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Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen

I’m pretty fascinated by the sponsorships / merchandising deals that designers take on. A friend who is a publicist in New York says fashion shows are incredibly expensive and can only be done with sponsorships. So, when you see that Clairol is doing hair and Loreal is doing makeup, you know who paid to put on the show.  Another extension of that is nail polish.

While I haven’t been taking photos of swatches and posting them as much (turns out my nails hate acetone. Am growing them out again), I’m still entrenched in my nail polish addiction. While most of us love the Tracy Reese for Vogue patterns, not everyone in the sewing community knows that she has also partnered with Sally Hansen. This drugstore line collaborated with Tracy Reese and Prabal Grung for the Spring / Summer 2011 collection.

You’ll notice in the store that the collection is not specifically marked ‘designer’ or ‘Tracy Reese’. There doesn’t seem to be the big ‘launch’ such as Issac Mizrahi at Target or Hello Kitty at MAC.

The designers supply Sally Hansen with new colors, catchy names and plenty of publicity during their New York fashion week shows. In exchange, Sally Hansen pays the designers a sponsorship fee and provides a team of nail technicians who give models carefully orchestrated manicures and pedicures

Wall Street Journal

Last week they were buy one get one free (BOGO) at Rite Aid drugstores. Below, I’ve paired the colors to reflect the inspiration from her Spring and Pre-Fall 2011 collections (runway photos are from This is actually the tenth year that Tracy Reese has collaborated with Sally Hansen.

Malt is a good, old fashioned, neutral

You didn’t expect me to say ‘no’ to a pastel pink, did you? First Kiss.

I love pastels and lavenders on my nails and couldn’t resist Delphinium

My favorite by far is Barracuda. I have so many pastel blues it’s *almost* shameful

Last up is Summer Plum. It seems pretty deep and vampy for a ‘summer’ color. But, I loved the rich tones.

As I noted, I left two shades out a gray and coral. I liked the gray I saw. But, I have several grays that were close enough. And, as I have mentioned before, I personally hate coral.

There is only one display per store with two colors of each item. None of the colors are exactly unique. So you wouldn’t need to go out of your way unless you wanted to say you had the Tracy Reese collection. I will say though that the Complete Salon Manicure formulation is the longest wearing polish I have. But, again, I change mine every two to three days 🙂

So, there you have it. How fashion is influencing your nail polish choices!

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What’s that? Yes, the whir of the machine!!

I don’t want to get too excited, but I’m actually sewing a pair of pants! These are a re-sew of 9-2007-115 (original pants are here). This time I’m making them in a gray wool pinstripe. The fabric is from Egypt and the first half of it was used to make this nasty jacket.

The pants pocket are wicked hard. It’s been two years since I felt I could face them again. But, with Sigrid’s tutorial, it’s much easier.

I’m going to make the buttonholes tonight for the pocket. I’m leaning to the gray/white one (second from the left).

A few other notes to oneself. Don’t take apart your iMac Mighty Mouse. I’m like a child with a scab. It was dirty and I could not just leave well enough alone. I found a tutorial online to take it apart and didn’t stop until I cried ‘uncle’. Because that s.o.b. does NOT go back together. I am now the new owner of a logitech mouse.

Hmmm, I’ve also added half a dozen nail polishes along the left on Flickr. I was gearing up to write up my top 15 for fall, but am too lazy for all the coding 🙂 So, below are photos or the most recent ones.  Please don’t judge the sloppy cleanups :). That macro button shows things the world isn’t meant to see!

In somewhat brand order….

Barielle Slate of Affairs

Barielle Blackend Blue

Llamsqua MILF, a gift from Christina!

Color Club Revvvolution

OPI Merry Midnight

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Final Project Decision

I finally settled on a copy of this Orquiedea dress  from Anthropologie for my final project. We’re supposed to draft on the 1/2 scale sloper first. Get that approved and then move on to our full scale sloper.

I haven’t seen this in person, but it looks like a basic bodice with a faux wrap skirt. To make the bodice different than my two-dart sloper, I’m using armhole princess seams for the bodice and changing to a one dart skirt. I also want to add frills to the sleeves. I love me a frill. Hopefully it won’t be too much.


