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Tweed Ride 2012

After my poor showing at the 2012 Seersucker Social, I decided to step up my game for the DC Tweed Ride over the weekend. This is the best outfit I’ve managed to put together for these vintage-themed rides. I decided not to go crazy trying to make something and chose to use the options already in my wardrobe. I sorely wanted to wear my cape from last year, but felt I should mix it up.

Guess who *finally* got Instagram? Me. I’m @fussbudgit.

I wore a  black matte and satin jersey dress from Burda 9-2003-134 dress that I made back in 2007.  The coat is a vintage opera coat from 100 percent cashmere. It’s a garment that I couldn’t leave behind in the shop. It needed to be ‘saved’ by me. Someone who would love and appreciate it like no one else. LOL. Yes. That’s seriously what I told myself when I purchased it. The orange and black feather fascinator is borrowed from my friend Liz and the glasses are actually prescription from

This year, Liz borrowed from me again and wore my coat dress from Burda 2-2009-101. It’s interesting. This is one of the most complimented garments I own despite my fit issues. It was perfect for the ride topped with a thrifted fur cape and prescription glasses from Because Liz has a smaller head, she’s able to get away with wearing vintage hats. I on the other hand (with a ginormous head) am stuck with fasinators.

I’m sure Trena will tell you all about her look(s) soon enough. Let’s just say I am 120 percent in love with her hat(s).

I think this may be my last ride for a while. I love the concept. I like getting out. I really love seeing the District and how other people interpret vintage style. It’s a fashion lover’s dream! But, it’s gotten very popular with hundreds of participants. I find myself stressed out on the ride because with too many people, we’re not good at sharing the road. I want these rides to also be advocacy for biking. And, it’s not bike advocacy when drivers are annoyed that we’re hogging the road and not obeying traffic lights, etc. en masse. Pair that with one vegetarian option (*salad*) out of five meals after a two-hour ride and you’ve got one hungry, salty, cyclist.

Ooo! Love it? From ebay, custom mini license plates for your bike. Except, I broke mine on the way home to Baltimore :stinkface:. Maybe my next one will be Miss Celie.

I love that bag I’m holding. Sigrid was kind enough to accept delivery of it for me when I went to the Netherlands. It’s Basil and hooks on my bike rack. I use it *all* the time. These crazy old lady sunglasses are also prescription from

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Seersucker Social: A Study in Fashion

There was so much fashion and bicycle eye candy at the Seersucker Social it needed its own post. The best thing (IMHO) about the social was the sheer diversity of participants. There were people of every ethnic origin there and we were all just in to it. Plus, I talked to so many people and had just a brilliant time. There’s a tweed ride in the fall and I’m already trying to sort out what I’ll be wearing. Plus, I’m lucky DC is just an hour away.

Above is one of the organizers. Don’t you love the little hatbox in her basket?

This woman has a folding bike. Fascinators were *huge* at the Seersucker Social.

I liked his checked jacket and how her necklace stands out against her dress.

So, I think they were more ‘tweed’ than ‘seersucker’. But, when I pulled out the camera they gave great face.

I biked in heels too!

I didn’t think you could bike with  a pencil skirt. But, apparently you can.

This mother – daughter duo was on a tandem. I thought they were darling!

Yeah. I was just flirting with him. Until I figured out her was a good eight years younger. I’m not in my cougar years yet. But, do love the red and white combo. Needless to say, he’s a Kappa (a fraternity whose colors are red and white).

I started talking to this guy at the beginning of the ride. He just moved to DC from London last week and heard about the ride when buying his bike. So, he came on his own. Love both of these women.

There were croquet games going through the time. I spied this couple and loved the matching theme.

Remember this dress?? It’s the first time I’ve  actually seen it in person. I was tempted to take it from her.

You absolutely didn’t have to do vintage to fit in.

I adored the colors on the left and the 40s feel on the right. I’ll have to consider serious retro next time.

This is Amber on the left. She’s a blog reader! She made bother her dress and her friends. In like three days.

Look at that. Shorts on men that are actually shorts. Can we also discuss what a clean cool look these are?

Love the blue with her dress.

When we came into the garden we were greeted by a violinist

And, it wouldn’t be a vintage theme garden party without a pipe.

There are more photos on my Flickr:

And the official pool is on Flickr too:

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It All Came Together. Sort Of.

The Seersucker Social was Saturday and it was legendary! I will do this every single year they have it! But, I swear — I am *never* sewing last minute again. I was at the sewing machine up until the moment I had to load our bikes. I was actually prepared to sew buttons on the drive.

I did have to bail on the mini skirt. It was so short I felt uncomfortable. Luckily, I was able to swap them out for a pair of breezy linen pants I made last year for China. I bought a hat from ASOS to go with the outfit.

Liz wore an Ebay find dress, with my red Anthrologie ribbon belt knockoff and my black glasses. Her gloves were actually her mother’s and the jewelry her grandmother’s.

I give Lizzie credit. She had a single speed cruiser and has never done city riding before. Talk about trial by fire!

We took a seven mile bike ride through the city, and even had our own music along the way.

After the ride, we headed to Hillwood Mansion for a lawn party.

There was badmitton, croquet and a live band at the lawn party. I have LOADS of photos of the fashions. That will be my next pot.

We couldn’t resist sharing a parasol she had. Umm, do you see how I’m trying to cover a pocket? Yeah… about that.

So, peeps. My vest. I’m sorry to report that while I was able to wear it, it’s a hot damn mess. And, I’m so so so sad. You see, Karen gave me this material after I used all of mine up for an outfit that I can’t even squeeze into anymore (it’s now my mom’s).

But, because I’m not adept at a FBA and was rushed, there are just too many flaws for it to work.

First, the FBA is too big by 1/2 inch. I look saggy boobed because I’m not filling out the top. The vest overall is still big. And the pockets. Oh the pockets! Tecnically gorgeous. Lined up / visually? Wonky as hell.  One is under my left tata and the second riding under my hip. I’m too embarassed to show a photo but you can see how I never let it show in the photos.

So, both the skirt and vest are heading to Goodwill. ASAP.  Hopefully someone five inches shorter with huge tatas will find them.

But, for the day, it was brilliant. Luckily, I think I have enough of the seerusucker to try again! It’s really one of my favorite patterns and I could happily have several.

Check back for more photos this week!