes way big for me five years ago. Or, I like my clothes a little snugger now? But, this time I added some six centimeters of wearing ease around the thighs and attempted a FBA. Other alterations?

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Well, I tried to add some shaping at the waist. It remains unclear if this worked or not. I also took off my standard 1/4 inch off the shoulders.

 photo DSC_0151_zpslqiufroi.jpg

I also shortened the sleeves a good three inches. And, I took about four inches of length off the hem of the original pattern.

 photo DSC_0130_zpsbfshgvp1.jpg

One thing I’ve noticed is I have inconsistent dart placement when I add FBAs to garments.  Sometimes they are SO LOW. In this one, I had to take out my original dart and pin it into the right place. In retrospect, this probably could have been a dartless FBA to keep with the loose fitting silhouette.

 photo DSC_0125_zpsbb3sdb7r.jpg

I sewed everything but the darts on my serger. And, if you’re wondering, my ribbing is all local and $1 a pack. That’s right. Stadham Corp here in Baltimore charged me $1 for a pair of cuffs and another $1 for the hem cuffs.

 photo DSC_0005_zpsc0vjffkx.jpg

And now I’m off to work on a Valentine’s Day dress. We’re spending the long weekend in San Antonio, Texas. We debated between there and Cleveland, Ohio. But, based on today’s weather report, it’s already 30 degrees warmer in San Antonio than both Baltimore and Cleveland. So, that was an easy choice.

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Russian LMB Drapey Skirt Worn

When I left the country a few weeks ago we were in the mid 90s. I came back to highs in the mid 70s. So weird. Summer to fall in two short weeks!

Transitional clothing is always a bit of a challange, no? The good thing is, I had my first transitional skirt ready to go. This is the Russian LMB skirt I made up in August. Funny, when I made it up, it was too hot to model. Today, I’m wearing it with a turtleneck!

Here’s the back. I didn’t make a swayback adjustment on this. There’s a bit of pooling below my waist because of it.

Cute skirt. I have some striped knit that I think would be really fun in this. I suspect this will be made up a few more times in my immediate future.

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Pattern Review: Russian La Mia Boutique Skirt 12-2009 #122

Too Hot to Model

I didn’t sew a stitch last weekend and didn’t feel like it until mid day Sunday this weekend. Then, the sewing bug hit me *hard*. I finished up a blouse, repaired a dress, shortened a skirt, redid the waistband on my linen pants and finished up this UFO from January. Why so long? Well, I didn’t have navy or black thread in the serger. What can I say? My serger is the biggest determining factor in what I’m sewing next.

It’s a navy (darker than pictured) poly double knit skirt and without central air in my house, it’s just too hot to model 🙂 The pattern is from the 12/09 edition of ‘Patterns’. This is a Russian language magazine that carries the Italian La Mia Boutique. It was a gift from my Ukrainian colleague earlier this year. I’ve since found a subscription online that I renew quarterly.

Below, is the editorial shot and a bit of the line drawing. Again, a big shoutout to Lyl on the PR Boards for translating for me.

I love, love, love this skirt. It’s totally unique from what I usually see. In case I haven’t said so here, skirts generally bore me. I like skirts with really interesting details so I don’t sew them too often. There are about three I would like to eventually make.

I shortened the skirt by about six inches since it fell way below the knee and lenghthened the side gathers so they draped more. I like that it’s not formfitting (knits and m thighs are not a good look). I was also able to omit the elastic in the waistband. The knit was sturdy enough to stay up without it.

I’ll definitely make this up again when it’s cooled down in a wool. Ooooh, boots! I’m going to just love this skirt with boots.

This gives me hope that my next four Russian La Mia Boutiques are as good as this one was. Do you like how my dressform is posing? Like I walked in on her while she was getting dressed, lol.

Later this week (or better known as when I have a coordinating piece and wear it to work) I’ll show you my January 2008 #108 blouse. It came out all kinds of cute (tight in the biceps, but cute)! Technically, I think I’m done with my East Coast to Far East Capsule. I have three tops and three bottoms and one dress (dress and one skirt are pre-existing). If I can find some khaki linen this week, I might make another pants or a skirt. But, the pressure is off! Two more weeks to go!

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Good News and Gift from Abroad

My computer is getting fixed!! And, it’s only going to cost me the $125 diagnostic fee I’ve already paid. Yay!! Since I can’t upload camera photos, I can’t show you yet goodies from Marji, Brigitte and Deepika. I’m also wearing the Patrones dress today and it’s getting rave reviews. But, again I can’t post photos from my camera yet 😦

I’ve also booked my tickets to Tampa, Florida for almost two weeks next month! My parents are ‘wintering’ there. I’m making a date with Hot Patterns’ Trudy. Cool, right? It’ll take all my strength not to come back with a Tina Turner accent after hanging out with her. Now, I just have to figure out what from their collection to make for the meet up…..

One nifty gift I can show you is the Russian language La Mia Boutique that colleague Anna brought back from Odessa, Ukraine for me (scanned at work).

I am willing to bet good money that this cover is a re-shoot for the Russian market. It’s just so very eastern European to me. From the PR Boards, member Lyl told me that a Russian company is publishing half of the LMBs each year. They are actually leading thier readers vote on which editions get translated and published.

I have this #22 skirt cut out and ready to be muslined. It’s not much to look at here. But, the line drawing is very cool.

Here’s a link to the line drawing and directions

Of course, I’m struggling with the construction of the skirt. LOL. When the directions are in Italian, between my feeble Spanish, the internet and an Italian associate I can muddle through. But, the Cyrillic characters but Italian on the pattern sheets, I don’t even bother with the directions. Honsetly, I had trouble just finding the right pattern sheet! Just kept opening them up and looking for the right page 😉

Those side pleats are a little confusing since the line drawing is not reflective of all the markings on the pattern. But, the PR boards are proving to be useful.

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Sweatshirt Dress Done!

The 8-2008-21 sweatshirt dress is my first La Mia Boutique pattern. I have about five of the magazines in the library and just haven’t gotten around to many of them.

When this first appeared in the August 2008 edition I was immediately drawn to it for it’s simplicity. I figured it would be hard to mess up. And, it is.

I thought this would be a totally casual weekend dress. But, with tights, boots, and huge earrings — it was perfect for the Greek ‘name day’ party I was invited to last night.

The only problem I had with the pattern was user error. I totally forgot to add seam allowances when cutting the bodice. Oops. Luckily, the dress is a sack so it doesn’t matter too much. Unlike Burda, La Mia Boutique has you trace pieces for the bands (wrist and skirt bottom).

I also ended up making the largest size — a 46 after I measured the hip area. I’m not familiar with their sizing but I’ll tell you now that it runs small. If I were to make it again, I would shorten it a smidge and taper at the bottom more. I omitted the pockets and the neck drawstring. I think pockets or a patch / kangaroo pocket would be adorable.

I bought the sweatshirt fleece from Joann’s a couple months ago at about $10 a yard and the ribbing is from the Carol Collection. The whole thing was constructed on my serger. Super fast. Super easy. Fun. And about $20.

There’s not much to say about this, but if you are so inclined, here’s the review on I noticed today there are about four garments I haven’t reviewed on PR. I’ll get to that this week 😉