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I’m Drafting…

Well, a little. I can’t bear to show you more snow photos. But, we did get 20 more inches on top of the 27 inches prior. For Baltimore, that’s crazy. We average 18 inches a year. So far, we’re at 60 something. We shoveled the street out for the second time today. Thank you June for the Aleve tip. Much, much better than the 1200 mg of ibuprofen I was taking.

I hate to say this. But, they are calling for another 4 to 8 inches on Monday.

But, all this cold and wet made me crave a new jacket.  Enter, the $478 Kensington jacket by Anthropologie. To be fair, I’m quite sure this is well beyond my skill set.

But, will make for an interesting long-term project. I know there’s a BWOF with the back flaps, I just need to go through and find it.

I’m using Burda 9-2006-103 as the base and drafting a new puff sleeve,

contour waistband and full/ gathered bottom half (thanks Mom and Dad for those drafting classes last year). If I can make it to Anthropologie this weekend I’ll try and get a close look at the jacket.

What do you think the skirt is? Princess seam and A-line at the front and the back is just gathered in the center back panel with princess seams, no?

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More Mail Goodness

Let’s not talk about the dress for a bit, eh?

I wanted to show another really cool item that Grace from Bad Mom, Good Mom sent recently. Her timing was impeccable as she asked for my addy on my birfday. She sent me a copy of the Japanese language Pattern Magic (I) published by Bunka. If you don’t know, Bunka is a school and supply company in Japan. They also apparently take US students, if you speak Japanese.

It’s similar to the drafting in Mrs. Stylebook. I know this book has been around for a bit, but it was so completely over my head that I just didn’t bother even looking at a copy. Hmmm, same thing with Threads Magazine. I really should subscribe.

Now, I have a better grasp of the concepts. What I find amazing is how unbelievably creative the book is.

Why is this funny? Well, when I was growing up and Americans were just starting to buy Japanese cars, by dear dad would always say, “Americans are the innovators. Everyone else just  copies.”  Well, I beg to differ. There are some extremely creative types outside the US 🙂

The book does include directions for drafting your  sloper. It also includes a lovely 1/2 scale dress form for you to copy to practice with. I also imagine you could blow this up and have a workable sloper too.

Since this is how we’ve been doing it in school, I like this way first to work out the design elements.

I’m totally making this knit top. And tracking down Pattern Magic II.

Thanks Grace!