Hmmmm, I forgot to alter the neckline. And, I think I’m going to shorten the shoulder….  So, this probably took me about two hours I think.  Tomorrow, I would really like to make up my pants sloper again and make some tweaks. And now, I leave you with this week’s colors. I get so excited on Monday when Shannon swatches colors (especially this week because she showed a color I was wearing at the time), I thought I would join the fray.


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Loads o Blue and a Pattern Giveaway

Hello kids! Thank you kindly for the birthday wishes! I’m happy to report that last night I had a celebratory glass of champagne (or six) for each of you. Today, we have three things to cover in this post. A pattern review, a nail polish swatch and a cool pattern giveaway from my blog sponsor, But first, the dress:


You’ve seen her before! It’s the #120 sun dress from the July 2007 BWOF. I first made it last February and I’m in the middle of a second edition now. The fabric is from and is actually for the owner, Cynthia. While I haven’t finished my version, she wanted one to wear to the International Quilt Market in May.


Both prints are Anna Maria Horner. The top print is Cathedral Dusk and the skirt print is Small Gathering Sea. This dress is so adorable! I gotta get back to mine soon. So, how do you sew for someone long distance that you’ve never met? Really good measurements. Cynthia told me everything from the distance between her waist and hips to the length of her legs! I also sewed with a one inch seam allowance to allow for adjustments.


There’s even an extra 1/2 inch under the bust just in case she needs the room. And, I didn’t stitch down the straps so she could tack them at the best length for her. My fingers are crossed!


So, that is a natural segway to the giveaway! I blogged last month that Anna Maria Horner is now designing patterns. I think this is so cool! Cynthia does too, so she’s offered to give away one of Anna Marie Horner’s new patterns! You can check them out  here. If you want to enter, tell us what you call a purse  (i.e. handbag, purse, pocket book, etc) in any language. Why? Because a lot of people in Baltimore say ‘pockeybook’ and ‘kindygarten’. Drives me bananas.  Just leave the comment and say which pattern you’re interested in. We’ll do  drawing on Friday! That should be the day Cynthia gets her dress in the mail. And, I’m happy to mail internationally so come one come all.


Now, nail polish. This is from Misa called ‘A Sin Worth Committing’.


I read the nail polish blogs for color ideas. But, will ocassionaly post them here because I think it’s tough to know what colors are going to look like on brown skin. And, I can only really wear these fun ones on the weekend! It’s a pretty, inky, sparkly (not glittery) blue. This is two coats, top coat and three hours of weeding, raking and mowing the lawn. Nary a chip. I’m starting to think China Glaze is a little chip prone. I plan on wearing this again come Fourth of July.

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In the pink

One reason I’m motivated to clean my sewing room is because I’m missing a beloved tool. It’s a Dritz C-Thru ruler. What makes it beloved, is the numbers were all printed in pink. I know it’s not missing forever. I remember putting it away and telling myself ‘better remember where you’ve put this’. Same with my iPod’s FM Modulator. The modulator I ‘put away’ about two years ago. I’m still looking for that. And the C-thru ruler.

dscf7969 Above are are some of my pink notions. My vintage Traum Tracing wheel, an Olfa rotary cutter (ergonomic too!), a regular ball point pen (but I bought a box of them ‘cuz they were pink), and a vintage Dritz tracing wheel.


By 11 this morning I also managed to trace and layout the BWOF 4-2007-114 blouse. Whee!! I’m going to run some errands, visit some friends and cut out later today.


And, in honor of Easter, I’m wearing Sag Harbor by Essie. You might think it’s similar to China Glaze’s For Audrey. But, it’s a cool, gray blue. Versus the Tiffany tourquisey blue (compare below). Sag Harbor is kinda chalky on the first application, better on the second. But, it took a long time to dry — even with rapid dry drops. I woke up with little hair marks on it.


And finally, check out Marji’s blog today. She’s proposing we all drop her (or Taunton) a line. Perhaps we can help motivate them to release Threads on DVD. Which would be great for me, becaus I STILL don’t subscribe. I remember when I would be lost reading it. Everything went over my head. Now, I understand so much more of it and would like to get my hands (easily) on the back issues.