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Sewing Meetup and Simplicity 3939: Fleece Dog Pullovers

Great Holiday Weekend!

Monday was a blast. Trena and I met up in Pennsylvania this weekend at Fabric Mart Fabrics with other online sewers. Trena has a full rundown on her blog. I didn’t bring a camera so I’ve ganked the group photo from her Flickr ūüôā

Group Photo

Layla, Mary, Claudine, (me), Lisette, Trena, and Diane Drexel. Layla, Mary and Lisette came up from Maryland, Claudine from New Jersey and Diana was regional to the area. I’d like to tell you I bought nothing. My plan was to buy some masculine striped tee shirt knit for a boy. But, I walked away with a stack of poly knit prints. I thought I’d sworn off poly knits because of BO. But, thanks to the input on PR and here on my blog, ¬†with the use of amonia and enzymatic Biz in my wash, my clothes are fresh again.

I’m wearing my favorite sweatshirt dress from La Mia Boutique. It’s about three years old and starting to show it wear (I never did stabilize the neckline). I adore this dress and plan to make one again soon. Just need to track down some ribbing…

This weekend I also managed to pull out Simplicity 3939, Doggy Pullovers
For the first time *ever*, I actually purchased fleece from Joanns. I always used to wonder who could possibly be buying all that freaking fleece. Now, you can count me as one of them.

I realize this post will likely only appeal to the dog owners / lovers out there. I understand. Heh. I have two other dog clothes patterns to try out and review. Consider yourself warned…


Dog clothes barely  take 1/2 a yard of material for Linus and the cost benefit is crazy. Fleece for 50 percent off means  Linus gets a new sweatshirt for less than $5. I have to say, I hate the way fleece feels.

Simplicity 3939 is one of two dog sweater / sweatshirt patterns I picked up on Saturday night on my way home from a baby naming ceremony in the county. I was really about to swear off Joanns. Two weekends ago¬†I went and they had not a SINGLE ONE¬† of the eight patterns I was looking for. Maybe mine’s gone to hell because this more suburban Joanns had everything I wanted.

So, this pattern was intriguing to me because of the back leg sleeves on View A  (Eddie Bowser) & B (Bark Avenue). I cut the size small based on his length measurement.


HAHAHAHAHA. I can’t stop laughing. I think he looks like he’s wearing a Union Suit or a onesie.


He spent a few minutes trying to shake it off (note his hind leg)


But, eventually settled in to it.

I do not think I can take him out in public wearing this. But, it’s good for night and when I’m gone during the day and the heat is down. It’s also less bulky than his wool hand-knit sweater.

Next, I went with a more traditional tee shirt, Version C: Yuppy Puppy. Dude. People LOVE them some little dog in a shirt. I walked him in the red pullover and had three people stop and chat with me / Linus. They thought he was ‘sharp’.


Not much to report here other than I’m about to save a lot of money sewing these instead of buying them. Seriously. This took less than an hour to sew from start to finish.


Both shirts use ‘Blizzard No Pill Fleece’ from Joanns. I need to buy the Baltimore Ravens fleece next time for Linus’ next Union Suit. I have another argyle fleece that I may try the other pattern from. The possibilities are troublingly endless…


Seriously, Linus has a good life, LOL. This is how we watch TV at night.