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It’s kind of a wadder

Sunday night I decided it was time for some long-sleeved knit tops to transition through the fall. Although, fall lasts for like a hot minute in Baltimore. I pulled some old BWOFs and picked out some easy designs. I chose 10-2005-114 because it’s four pieces. Two hours max from start to finish. But, despite its extreme cuteness on one Christina, I do not care for it on me.

First, I think I need an FBA in BWOF knits, hence wrinkles near the arm pit. Second, note to self: don’t ease sleeves with a serger (take a close look at the left shoulder). Third, go up two sizes in the hip — drag lines around the waist.

Don’t forget to make a swayback adjustment — see massive pooling above. Last, don’t use swimwear fabric. Well, I don’t know that it was sold as swimwear as it was in a gifted bundle from a friend, but I felt like I was on the set of Fame walking the halls at work — all nylon and spandex.

Considering I don’t love the fabric, I’m not upset and I’ll still wear it. Why? Because it looks just fine under a suit 🙂

Fall means baking for me. Over the weekend I made multigrain sandwich bread from Cooks Illustrated. Great with peanut butter in the morning. Delish.

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Remember me?

Gentle Readers,

Thank you for the lovely and funny comments on yesterday’s post. I just want to clarify that I know some colors don’t work on some people. I’ve been lucky in what I work with. I *know* I’m not a designer, but I can pick the right color for me. Which probably precludes me from even being a stylist some day, lol.
You know, I had been feeling pretty unproductive the last month and now I know why! I had about three UFOs stashed away waiting for their debut.

Good grief! How long did this shirt take me to make?

For this iteration, I used a gray, black, red and white striped shirting from Metro Textiles. The buttons are the $.90 for 10 from Joann. I tried different interfacings on this one too. For the button placket I used a knit fusible from Joann and Shirt Tailor for the collar and cuffs. Shirt tailor is super stiff. But, I wanted it like that.

Muslin first, finished garment second

Thank you all for your help on the fit. At the end, here’s what I did:

  • narrow shoulder adjustment
  • added an inch to the bicep
  • rounded shoulder adjustment
  • swayback adjustment
  • added 1/2 inch across the upper back

Muslin first, finished garment second

It’s far more comfortable now and doesn’t feel restrictive. Marji made a good point when she asked me the last time I wore a woven blouse without any stretch. I’d say about 1990. There is something in that kind of fit to get used to.

Mimi was right in that my upper back is probably more developed from yoga and swimming than I realized. Once she pointed that out, those back measurements made more sense.

Also, I like my cuffs wider so they will slide up my forearm further when I stretch. Widening that helped me feel less restricted too.

Oh, the buttonholes on the pattern are a little over two inces long. My new Kenmore doesn’t make them that long automatically. So, I just made the largest buttonhole it could.

I did manage to sew up one buttoned cuff the wrong way. But, no one but you and I are going to know that.

This is a great pattern. I love, love, love the double cuffs. I love the long buttonholes. I love everything about it. But, I’m sick of sewing it! I was going to work on another blouse. But, I am taking a woven blouse break.

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Pattern Review: Patrones 252 #9 Blouse

I wore my seersucker suit to work today and my boss commented that she liked it and asked where I got it. I said, “I made it.” She looked surprised, told me I was good and said, “You have time to sew?” And I said, in a very pointed manner, “Not anymore.” Laughter ensues.

At any rate, I’m done with the Patrones blouse. Thanks to a hint from Tany and Summerset, I cut off the original cuff and used 3/4 inch elastic to make a separate elastic cuff. I did it this way vs. a narrow channel on the sleeve because I still like the look of a cuff. Think scrunchy with the seam allowance intact. Once attached, I serged it to clean up the finish.

I left the button collar off because I kind of like the 80s collar-up look. Plus, collar closed I look like a mortician. Oh, and I only had six buttons….. Besides, black is soooo not my color when I don’t have some skin showing. I also used pale pink buttons to try and break up the black.

Overall, I’m pleased. The blouse looks much cuter in person than in the photos. Don’t judge it by the outfit combination. This photo shoot taught me that I need some white linen pants.

So this officially begins my Fall of the Blouse. It was the Summer of the Dress, now it’s Fall of the Blouse. It’ll probably become Winter of the Pant come November. I need a lot more coordinates! review here.

**Sorry for the not always great picture quality. Black is hard to photograph so some photos I lightened. Plus, it’s hard to take photos of a dark object against a light background. But, I have to make a pitch again for a camera for face recognition (mine). It occurred to me to turn it on halfway though the photo taking. Those are the photo where the black is far more true as is my skintone. It did a much better job of metering the light based on the darker parts of the photo. Ok. Science, geeky, photo rambling over.